Am I Pregnant By A Gay Man? (The Jerry Springer Show)

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StellaVader : "My child ain't growing up gay." Yes, because it's contagious. 🙄 The stupidity of this woman.

Emelia Kay : Honestly I vote the gay couple raises all the children bc atleast they won’t be raised in a small minded, homophobic and toxic environment.

Luis Macias : Because growing up with a mother and father who cheat on each other is better than growing up with a gay dad -.- not!!

Kaylee Toms : She's just jealous because her lover prefers a man instead of her lol 😝

natesha knowles : That redneck family is so mad because the father is gay, but I couldn't hold in my laughter when his boyfriend was black. The girl screamed "OH MY GOOOD" I'm in tears.

Call me daddy : I felt bad for her until she became a homophobe. She's just made that the gay couple looked better than her shitty relationship. It's better if the gay couple raises the child if his then have her cheating relationship exposed to the child or her other children.

gabby wolfiee : ain't nothing wrong with gays. They cool ash.

tonisio : So sad that boy will never know his biological father because of his mother's intolerance and ignorance.

Angelena’s Blade : I was kinda seeing where she was coming from until she had something against them being gay, then I started hating her .

Aaron Chow : "My child isn't growing up gay" Do she think the reason why she is straight is because her parents were straight??? That's not how it works ....

Elleice Henderson : Aren't u suppose to be on maury


The Goodies Geek : She just jealous because the black guy is prettier than her :)

crying in the cafeteria : There is no problem with having 2 fathers.

Joey Bhola : instead of not letting the bady grow up with 2 men teach children not to bully !

Juney's Wonderland : the child has a better chance being gay with straight parents tbhh

bling bling : why do you people cheat in the first place..

Joseph White : "My child ain't growing up gay" LOL

Maggie Fields : Who's the dad though??

La morochaMica : Why r people so proud to say its their third time on the show

Lazsalzari Romnzevroskki : I just found out all secret lovers are black men xD

Brooke Bowen : The way he said "but your pregnant with this..." had me rollin 😂😂😂

Isaiah Jones Basketball Channel . : HER 3RD TIME!!!!!!!!!!DAYUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hmmmmmm....i wonder what the other 2 times were 4

Brittney Mitcham : Why do they always fight who their partners cheated with fight the partner himself or herself or argue!!!

Queen Ann : That don't mean that her baby is going to turn gay

Nadia Cook : So people are just going to ignore the fact that he slept with his own daughter??? 00:20

Date Masamune : Which gutter do they pull these people out of?

Kelsey Parrilla : I Personally Don't Agree With The Gay Thing It's Not Me I'm Straight But If I'm Out & I See A Gay Couple Hey Do Y'all I Don't Care But It Because A Problem If U Try To Move On Me, And I Don't Blame Her If She Doesn't Want Her Kid Do Be Seeing 2 Men Kissing & Whatever But Atleast Let The Dad See The Kid

Deano : these guys are never fully gay haha.

sxxoul : the husband looks inbred

Samantha : How a guy look cuter and dress better than her?😂

kenzii spencerr : he said "im willing to forget that , but your pregnant with a fa-"😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂


Jaden Rias : I wonder who ended up being the father

Muhammed Davis : I agree with her

meebaby20 : he treated her soooo bad on the other episode.. he really had this one coming.. she didnt just cheat.. he slept with the baby sister.

Army 4Life : You can tell she voted for Trump.😑🙄

Bear Gryllst : Isn’t willing to let child grow up in a gay household. Is willing to let child grow up in a household with a toxic relationship where both parents cheat on each other constantly? I want to believe in humanity. I really do.

Gabriella Martinez : When she saw that his boyfriend and screamed OH MY GODDDDD

bby mandy : 2:27 wow they're really rude to them:/ I thought he was her bestfriend tf. I support LGBTQ* all the way

smarterthanyous : That's how AIDS gets spread to regular people!

Samira Wahab : she can go to Maury now

Your Team Placed #69 : Jerry springer show made me hate LGBT even more than what i did

JAAAY EMPIRE : When she said her child ain’t growing up gay I agree 💯

Barbie Slays : I love gays

Lindsey : That couple is so cute that lay is so rude

Aliyatopia : Her husband had it coming...

Miyah Bell : That hairline 😂the blue guy

PowzeeWowzee : I agree with her 100%

Jessica Jordan : 2:04 best part get em get em!!!!!!!!