Smooth Criminal M.Jackson à l'orgue de barbarie

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AbsolutePixel : Fun thing is this is still more work than a "DJ"

MoreConsole : Fuck a DJ! I want this beast at my next party!

Leanne : I really love how much the guy gets into it.

John Bainbridge : Whats with all the timber everywhere :P

Caz's Gaming Clips : I would hate to see that thing playing Through the Fire and Flames

RememberTheTrees : You are the DJ at the steampunk nightclub.

noisyturtle : WITCH! BURN THE WITCH!

Nicken0o0 : I love how the paper folds itself at the end. So satisfying..

Sl1pg8r - Daily Stuff and Things! : So kewl! :)

RichaadEB : how

Myrmidon : Imagine if they discovered this punch card in the 1700s and played it on a music box. It would have blown everyone's minds. Wars would have been fought over it. A Scottish baron would have killed a Prussian general for it and presented it to Queen Anne of Britain as a gift. Upon hearing it for the first time Queen Anne would have collapsed on the floor and started convulsing to which a mortified Prince George would have exclaimed "Annie are you ok?"

Всё о сварке и самоделках. : Спасибо, понравилось!)

Paden Atkinson : That smile at the end is the perfect cherry on top.

ShadowWhelp : Why is he playing it in a collapsed house?

William Cookson : I find it fascinating that it sounds like percussion is there but in reality several of the pipes emulate the drums.

Erick Konop : You're the first person I've heard do the percussion part on a pipes only organ, much less machine-gun sounds. Very very cool and a great contemporary use of a classic instrument.

turbofan ct : OOH my this is too cool 😎

wilko10000 : This guy needs to be careful bringing that much fire to a wood pile

banjoandfriends : i would love to hear the pirates of the Caribbean theme on this.

dabigchina : I like how you can tell the beat's about to get intense because a shitload of dots are about to go into the machine.

skylar15123 : I'd love to get a machine like that. Looks like a lot of fun.

Admiral Percy : I just came to support the original creator

PocketSand : hipster : vinyl is the only way to listen to music this guy: hold my beer

jacob127409 : *From the distance*: FREEBIRD!

DROIDZ Gaming : *I have had this stuck in my head for a couple of weeks now*

fludblud : Now do Through the Fire and the Flames.

Roomy : Damnit, you *know* those MIDI files aren't sorted!

Rick Clough : This OG Djing. All the work goes into producing then you go on stage and spin it and rock out. rad haha : Love it. This is great

Robby Schemonia : ...jams T.F. out to smooth criminal on a crank organ...dont worry about why IT'S IN THE MIDDLE OF A

Heath Kitchen : I love that he is fucking rocking out! 1:00 Doesn't matter what you're playing, if it moves you, it moves you.

Don Knotts : That smile at the end :D

suckmyvenom : 1st Gen FL Studio?

Karsten Lang Pedersen : I like how this guy has the organ placed in the wood shed .. His wife obviously does not share his love for the art :-)

John Pettit : Maintaining constant steady tempo. Kudos.

ZeiZei : How in the hell does these work???, how do these mechanical things recognise the notes??


andan04 : When the lead singer for Alien Ant Farm heard this, he said, "Well, that's it, boys. We've been topped by a barrel organ. There ain't gonna be no reunion tour. We're finished."

Pope YodaI : This is the whitest thing I've ever seen. I love it!!

Musicurgy : That's a really nice mechanical organ, what is the range of the instrument and how did you make your sheet music?

David Boucard : This video was already perfect, but then you ended it with the classic freeze frame, fade out shot. A++

Yoda on DMT : When this video is finished, unplug your internet and throw it out. There's nothing worth seeing after this.

bud morse : Play this for a king or queen 300 years ago you be killed for witch craft.

TehM4dcow : Jam it like its 1869!

Nathen Mixon (MixonFitness) : This what happens when vagina in no longer an option.

Accusee : Nibba are you okay

777jones : Crazy how this could do polyphony many, many years before synthesizers.

Marcus Paulo Raele : That nice smile at the end of the video. 4:06 ! is the best part !!!!! The guy is truly proud and happy! Tks for sharing this !

Karen Brown : Ha! Making the music looks complicated and a steady hand on that wheel. Brilliant, thank you for an entirely different musical take on Smooth Criminal!

proxeeus : That's one hell of a Cubase pre-pre-pre alpha version !