Child calls 911 after being locked in hot car
Child calls 911 after being locked in hot car

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KVUE's Pattrik Perez reports.


Sotsu : “The officer said he smelled awcahaw”

Rigel : Seems like she was trying to commit suicide and murder her son at the same time.

Kømål the quartz collector : My faith in humanity is as thin as the mom's eyebrows

irt167 gfh : "Get out of my life" Looks like you'll be out of his life for quite some time to come

Humaira T : Ugh, she’s smiling in the pictures with her fake eyebrows 🤦‍♀️

Wass dat : 1:08 "Can you please rolldown the window?" -"M....FUckER" -" She said no😔"

Jake : When she was drunk did she like write her eyebrows in pencil then erase them and write them again in a thin sharpee?

TheMrSugar Productions : I'm starting to think you need a License to be a Parent nowadays. Edit: HOLY SHIT!! This comment got a lot of likes!

Weirdlikeafox : I hate that the smug mom is just smiling in her mug shot. She shouldn't be a mother. So glad that this child was old enough to know to call 911 and he's safe.

caitecakes : That poor baby! Breaks my heart. I pray he’s in a good home 😔

Jamie Yayme : To this little boy...As a mom, and from moms across the world, we love you. And family isn't forever when they're toxic. Run far, and fast. You turned out nothing like her thank god, don't give her a chance to instill anything of her in you. We are here and rooting for you! Any of us would love to have you in our lives instead.

Shawn Marino : Did the heat burn off the mother’s eyebrows?

Charly B : Imagine if that kid was a lot younger, didn't have a phone and helpless. He would have died :(

HI-FI LUGGAGE : 1:39 This is how I pronounce "alcohol" when I'm drunk.

Nina Wayne : That news reporter probably has a speech impediment that he tries very hard to hide. Let’s not make fun of him.

Gordon Ramsey 2 : Who else thought it was illegal to turn on a light in the car when they were little?🤣

Erickson Cameron : Boy asks mother to lower the window but she said no.. 100% guilty found and life sentence prison! 👌🏻

Tami Gnirck : That mother is a waste of space, she does not deserve to have kids..

my3stooges : Poor kid. I don't blame him for being angry at his mom, who is supposed to be the responsible adult taking care of a minor.


Cat DeWitt : Smelled of "ah-ka-ha". This guy gets paid to say stuff. Unbelievable.

A L E X I S : The mother has the AUDACITY to smile in her mugshot..smh

Garrett P : That kid was lowkey pretty damn smart “She wouldn’t turn the ignition on” when I was 10 I didn’t even know what an engine was

Guy does Random things : 1:38 out it on .25 speed and u can see a person running behind the tv

Ken Davenport : That poor baby. Made me cry watching this and I am a man.

Theresa Stevens : They should have charged her with drunk driving as well since the keys were in the ignition and she was behind the wheel

JamEpix : Other 10 year olds: Crying because their “boyfriend” broke up with them 1 hour after meeting This kid:

Chill with Jill : The officer smelled “Auk-a-haw?” Is this guy drunk? 😂

Angello! R. : Mom: (to kid) get out of my life. Me: Then should’ve make better life decisions, lady.

Dennis LLopis : Oh boy... If I called the cops on my mom, the heat is the last thing that I'm worrying about lol.

Arma Lol : this should charge with not just child endangerment but also using a sharpie for her eyebrows.

Deyak .x : Her: get out of my life Child services: lol ok

Ahmed Elsheikh : I'm selling "aukahaw" replay buttons 1:39 1:39 1:39 1:39 1:39 Whole bundle for one like.

silent aria : I mean....I don’t get it? Sure the man said alcohol a bit strangely but is that really enough for people to say he’s dumb or that he shouldn’t have this job? This is live television, you can really correct and mistake, sometimes you have slip ups. And having a slight accent or English not being your first language can enhance that. I The rest of what he said was fine and we all understood him so....I don’t think it really matters? Is the topic of this video much more severe?!

lia loves : Omg! When the thing said “unaudioble” i just heard this: “Can you tell her to roll down the window?” Mother: “You wanna f* up?”

touraneindanke : Lots of people do not NOT deserve children ! To tell the boy GET OUT OFF MY LIFE wow!

Alyssa & Ashlee : Damn. That kid has so much intelligence at such a young age!

fern cisneros : Why IS SHE SMILING, people like this do NOT DESERVE CHILDREN Edit: yeah might be wrong and it’s her DL idk sorry but anyways still she doesn’t deserve that child 😔💔

taurnguard : I had to hear it for myself. Yup, he said awkahhaw.

yummy wraps. : People in the comments literally be like: “Don’t worry she’s just drunk people do bad things when they’re drunk lmao ✌️✌️😚😚💯💯”

Hannah Dowd : Why is she smiling in the mugshot? Sociopath.

Vanessa Orth : Poor kid. The saddest part about the whole thing was when she said “get out of my life” - that poor kid must have zero self esteem 😞😞

Eric Gray : The cop apparently smelled Awkahaw, but did he smell Alcohol?! XD

bubu mic : It-s all common sense !! If you feel you are not fit to be a parent DON`T do it ... I can`t even tend to my plants, how would i tend to a kid ? That`s why i have no kids !

Jon Smyth : Locked out of a car yes. I have never heard of being locked in a car. a drunk woman cannot lock a 10yo in a car he knows how to use everything better than her most likely. if the car was not more than 20 years old it unlocks as soon as you grab the door handle from inside.

Ron Balch : "Get out of my life" Kid: I can't because you wont unlock the doors or roll the window down!

Fallen Demeux : Why did this literally just appear in my recommended

KozenaDrzka - Mafia filmy/vtipné scénky : And some people said it is bad that every kid has a phone.

ZeYu's Wifeu : Well that day was my bday and I didn't know that someone might be suffering while you are happy