Sheep gets itself stuck in tyre swing

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A sheep gets itself caught in a tyre swing and tries to get away but instead goes for a ride

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Disaster Wolf : Sooo... Am I the only one who came here from Jonah's tweet or?

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Jennyaverymusic on IG : Thanks Jonah Marais, this is to funny πŸ˜‚.

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Jimbo Jimbo Jimbo Jimbo Jimbo : Poor thing must be tyre'd :P

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Isaak.mp4 : I honestly don't care if people say this is cruel, this is just downright hilarious!

Erin Wessel : That must have been very confusing. Run run run flyyyying! Run run run flyyyying!

MICROVANTASTIC : I love how he looks back at the camera, like he's saying.. "OK. Enough laughing" "Please fix this." Look at his fellow sheep staring at him... "Yep. It's Herb again.. trying to fly." They're all thinking... "Get this over-with" "We have serious grazing to do."

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Naomi Santana : He probably just help it out after filming it, it's a one of a kind situation and is hilarious, better have it forever than rush and help it like if it's dying or something, the sheep put herself there and its not in danger or suffering, she's lucky that the farmer appeared and probably helped her get out of the swing, he probably was attending hes sheep's like he probably does on a daily basis and encountered himself whit that funny scene and filmed it a little bit, and that was under a 40 seconds mark c'mon stop whit the whining

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