Sheep gets itself stuck in tyre swing

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Jimbo Jimbo Jimbo Jimbo Jimbo : Poor thing must be tyre'd :P

Isaak.mp4 : I honestly don't care if people say this is cruel, this is just downright hilarious!

Naomi Santana : He probably just help it out after filming it, it's a one of a kind situation and is hilarious, better have it forever than rush and help it like if it's dying or something, the sheep put herself there and its not in danger or suffering, she's lucky that the farmer appeared and probably helped her get out of the swing, he probably was attending hes sheep's like he probably does on a daily basis and encountered himself whit that funny scene and filmed it a little bit, and that was under a 40 seconds mark c'mon stop whit the whining

MICROVANTASTIC : I love how he looks back at the camera, like he's saying.. "OK. Enough laughing" "Please fix this." Look at his fellow sheep staring at him... "Yep. It's Herb again.. trying to fly." They're all thinking... "Get this over-with" "We have serious grazing to do."

Erin Wessel : That must have been very confusing. Run run run flyyyying! Run run run flyyyying!

maximoff. : watching this added 75 years to my life

Samantha Patterson : This didn't help me get to sleep at all!

Sirens of the Sea : This is priceless, I'm going to share this with everyone. I laughed so hard, I think it's now my favorite video

dmuze : This is one of the best moments EVER!

MacMikeG : Haggis Piñata Editon?

Julian Fisk : Absolutely brilliant, this made me cry with laughter. Thanks for posting

EASYTIGER10 : It's hard to know if the sheep's trying to escape or he's just enjoying himself having a swing

Lee Harris : It seems one sheep has seen to many episodes of Shaun the sheep...

I gotboredbutcouldntthinkofagoodname : It just keeps getting better ! Thanks for this

Ding Batt : Despite all my rage I am still just a Sheep in a Tyre

UN PEU OUER : Saw this on the news

Rebecca Hefner : I believe I can fly........I believe I can touch the sky.

Stacy Miller : 😂😂😂😂 omg I can't breathe im pissing myself so hard

Cody Miller : Wyoming wedding ring.


Lean Back : That tyre is dangerous...... it is under-inflated at 1 Baa

JH14FAN : Seems like a very baaaaaaaaaaaad situation.

gitadine : This brings me such joy

Saffronica : This made me cry-laugh so hard

Whompist Beast : That sheep should be on dancing with the stars

Grea Willo : Oh no...


Renee` Hill : Oops !

lianny7328 : 😂😂

Pjotr de Wijk : Sheep don't dig human's "humor", so instead of filming and posting this, better give all your efforts to set the animal free.

Goat Haven : Nice video... ...

Blake Robertson : baaaaaa baaaaa.

Eyeseeu : Goddamn I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Fucking hella funny! This video is a 10!

Charlotte Webster : I know some people have been upset but as a woman that knows sheep I'm telling you - this lad was properly giving it the full “Wheeeeeee!” Not only that, the others watching had been patiently waiting so they could take their turn. 45 mins he'd been at this shit everyone knows you take an equal amounts of time per turn. If it helps anyone with worries about cruelty, right now in that very same field there are 20-25 new tyre swings all with happy sheep swinging and swaying and “Wheeeeee!!” but you won't see this fucker anywhere. Gone. That's what happens when you take a 45 min turn on the swings.

alldenmik : That look at the end- “Ok, ha-ha, very funny, Ed. Now, get your hind quarters over here and help me.”

mlm1180 : The other sheep reactions are perfect!

steve thepirate : "At this rate, I'll be ready to join Santa's sleigh team by December!" Sheep on the left. "Do you want to tell him he's not a reindeer or shall I?" "Let's just let it go till November." Sheep on the right.

Seele2015au : flippantname It sure looks like something out of an episode of Shaun the Sheep, even down to them being Suffolks. I can almost see the sheep being Nuts, or one of the Twins, with Shaun looking on facepalming in the background.

Moose Knuckle : Hahaha you must be a Scotsman and threw away your rubber boots. Hilarious clip.

Andrew Sixx : Damn as usual Shaun the Sheep is always ahead of the herd XD

billandpech : No doubt there's some di~k that's calling this animal cruelty. Not going to look because it's harmless hilarity.

Billy Bob Richert : You might a seen a house fly, maybe even a super fly, but I bet you ain't never seen a sheep fly!

motorcycle rider in Alabama : I laughed so hard!! I couldn't also get over the other sheep froze staring in shock. .like what are you doing?? 😉😉

Budgie Titch : This has made my life! 😂

Cheddar : LOL! By year's end... the entire herd will be doing it! Submit this or that video to a Funniest Video TV show. Thumbs up!

Gavin Hall : He is in training to be one of Santa's reindeer, but he doesn't know he is a sheep!

lil2Man : other sheep looking at him like "I got next!" lol

Troy Olson : If you disliked this you are lacking any sense of humor

Mild Camper : Some say he's still swinging to this day...

tsopmocful : It looks at them at the end and thinks "Maybe they can give me a push!"