Controlling swarms of flies and gnats by singing tones to them

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Hanz Azazel : Most interesting thing I've seen all day.

Castalameow : nanananananananana GNATMAN!!!!!

Shannon LaCorte : First off, what an adorable little one with you 😘 Secondly, this has happens for me also 😬 I live in Ohio USA We have lots of insects in the summer because we have woods on our land that they love to congregate around. I use different "Ohm" tones. Sometimes they just completely leave the area 😳 They always come back tho 😞 So fascinating how nature interacts with us but most humans BARELY notice. That's why I was happy to see this post. SOMEONE noticed 👍🏻😁Namaste 🙏🏼

vali grad : youre not controlling, they are avoiding your air vibrations :))

James S : Small flying insects like this have an unbelievable sense of smell, far more sensitive than any other known animal. What they are reacting to is the smell of your breath as you exhale whilst speaking, hence why the effect is unchanged by the loudness of your voice as the effect is undiminished by you speaking at a normal volume.

Tomasz Zaleski : GREAT CATCH!!!!!

Being Reality : Obviously he's discovered reversed CGI. Bravo.

Louis Maldonado : amazing

XpertMan : Thought this was BS - but then took a closer look and was amazed :D

Cubosoide : Wow