How to Make American Lasagna | Classic Italian Lasagna Recipe With Out Oven | Grandpa Kitchen

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Hi Hi : *May this man never die*

Pesto Sauce : I am a professional chef, and to cook that meal outside with minimal equipment, I take my hat off to you, it looks delicious. Good food ia a labour of love for the people you care about, you have a heart of gold.

Vanessa Lewis : Grandpa is world #1 chef click like if you love his food 💕

Brittany Miller : Over 3 million people subscribe to his channel. Imagine the hunger that could be wiped out if everyone donated a minimum of a dollar a month. There's a button folks... use it.

Darius0257 : Can't boil an egg on a professional stove top in an apartment but this man makes a delicious looking lasagna outside with no technology. Bravo sir!

Donut Operator : Sand used in the lasagna recipe.... does that make it...... BEACH LASAGNA, BEACH LASAGNA!

goku San : I really want Gordon Ramsay to try this guy's food

Fauziah Karina : May God always bless this grandpa's life. The real happiness is when we can share goodness to another people lifes. By cooking in the wild nature, sharing the lasagna for poor children, and seeing how much they really enjoy it, that's how the miracle goes on

shineeginxo : This man is doing GOOD. So where are y’alls authentic Italian lasagnes feeding 100 orphans

Zombs Royale QuadNitro : 13:53 look at the little boys face when he hand him his food. He’s looked so cute and happy

Comely : The most wholesome channel on the internet.

Gamer Dhanvi : Grandpa restores faith in humanity by cooking food for orphans Hats off to you man

Nicky naks : *Amazing man may he always be blessed&live a long life...Thank you grandpa for all you do...1person may not change the lives of the world but they can make the world a better place for a bunch of hungry kids...*

George : Grandpa please don't use plastic spoons to have hot foodstuffs. Not good for your health. Keep on going

Ãbîgåïł _Çhïśmãr : Garfield is quaking

FOOD by Lyds : Thank you grandpa for another awesome recipe and always taking care of the kids, the most loving granpa on YT!

SilverStoneStream : I will cry when his time has come.....:'((((((((((( ;;;;;;;-;;;;;;; This man has renewed my hope and faith in humanity

ThBunnyGirlGamer Does Youtube : If this man ever dies... let God prepare him the most delicious food because he deserves it.

Auderpop : HOW have I not heard about this channel before, it makes me so happy

Manali Patil : Insan kitna jiya yeh imp ni... Insan kaise jeeta hai yeh duniya yaad rkhti hai... Aap jaise log humesha logo k dil main jinda rhoge... Farishte bnkr bheja hai god ne aapko.... Awesome wrk grandpa... Itni dua hai ki koi bachha bhuka na soye kahi v... 👍

행초 : *Grandpa! In your first comment, I always get to my heart that I am your grandfather. You like a grandfather to people all over the world. I always watch the video and I'm really healing. I look at my grandfather and cheer him up today. Happy New Year.*

MasterChef 117 : Is this a T-Series vs pewdiepie referance? Just curious

Nicholas Lee : 7:19 When you are ready to nut in her… Sorry, had to do it 😂

Leonardo D'Angelo : I'm italian and those lasagna looks yummy, i really wanna try one

Rafito Guerrero : *Gordon Ramsay need grandpa location*

Yesika Narvaez : Best Grandpa in the World *(Well right next to mine)* I don't pick favorites

um hi : God says that a man that helps orphans will gain thy access to heaven

Krátòs ëz : when I see its South India, right next I was expecting SUPER keyword :D :p

Tapirus Sbrabous : No Italian would ever make a chicken lasagna. But it does look very tasty in the video.

ProtoGamer_ 07 : Wath this is lasagna!!!😠😠😠😠😂😂😂😂I'm Italian lasagna is a SOLID

Kay G : So many people are complaining and getting upset about this not being an "Italian Lasagne" or even an "American Lasagne" but who the hell cares?! This fella is feeding 100 orphans on the daily yet you're sat on YouTube too concerned about an Indian man using incorrect terminology. I know who the better person is and it's not you lot bitching.

Pai The Tortoise : Awww I miss my grandpa 😭. I honestly believe that all ethnic grandpas can cook👍🏾

I Am Shayla-Ann : It looks delicious but it's definitely not Italian

Dayvon Jenkins : Food and Weed World Peace ☮️

RayGalaxy Plays : BITCH LASAGNA

F.B.I #1002 : *you did your part*

As Aventuras do Dudu cocô : American lasagna: That video British lasagna: Butch lasagna

nelson mandela : Just a little further in the video i realized why they were making a chicken lasagna

Being Thirteen : This may not be traditional American Lasagna but it looks amazing!!! I really want some, and for this man to make it out of the kindness of his heart just for the people in his area is amazing!!!

Justin Y. : I eat, Grandpa Kitchen, it's what I do.

Abegail Vlogs : I always get hungry if i watch grandpa kitchen

lovely lady love : Grandpa we love you so so much all the way from California USA Thank you for all that you and your family do its amazing and that lasagna is the best I've ever seen I could taste it through the video I love all your meals I'm coming to live with you 😘💪💖💞⛤👑😋

Ana Cleuza Tavares : Poderia dar um garfinho para criança acostumarem a comer com talher 🥄

asano yamamoto : such a great man with good cooking skills!!

Rhoda Leader : I loved the way you change the recipes and make them your own. I'm going to try this one for chicken lasagne.

Salt : You always bring happiness to my face :)

Eylmao : "Let's make white sauce" Lmao

the Grayghost : That noise of the chicken tho lol

Ra3’od 7 : I love how they eat with their hands it’s kind adorable 💕

Jade Danci : When he poured stuff, it was ASMR.