A connection in Austin? Take a look.

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Erato IsYourMuse : Gray, you are nice looking man. I dont know who would protest that. But I'd watch your videos, live or not, with or without your face because of your talent, research, and dedication to facts. Honestly, you are one of the very few youtubers whose videos I look forward to.

Mz. Blunt : Congratulations on 10,000 sub's Gray!!

Rhiannon C. : I like seeing your face and I like to see who's talking especially on love video's. Sounds like people are just being nitpicky and difficult.

Rhiannon C. : I also think you should do an "Open Topic" live so you can talk about different cases you are working on, without having to change the title.

Stephanie : Don't know why there'd be complaints about "too much" of your face. Plenty of popular YouTubers have their face up there when presenting a case. I don't see a problem with it, sometimes it helps keeps my attention if I'm multitasking since it adds movement. xP I dunno, guess you can't please everyone. :) Would be awesome to see a mix of these kinds of videos and the lives.

Meagan Constable : Aw don't listen to those people your face is just fine..i don't mind it at all

Chris Petri : You have a great face Gray,... I personally think you have movie star looks! You remind me of a great economic expert David Stockman,...he is on YouTube & Cable TV news network a lot ..

WatcherAnon504 : Hi Gray,yes I am a fan of LordanARTS. We will support you with anything you want to do chat wise......but the LIVE chats are fun. Wow...... on making the connection with the victims. GJ with the video.

Sarah Contreras : Love watching your videos Gray I always look forward to watching them, your a very smart man that's why these people hate on you so much, keep doing what your doing and keep these videos coming much love and good bless you and your family

Crazy World : I been watching you for awhile, and I find lately i’ve been more excited to see what u got goin on with the lives-streams and showing your face. (Cute-self😉) . It makes me feel more apart-of, and gives your content an endless boast in creativity because your versatile in what you offer. I know plenty do not like Nancy Grace! I’m not comparing you two by a long shot, but her personality really added that spark. No offense to the others doing these kind of vids; however you have an actual talent with your video making capabilities. I believe that, showing your audience a bit of who you are, and doing lives really will boast your channel. I know it’s about the people in very hard situations, and there’s a fine line with being helpful and exploitive. Yet you seem to be able to convey the story in a very appropriate manner. I think you should be one of the top crime channels.

Lilly Lil : Gray Hughes ☝you can't please everyone take no notice ! I like seeing you do lives and love your your vids too ,do what you wanna do ! , thanks 👍

•Jo• : Awww I like Live

80Pally : Who wouldn't want to see your face??? Great video. RIP those folks in Austin.

jpjasl2003 : Another informative video. I think a connection is possible. I'm glad you're going to do more videos. They have a calm nature in providing facts. Your lives are entertaining, though. I don't mind your face. What annoys me about other videos is when it's only the person looking into the camera. They never show maps, few pictures, or videos pertaining to the case. Sorry, I don't want to stare at that person's face for 10+ minutes. Show me something! So your face is fine to pop up.

Issac Tavizon : with all due respect live streams are boring, I like these uploads better. (my opinion).

Charlotte : Love your videos Gray!

Melanie Knight : I love your channel because you are so thorough and accurate, a lot of times even more so than John or Danelle. I have enjoyed your live shows, I am glad you will still do them. If you can go, being at crime con might help get your channel out there even more. And I don’t know why anyone would have a problem with showing your face, that’s crazy! All the true crimers show their faces, and yours is just as nice!

Judy Berends : Gray Hughes , I like your voice and you are a good looking man ( who would complain???) .I have enjoyed your videos bc you really investigate the stories . Thank you for your great up to date stories . Wow ! this was a confusing one . I will be watching and listening to all your videos. Thank you.

DEE : Its ok to have your face on the screen while u do what u normally do. Just show us full screen when U point out specifics in ur demonstrations (it gives us a better close up of images, 😁). Otherwise, ur doing just fine. However, I do agree w/u on doing fewer lives. I think u should schedule them whn u feel a need to connect w/ur audience, hve some breaking news, a special guest etc...but, not like a daily upload (then it becomes a regular expectation). Use it like a special treat, that we can all look forward to, bcuz we don't get it often. Then as ur audience grows u'll figure out how to evolve. Plus its ok to listen to ur audience suggestions (just hve to know how 2 differentiate frm the trolls, 🙄😉). One way to do a call 2 action is 2 get them to comment by asking them questions & hve them to leave it in the comment box. Example: you told us what ur plans were as far as not going live so much, or showing ur face. Ask ur audience, what do they prefer? Should u continue 2 show ur face, show less, or not at all? Leave a comment. As 4 live, u might say "should I go live less, more, once a month, once a week, or just an impromptu? Leave a comment below (be sure to SAY "leave a comment below") Point is, get ur audience involved, engaged & stop guessing (just see what they want & then add ur style of how u like to do things) and voila! u've found the perfect recipe to a great meal that you are serving to ur audience, and we all leave feeling satisfied & happy, 😁. Of course it'll take a few tries to get it just right, but hey that's how life works when we're learning different things, in different ways to grow & move to the next level! B.t.w...I know, I'm always a lil long-winded in my comments 😃. That's ok, gotta get it out 😊. Plus I just want to help in anyway (especially coming from an audience perspective). I just want to see you #WINGRAYHUGHES! 👍😎 Keep up the great work, ur a true professional! I see ur numbers are increasing. #Winning...

senno sedai : Gray ,after watching the first 10 minutes it made me wonder, if the church had any members they expelled. It seems like the person or persons knew the victims. Could be a disgruntled church member. The wrong packages, almost seem on purpose. How could they get the address wrong? I doubt they were that stupid. It doesn't seem right.

sistershane100 : 03/19,Austin had another incident-this time with a trip wire device...Austin LE said in a morning newscast-that they feel though different-it's connected to last bombs placed in Austin.-

LIZ R : I’d love to know your opinion on the Adnan Sayed case from the Serial podcast.. innocent or guilty or unsure?

kittenpawsbb : When you put the pieces like this together and there could be a next intended victim. Do you send this information into the Police? I think the Live is good when there is breaking News, such as this case. I haven't seen this get much media coverage. Thank you

dbbteach 2U : Another bombing 8:30pm Sunday night. 8 days since the last one. Two people injured. News stated a trip wire was used.😳

j j : Thanks for this information. It's interesting these name connections. It would be great to do the lives once a week i do like them. But i love when you also do what you do normally. Videos and facts. Your maps and visuals are really very good. Keep up the excellent work. Nothing wrong with your face its very hansome.

Qrystalsea Resident : How ridiculous that someone would have a problem seeing your face. Everything today is about selfies. It's fun to put a face with a voice. As far as a live broadcast, they are fun but you have to do it the way you want. It's your channel.

senno sedai : Gray i like the live streams, although i missed all but one. I work 3rd shift. I also like to see you it seems more real.

•Jo• : I think it’s becoming pretty obvious that someone is not happy with these people or has some kind of agenda against them.Maybe feels wronged by one and so is targeting the one person and all they care for...just a thought 💭

Chynna Stephenson : also, I love seeing your face! 😉 I enjoy when you engage with us as an audience rather than doing a voiceover... however, I’m just speaking for myself, but It’s YOUR channel and YOUR content, you do as you please! xoxo

Janet J. : Also 3 hours live seems long. I wonder if it would help to keep it to 1 - 2 hours? Especially for those in different time zones. Live videos would be good for brainstorming or live guests or question and answer sessions.

Amber Powell : I know the other two neighborhoods are in rough areas. I don't know about the first. Sometimes for initiating they will target random people. Maybe that's what they meant but who knows.

Hurley : Gray, that's cool that you watch John! I've been watching him for a long time and you two are my favorite YouTubers! I also love Danelle! Have a great day!

Janet J. : I like the videos better. This is what you are best at. The live videos are tough for me since I'm in the Central time zone and have to get up early. I don t mind your face off to the side. It's a nice personal touch!

Tracey Stewart : Excellent video, Gray. Like many others here I don't mind your face at all- you have a very nice one! I am glad that you are choosing to do fewer live programmes though. Keep up the good work- I really appreciate what you do.

Rhiannon Lloyd : I like seeing your face too! It makes the videos more personable - it also helps that you are handsome, Gray! Thank you for your factual, well researched and sensible videos!

Ms. Mamie : Loved the video, and the face lol, I checked out Lordan Arts, thanks for the info. I subbed to him he is fantastic, keep on keeping on

Eyes wide open : People hate on you because they are jealous. Your smart, honest, hardworking and I think your cute! To hell with them. Rock On! 💛😃💛

JJ All : Holy cow another bomb went off yesterday (Sunday). The media isn't covering any links to their background in the civil rights movements. The FBI isn't even warning anyone with ties to said political movement. Gang related? Unless the gang is the KKK? Who else could it be? This latest bomb was very elaborate with a trip wire! WTH is going on in Austin! Thank you for this info.

Recat Routson : Thanks Gray great video

Idalia Davila : Lordanarts is one of my favorite channels! He's great, so are you Gray! 😉

Chynna Stephenson : gahhh I love my gray videos! my life wouldn’t be the same without him and his channel now. lol. xoxoxo

Amber Powell : That is so sad.

zealandzen : I like your face.

Juanice Jernigan : Just a thought, what if it is not ERICA but ERIC A ? Depending on how the name was penned.

Susan Dowdy : Gray may I please share this video?

Francis Goldstien : The Austin bomber was FAKE Nobody really got blown up Nobody really died All FAKE Government staged terror TRAUMA based Mind Kontrol MK ULTRA 🚬

Sarah Contreras : What alot of these people don't understand is how much time and money you put into making these videos ♥️💙♥️💙

Amazing80 Mrs.Hall : Love John 🙌🏼 been following him a while seen all his vids 😁 been following you probably as long, maybe a little longer..

kittenpawsbb : Gray will you be going Live Tonight? Another bombing. 😓

Tonya MK75 : I'd like to know your opinion in the Steven Avery case! Have you watched making a murderer on Netflix?