Yes, Papa. (Animation)

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Johnny's been a bad little boy; first eating sugar, and now candy? Papa has had his fill of the child's hijinks. Now open your mouth. Patreon: Twitter: Discord: Newgrounds:


Idle : It took 20 seconds to escalate from a nursery rhyme to an anime fight

Goldi 480 : I didn't know they released part 9

Idris Farah : 0:12 You predicted the Shaggy meme? ( Look at the picture )

John U. : This is a story about a father trying to kill his son over candy 10 out of 10 idea bud

Amarine - chin : So no one's gonna talk about who gave birth to him. 1:04

Heng : Can't wait for the "Mama is home" arc!!!

LeDanian McCullum : Me before watching jojo's bizarre adventure: i really like this animation about this meme After jojo's bizarre adventure: (just imagine a 14, 5.11 black male just fan boyingly ree and giggle)

retarded frog : Damn, Part 9’s looking **lit**.

God of F logic : Are we gonna ignore who the uh, "mother" of Johnny is.

Ricardo Avika : You thought I was Johnny but no it was me *DIO*

rustysapphire : That went from 0 to anime really quickly Please continue

Bladewarboss : wtf jhonny went super saiyan and also a joestar holy mother of god

Kültürlü Gamer : 0:12 if you look carefully you see scobby have necklace(I dont know fully sorry for my bad english)he have a god of destruction necklace in Dragon Ball Super

Yumi : And your next line is "IS THIS A JOJO REFERENCE?!"!

Blueberry pie : Before watching JJBA : heh, funny after watching JJBA : I UNDERSTAND NOW

Koichi Screaming : New Jojo’s part looks great.

RizzleAandE22 : When that echoes ost drops and your life has meaning again.

SanSacional50 .w. : JonnyJonny's Bizarre Adventure : Part 9

Xx_Hands-God_xX Days101 : Looks at the thumbnail. *Im ScArEd*

Yanxy XO : Top 10 Epic Anime Battles

Elliot Duby : The Johnny Johnny manga was better

[TGF] Eridani : Thanks for uploading that video on my Birthday \(^-^)/

q miras? :V : Doctor:you have 2:09 minutes of life Me:

Kyrie Espayos : Giorno Giorno Yes Diavalo Trying to kill me No Diavalo Trying to get the arrow No Diavalo Telling Lies *GOLDEN EXPERIENCE REQUIEM*

Rockdo : We NEED a 2nd part of this. THE ULTIMATE JOJO FIGHT

Matthew Herold : This is the quality content I subscribed for.

Erica Garcilo : After trying to beat the Echoes final boss for a week straight, hearing that song has only furthered my perception of the sheer power between Johnny and his father's fight

GG : Papa's bizzare adventure

KxdKaiyo : I've come to naturally be afraid of narmak videos🤷🏾‍♂️

Matheus Moraes : When you finally underSTAND all the Jojo references... THIS IS MY STANDO,PAPA!!!

Wassim Jyad : *Kisses YouTube’s forehead* “Thanks for recommending me this”

ruknatee suttipong : You're thinking it was mom,but it was me Dio!

Chara dreemurr : Dad: Why are you crying? Me:

The Key board Warrior : At first I thought this was another cringe Jonny video but then when he choked the baby I almost died 😂😂😂

CenabasFail : Jojo's Sugar Epic Remake

Freezin : Telling lies? No PaPa. *Licks baby* This is the taste of a liar!

Qing Wu : *notice the background at **1:02*

Ded Pst : I can't wait for season 2!

Mr Cheeseball : Is this the scene where itachi strangles Sasuke 🤔 *EXCEPT ITS REMASTERED?!*

connor bugadão : 1:33 *me and my brother fighting for the last Piece of pizza*

Isaiah C : eh I liked the manga better

Unknown History : XD,the pictures on beginning is Ultra instict Shaggy and Lord Scooby,XD Best part ever

Artix Vektör : I watched this before jojo: haha buff anime fights Me after jojo: so this is basically part 8 Johnny's backstory huh.. Also yare yare daze baby i didnt noticed that before, and that giorno pose


Kill me please : Oh no! Is this how Johnny becomes a cripple OH NOOOOO!!

Justin Y. : Ohoho, you're approaching me? Instead of running away, you're coming closer?

Jason Doe : Ayyy both jojo and fire emblem

FaiaWata : BRBRBRBBRBRBRBRRBAKA MONO GAAAA!!!! Johnny is the strongest in the world!!!

Crazed Fan girl : Of course I would find these things entertaining thank you YouTube recommend