Yes, Papa. (Animation)

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Narmak : This is probably the worst idea I've ever had. Check out the quality settings: all my animations will now go up to 1440p! For those THICC resolution bois. Also, both Johnny Joestar and Papa Joestar will battle in the Discord, come join to see!! -->

thebahooplamaster : This video proves that literally anything can become an anime

Abhirio : Ok this is epic! Thank you youtube for recommending it.

CAPTAIN JACK : *open your mouth*

100 subscribers with no videos challenge : Finally a good Netflix adaptation of a classic

BubbleDog F2P : 1:00 cutest baby ever!!!

JoeyIsRandom : *Top 10 Anime Betrayals*

Isaiah C : eh I liked the manga better

CyberVirtual : Man this hentai sucks but hey the face animations are gorgeous.

Chloe Walker : * god has left the server *

Rossolini : Papa: Open your mouth Johnny:Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru. Papa:Nani!?

A Pirate named Ali : Wow, Jojos Bizzarre adventure part 0 looks great

CounterSkil : Dio giving birth is something I could have gone my whole life without seeing

Margot Jarrell : “this is probably the worst idea i’ve ever had”

ItsTrooper : 0:48 hair erection lol

Bificalera2 : I got a boss baby ad

Matthew Herold : This is the quality content I subscribed for.

Bozo 5N5 : is that candy or cocaine

Jolly Good Brendå ツ : *O P E N Y O U R M O U T H*

Daniel Jun : 0:48 you know shit's real when the hair goes straight.

c h e t a r z z : Johny johny Yes papa Eating candies No papa Telling lies No papa *_open your mouth_* Here it comes

First Name Surname : "Johnny.. _THIS IS THE TASTE OF A LIAR!"_

Marshmallow The Cat :3 : *I don't know why I feel so good.*

Noah Kelly : this is pretty *bizarre* heh heh heh

senpai kun : *KONO JOHNNY DA

Nutella Butter : Anime can make anything epic

NoobNation Videos : Best anime show ever.

MemeLover : 1690: I bet in 2018. They will have good technology. 2018:

duyhung 2h : BABY S T A N D

Mr. Universe : Stop making good ass “trailers” if you don’t want us begging for a manga or anime.

my name sucked : Jojo comments < "wtf am I watching?"', "lol", "make another one"

SuperGaming Dude : Seriously these voice actors are professional level

Geek -Kun : that... Is THat a Mother#$&$$#$ JoJo RefErence???!!?!

Becky The Bunny BR : 0:42 OH,.....JHONNY! \00000000/

NikkuChan230 _ : This went so far for no reason 😂

Brenda Santana : Its 2 am and im watching this....

Icc13 : The best anime plot twist 2018

Wizzro epic : Wow, the part 7 anime looks great!

Alice Games : This just went from another Johnny Johnny animation,to an anime

the egg with the legg : WWRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Fried Noodles : Top ten anime betrayals.

Cyranek : my favorite part was when johnny went super saiyan

Michael Bongomin-Beals : I love some fire emblem music with my anime. A nice choice too may I say. Twilight of the Gods is one of my favorites.

PeasantTights : *After failing Palppy’s entrance exam, and eating the stand candy, Johnny became the stand user of Sugar Mouth*

NUMEROUS SOLOMAN : by this day they are still doing their stance

Whoeverthrewthatpaper Yourbirthgiverisagardentool : Plot Twist *he is the candy*

Andreas Makusev : Just one Word: *Nani?*

Mitzi : creativity is a double edged sword

Shallon : I wish this was a real anime

Zer0_3dits 01 : *whispers* tHe InTrO iS aSmR sTyLe and the video is IcOnIc !