Yes, Papa. (Animation)

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Narmak : This is probably the worst idea I've ever had. Check out the quality settings: all my animations will now go up to 1440p! For those THICC resolution bois. Also, both Johnny Joestar and Papa Joestar will battle in the Discord, come join to see!! -->

thebahooplamaster : This video proves that literally anything can become an anime

Silver Eyed Otaku : *Saitama before he was famous*

Master duck : JOhnny Johnny is a character of jojo confirmed

Nicolò Venturini : 1:00 if you listen closely you'll hear a silent *yare yare daze*

Jedrian Marquez : Telling lies no Papa open mouth hehe Papa i say OPEN!!! -red eye-

Icc13 : The best anime plot twist 2018

Overgrowth J : You should've gone for the head.

Mlg pro player 291 : _Did I hear _*_Shadows of Valentia, Twilight of the Gods_*_ ?!?!?!?_ Nice choice with the music!

chicken noodle : Thats how my dad treats me. Edit:Wow thanks for so many likes ( ´∀`)

xxmikalxx _crawford : open your mouth grabs neck and holds gun

SuperGaming Dude : Seriously these voice actors are professional level

Namez Flicker : What Did I Just Watch

Angrytiger : Another anime adaptation of a fantastic manga ruined by the need for 'action' and 'suspense'. I'm no fan of 10-episode build-ups to confrontations, but the battle between Johnny and Papa had a lead-up that lasted an entire chapter! I'm glad that they brought part of the song into the animated version, but it's annoying how it's been shredded to be all of 6 lines when the original took up 5 pages by itself. Also, really? They're just going with the fanon that Johnny is evil? Either the showrunners have talked to the author and know more than we do (and are kind of ruining the surprise for those of us who read the manga), but 4 arcs later and we still have so many tantalizing hints that Johnny is the hero and that Papa was the evil one all along. But nope, in the interest of pandering to anime fans with the attention span of a goldfish, they decided to skip all of the buildup and just put it right out there that Johnny is the true villain. After all, remember how Papa heard a voice in his head telling him to buy the Hellcandy in the first place? It STILL remains unresolved whether that was Johnny's psychic manipulations (although the show appears to be running with this), Papa's second personality driving him to corruption, or a force unknown. They skipped literally all of that and COMPLETELY IGNORED how the Hellcandy got there in the first place.

what's a meme??? : I let my baby sibling borrow my phone and a few minutes later his watching this video... And now his scared 😂

Cristian Alexis Garcia : Twilight of the gods? Completely relevant

A Pirate named Ali : Wow, Jojos Bizzarre adventure part 0 looks great

Scarlet Senpai : *When will this anime starts airing?*

Comedy Gold : Jonny's Bizarre Adventure

I AM-PERE : I can't believe they're rushing the episode....its such a cliffhanger and before they fight they had this scene wherein kermit tried to save optimus prime they totally skipped that part what a disappointment

Itz Sydney : dang, i wish our nursery rhymes were this entertaining

Angel gabriel Mendez chavez : _¿T E L L I N G L I E S?_

One Smug Anime Girl : Is this a JoJo reference?

Petorius : This is the perfect video for Justin Y. to comment on.

Scarlet Senpai : This all happens just because of sugar.

JUAN : All these dislikes are from white moms who clicked on the wrong video thinking this was the correct one to show their child

Cyranek : my favorite part was when johnny went super saiyan

Dale Stokes : At the start i was like ok but then the jojo memes Then I was like...OH MY GOD.

frankpro xdxd : Jonhy bizarred aventure

Hammer Boog : I liked the FE Echoes music that accompanied it made it more enjoyable for me.

Ally Gacha : So like, wheres the mom?

JoeyIsRandom : *Top 10 Anime Betrayals*

The Triple H Dudes : Jhonny jhonny yes papa Eaiting sugar nani?!

-Tio MOCs- : *Manga was better*

monkey.d.garpu_pw : Nani?!?!? A sutando user?!?!?

Kualetee : *Top Ten Anime Plot Twists*

Matthew Herold : This is the quality content I subscribed for.

The Dear Leader : Johnny Joestar

THE_REAL_A.B : why isn't this a anime

Sr. KN : Jo Jo, yes papa

Lady Mist : Well that when from 0 to 100 real fast.

Darkness Prevails : I've got my money on the baby.

Shireen Akter : See all them views? They're all me

Azorux : Lv.35 Boss

STOP : I have one question: IS THIS JOJO REFERENCE?

Nicky h225 : How does a mene evolve into this?

NoobNation Videos : Best anime show ever.

Deius Pro : Johnny Johnny? Johnny: WTF?

hxneymilk – : lmao best anime ever in 2019

Steamboat Will : ..Baby Stand