Canuck and I
Meet Canuck a wild crow who formed an unlikely bond with his human friend Shawn The mischievous crow has captured the hearts of Vancouverites and garnered global attention through his antics

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Meet Canuck – a wild crow who formed an unlikely bond with his human friend, Shawn. The mischievous crow has captured the hearts of Vancouverites and garnered global attention through his antics. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TELUS STORYHIVE supports compelling, original stories told by filmmakers from BC and Alberta by providing production funding, training and exposure to new audiences. Find out more - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Connect with us: STORYHIVE Twitter - STORYHIVE Facebook - STORYHIVE Instagram -


Jonne Euroshopper : "The world started to look beautiful again." I teared up, I've been there.

Bave Drokie : Sean, in my opinion, you are the luckiest person to have a bond like you have with Canuck. I love crows too...they're very underrated I think 😊

Mia T Rex : I have chronic anxiety/depression with PTSD and the Crows in my neighborhood have become my friends and almost family. My life is so much better because of them.

Dawn of Shellbourne : Beautiful documentary. Thank you Shawn for sharing your story of Canuck with all of us. You have done right by him every step of they way. Well done.

redrumax : so sweet, and humans are such beasts to hurt Canuck. I would be devastated if I was Sean.

PookiePye : The perfect man doesn't exi-

Rob Richards : It is on my bucket list to go to Vancouver and visit the rookery. Maybe even a trip to the east side.

AnnemieM : We all could have animal friendships but to many humans are not friendly and teach the wild animals not to trust us. I befriended two ducks at the park that followed me home and now they come for breakfast nearly every day. I give them grain. Bread is bad stuff and will cause premature death. Anyway, my wild duck friends, Sherlock and Matilda are very close to me and even stand in the door way to my flat to let me know they are there.

Sweaty Dynamite : This little documentary really touched me. As someone who has depression, and a fascination with crows, it warms my heart to see such companionship between Shawn and Canuck. Definetely putting it on my bucket list to go to Vancouver to see Canuck and the Rookery, don't how I'll get there from Ontario, but I hope to go someday. Thank you for such wonderful video.

toady115 : I was fortunate enough to meet Shawn and Canuck this summer. It was so cool, as both are very awesome. This documentary is just the best. I love my crows in my neighborhood and I can hand feed a few but none are as cool as Canuck.

Patricia Isibor : this is fantastic. iv always loved crows.

David S. : This is a very special short documentary. The connection one can make with nature is so powerful and important.

Goosey Goose : How truly beautiful and blessed! This brought a tear to my eye πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Maureen Weber : Beautiful documentary. Not only about crows, but about compassion and healing.

Stevo Canuck : What a beautiful doc. This is the type of work i love and admire, good job!

L Mathieu : The magic of 2 sentient souls touching

Boom 36 : I hope Canuck stays safe.

Blush N Bones : Sean, I just watched this amazing footage. I am profoundly touched by this, what a beautiful bond and friendship.

Bryan Cheesman : Great story..I had the pleasure of having 4 crows at different times through my life. They are amazing creatures .playful , loyal and loving.

rae : I rly wish I can meet Canuck

Ins0mnia365 : I reconize myself so much with him, sweet sweet story.. thank you for sharing.

Joe Noonan : Beautiful story, beautiful friendship!

Regal Portraits : Excellent coverage of a beautiful relationship between man and bird.

Maryl Aronson : Thank you for this. Growing up, we had a crow that got blown out of a nest (mama died) and my daddy brought him home. He was never kept in a cage. We had Ebenezer for 10 yrs. Thank you for the memories and recognizing the intelligence & curiosity & imprinting of crows. :)

Donna Lovett : What a beautiful

Randy Bens : I heard about Canuck from Trailer Park Boys Podcast Episode 44. I love crows. This documentary nearly made me cry. lol

Lumminessa Lux : Love Love Love this....

Marianne Crabb : This is so beautiful. :) <3 You obviously are connected and Canuck knows it. :)

Jenny S : I have been in love with crows and ravens all my life!! What a story! I'm in love!!

John Tucker : Beautiful. Just amazing.

Emiliapocalypse : To the man whose cigarettes were stolen by Canuck, this has been a public service announcement from the Canadian Crow Broadcasting Network

Nancy Rantala : Thank you for sharing Canuck with us!

theliza09 : Beautiful! Thank you!

sweetkiss03 : Corws are the most intelligent birds in the world

Mrs. Parker : Just saw this story shared by Audubon on Facebook today. Made my heart sing. Thank you for this wondrous story <3

Shelley Biscaro : What a lovely connection! I love crows...such an intelligent creature.

yhbyhbb : So beautiful.

Anaca Murphy : Love the story. I've always loved birds but especially crows.

maia gibb : i am doing a science project about crows and this helped me a lot thank you

Marcielle Brandler : I love crows and ravens. This film touches my heart. I am an Audubon member and have had many amazing adventures with birds. There is a film about crows and how they recognize faces.

clash royale youtber #: : Beautiful cinematography

PolishHammer : very cool, crows are awesome

Kevin Zilverberg : I found out about how cool crows really are just a few years back, ever since then I'm always smiling from ear to ear when I see them fooling around on the street outside my window, they're amazingly smart creatures, and beautiful to!

Brad Bumgardner : We've been trying to contact Shawn for over a week? Is something wrong?

Nonisha Negi : I love how he repeatedly thanks Kanuck for being a companion. And how he comes back over and over again is amazing

Jenny Jessop : Lovely story, thankyou, it made me smile.

R. Colin Newell : Pure genius! Well done.

Avia LittleHawk : Shiny things.. crows always gets misunderstood. They are very large songbirds . They are messengers

Irene Pady : Wonderful Β Wish they would show this in every school