Are Elon & Tyson Right? Are We In A Simulation? | The Trews [455]

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Tommy Love Peace O'Neill : Life is like Super Mario. We spend most of our time collecting gold coins but if you take mushrooms you move up a level

moon light : It's fun reading through all the comments and seeing how many people are trying to sound super deep because of the content of this video. Some comments are really intriguing, others are just pretentious because at the end if the day, nobody really knows the truth or anything at all. One question "answered" simply leads to a million more questions and we're back at square one.

M H : Would an all loving God allow such suffering? Probably not.... Would a voyeuristic super intelligent species playing the Sims allow it.... Yes.

Constant K : I wonder if inventions are just updates and some random person is selected to put them out. they then become what we call geniuses

Johnny Threefour : Even if we are in some space nerd's computer simulation that still doesn't answer where the space nerd came from. I want to know the fundamental start point to it all.

Akshay Patil : I really hate when one talks about simulation and all. We cannot know that we are in a simulation and it is pointless to talk about things that might be true or might not be. What difference does it make who created the universe and why. What these so called intelligent scientists talk is of no use it is just intellectual entertainment and meaningless. Who cares if this is a simulation(well people's suffering is real) we are part of the mystery that cannot be defined. How can our tiny logical human mind grasp and make conclusions. It's stupid. Our focus must be on improving the humanity day by day and that's it.

GemmaDoyleOfficial : Firstly, beautiful video quality Russell...Now for what you're talking about; I believe that the higher energies of the Universe are positive power, and they want us to do great things in life. However, we get exactly what we believe we will

RX Crash : I'm still waiting for Morpheus to call me while I'm at work and get me out early without my boss seeing me. But in all seriousness Russell Brand you are an incredible human being!

emilymac2003 : If we are... There is way too much cleaning involved 😝

ZahGaming : Hello Russell, have you taken the time to study some aspects of quantum mechanics. I find that the indeterminate nature of reality through quantum mechanics and the philosophic study of consciousness are starting to converge. This is truly a fascinating time to live in now. I can only suspect that we will enter a new era of philosophy within the next 100 years. New branches like metaphysic indetermination are now starting to come to light, and believe a great mind like Socrates will come to light soon.

Tracy Anne Arnold : My goodness; what an erudite, thoughtful, intelligent and inspirational man Mr Brand is! Just when I'm fearing for the world my kids are going to inherit, Russell Brand rebalances the proverbial scales in just a few short minutes! He speaks profound words without ever sounding pretentious or patronising. I'd suggest he's one of the finest minds of his generation..... To think I thought he was an intolerable fu*kwit just 6 or7 years ago when he was involved with Katy Perry....Wow do I feel ashamed of myself: Definitely have learned a lesson about making assumptions through listening to him over the last couple of years. His generosity in making his work so accessible to so many people without financial remuneration which lucidly he has no obligation whatsoever to do furthermore demonstrates his altruist nature. Thank you Russell! Best wishes to all folk. Tracy.

Pam Bennett : You’re so cool Russell. Nota sellout. Maybe instead of consciousness preceding matter they go back and forth. Consciousness creates the brain which experiences and sends a signal back to consciousness which continues to create in accordance with that signal? Idk maybe I’m thinking in pretzels

Hollywoodhair4u⚜️🕯✨ : The simulation happening now is in practice right now on social media! If you notice the difference of people who are obsessed with social media and online presence versus people who never even had social media you will see the 2 different realities in the people

Aiden : We are the universe experiencing itself.

Joey Cap : The universe is a server, our brains are the hardware, and were running a program called conscious

You'reSleepingAllTheTime - Vegan - AN : "Every culture that's ever existed has operated under the illusion that it understood 95% of reality and that the other 5% would be delivered in the next 18 months, and from Egypt forward they've been running around believing they had a perfect grip on things and yet we look back at every society that preceded us with great smugness at how naive they all were. Well, it never occurs to us, then, that maybe we're whistling in the dark too!" - -- Terence McKenna

Pedro Solano : What Elon and Tyson fail to explain is the baseline of all simulations: if we are in a simulation running in some super advance computer, in what kind of reality does that computer exists (and its programmer): the "real" reality or yet another simulation? if it the answer is another simulation we can ask the same question recursively, if it is "real" reality, again the same arguments can be applied to that one and still wonder if that is simulation. As mostly scientific people, Elon and Tyson tend to fall back into the notion that material is the only real thing, hence the only real way to have free will and consciousness, they hypothesize, is through advance algorithms, running on a physical computer. As you pointed out, we are "limited" by our senses, we can only perceive external reality through our senses; but colors do not exist in reality, they are just wave lengths; tastes don't reality exist in reality; they are chemical combinations and mixes; music does not exist in reality, they are just disturbances in air pressure.... oh but they do exist, for us, we create them, constantly. This is *qualia*, and its totally left out of the argument when considering a purely materialistic worldview. In all regards, if life and consciousness is spirit having a physical experience, then we could say we are spirit simulating physicality, a "simulation" indeed; but describing all of this this way falls very short imo.

g g : I'm so grateful to you for making these videos

ozzyg82 : He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!

Yuri : For me it's pointless to talk about the creator of the universe. If he exists he probably asks himself the same thing. Maybe the universe is just something very far away from what we think. But anyway, people love to imagine they are not alone and things have meaning. I just gave up on thinking about this stuff, it makes me depressed.

Sunyata : Drugs change your brain chemistry. They don't give you insight into the world unseen. Longchenpa said, "things are not what they seem, nor are they otherwise." There's nothing mystical about this, although Brand would have you think otherwise. We know our senses are limited, therefore we are not able to process the world as it really is. People like Brand are misguided into conflating our scientific insight with ancient spiritual traditions. It just shows how little they know about those traditions and why they arose in the time they did. Brand is spewing nothing more than another "God of the Gaps" argument, showing his ignorance.

NetraAmorosi : I don't think the universe is a simulation, but our PERCEPTION of it is a fabrication based on what are senses can pickup and how our brain interprets that data. The reality constructed by our brain is far from a perfect representation of what is really going on around us. It's just good enough for us to interact with the environment and others well enough for us to avoid harm and try to fulfill our physical needs. With drugs your just altering how the brain interprets the data essentially.

asdrt asdi : Yes we are and the computer is our mind/soul/consciousness. Check out Tom Campbell he explains his theory by using logic and science.

ThatGirl FIGGy : Dear God, I AM ever so greatful for giving us a Russell Brand.. cause I know he doesn't actually have to do this, But he still does. - Thank you. Sat Nam.

MileHighSi : I find it interesting that so many of us (myself included) dismiss religion for essentially the same reason (despite being theoretically plausible it has yet to be proven and is a ludicrous departure from the reality we experience); yet are so keen to act as cheerleaders for simulated reality theorists.

J3ST3R5 : We live in a self replicating binary universe. This doesn't conflict with religion or science, it blends them together. When people don't understand something it is magic. If a technology exists that is so out there that it is unbelievable then people will think it is magic and gods. The mistake they are making is by comparing this simulation to some kid in a basement. I think that is his idea of technology through what he has seen in the past with people like Steve Jobs. Earth itself could be a machine or computer of some sort, the only problem is that we don't understand it so we don't know it is even there. Also people tend to think it is just a computer like ours, so it would have memory, ram, and be made from silicon. It doesn't have to be though, it could be made from energy or light, or heat, or anything that has binary properties. I am just warning you now, don't go into the simulation when it is made. It will be made, and if you go in you will be going down forever and ever.

I M : We don’t live in “Reality”. The whole universe is a holographic movie that’s already over. We’re just replaying it to hide in a dream of sorts, in order to hide from God who doesn’t even know about our collective dream. We all wake up eventually. Read A Course in Miracles to learn how to exit the dream of the karmic wheel of reincarnation.

terryebeg : Russell sooner or later must have a conversation with this south indian yogi called sadh guru. He would blow is freeking mind. Trust me.

Montana Jones : Just because an Idea has been around for 1000's of years don't mean shite! But I love the discussion Russell, thanks for putting this together.

DrPittenstein : Simulation discussion is irrelevant. Much like the 'what if we were created 5 seconds ago, complete with memories?' it's unprovable either way so ultimately meaningless. 4am stoner philosophy. This obsession with 'reality' is interesting though. Our reality is clearly all we get and all we're meant to know. What good would it do an ant to understand what a parking ticket is? The ultimate 'reality' of a computer program is binary code, very enlightened for a character in a game to develop awareness of that but it ultimately achieves nothing. It wouldn't help the character in the game in any way. If anything he's more likely to lose a life!

Astorrian : Russell you need to look up a physicist and scientist...TOM CAMPBELL, author of My Big Toe..Theory of Everything. This man has had 35 years of studying consciousness... he is authentic, has integrity and no ego (very important). See what Tom has to say about this reality which we call "physical reality" . If there is one man on the planet you have to listen to on this subject its Tom Campbell.

Modern Muse : Yes, we are living in a holographic reality based on the law of attraction, where like attracts like. This is going to change - changing already because of a collective desire to experience something else. Awakenings are happening and perception is changing.

IAmRedherrings : If we're in a simulation then the being that programmed my life is a psychotic sadist

HeedfulGibbon : It’s funny how people will discuss aliens, dimension, chakras, hollow earths or simulation theory but if you say the earth is flat and we live in a realm.. people get their panties in a twist.. the simple fact remains. PLANES FLY ON PLAINS and the EARTH IS FLAT. Particle physics from the past hundred years proves that we exist in a realm. A matrix! A closed system!

Jaspreet Singh : we are living in simulation . its like a dream , we feel like real and then we wake up and its not there . same happen when we die we just woke up from a dream . Its like someone living as paying guest , live there for some months then one day left , and when someone not paying the rent owner throw them out , paying guest holding the doors putting feet on door so owner can't get him out of it but in the end owner will throw him out of the room . same about our soul living in the body and start thinking its our own property but death will come , soul try to hold on with very tight grip of all the desires , attachment to the world but death will come it will throw out the soul from body . then journey of soul will keep going . Life is like traveling in a bus we met people in bus and everyone will left when their bus stop will come this is how its happen in life some relatives , friend left us at some stop and sometimes we left them before they do . one have to complete his journey .

Gonzalo Waszczuk : The answer is Hilary Putnam's Brain in a vat. What you call "simulation" only refers to what we know about our own universe right now. If our universe were to be a "simulation", then it would be something completely different than what an in-universe simulation is. The word "simulation" would not refer to the same thing, it would be a different object, a different entity, one that ideally should have a new word attributed to it. If there were some "super-simulation", it would be nothing like the computer simulations we know of our own universe. If so, then why call it simulation? But let's ignore that. Even if there were something, would it be similar to what we call "simulation"? Not really: First of all, we know that our universe contains many fundamental particles, going into the trillions or quatrillions. That is unviable to simulate based on our concept of simulation (where you have external "bits" of information that represent internal pieces of data in the simulation; like 10 bytes of data in a computer represent 1 particle in a computer simulation). Second, we know that in our in-universe simulations the rules are pretty simple, because of the complexity needed to develop the algorithms that make the simulation work. You can't have a very complex simulation because that complexity means you need much more time to develop the simulation, but it also becomes unfeasible for the engineers/programmers/etc to even build it in the first place, they just can't think about the simulation, it's too complex for their minds. If our universe were a simulation, it'd be ENORMOUSLY complex; enough that no sentient being would be able to develop it in the first place (assuming outside our universe there are some sentient beings with similar technological capacities as ourselves). Third, the universe must be reducible and deterministic for it to be a simulation. The universe must be reducible to some very basic "bit" of information. EVERYTHING in the universe must be reduced to some piece of data. Every atom, every rule, every interaction, every quantum entanglement, every point in spacetime. Why? Because everything in the universe must be simulated in the outside-universe-computer, but that computer can't simulate something if it isn't able to hold the data that can simulate it. I can't play the sims if a single sim occupies 1000 petabytes of data or if it can't even be put in computer memory in the first place. Also, the universe must be fully deterministic after you have all of it reduced to some base data (let's say, 10 GB of universe data). After you have 10 GB of universe data, how does the simulation work? It must have some sort of "step" where the next moment in time inside the simulation happens (a "frame", like in videogames). If the universe is not deterministic, this is impossible, because the definition of determinism implies that any moment in time is fully determined by the previous state of the universe. Thus, to be able to simulate the next moment in time of the universe, that new moment in time must be able to be determined by it. If it can't, there is no way the simulation can run. So you must prove the universe to be reducible and deterministic .... which is not self-evident You need ALL OF THAT to have the theory of the universe being a simulation be plausible. And EVEN THEN it's not true because we simply lack knowledge, you can't know what's outside our universe. I don't know about you, but I think our universe being a simulation is so far-fetched and requires so many shaky premises and assumptions that it's not even worth considering.

Alex Londono : YES! David Icke has been saying this for years

Sandra Borg : If I am simulated well they gave up on my programming fast cause I just seam to eat and watch YouTube lying down in bed .

Pi Boy : Hi! I think that our mathematics are flat, a two dimension science. Our understanding is very limited because of this. Great video!

The SuperHeart . Org Foundation : @russellbrand siiigghhhh... Thank you... So refreshing... welcome back!!! :)

Sparkey : @3:58 Wow, Morrisons are selling Cat Meat? I wonder how it tastes? Surely there are laws against eating domestic pets? :)

Bigby Wolf : People will entertain the idea of the matrix but then say believing in God is irrational. I wonder why

CptDieHard : What you said reminded me of a lucid dream I once had. In this dream I was standing there admiring the construction of what I was experiencing and I happened to turn around quickly and seen something that wasn't part of the scene. I can only describe it as someone or something watching me and it closed its portal like connection as if it didn't want me to know it was there. Anyone else ever experience something similar?

787UrbanApparel : .... Don’t get it twisted ; we are created by our parents... most spiritual religions try to replace your biological parents with their own deity. Honor your father and mother ... don’t let Santa Claus steal the credit that only they deserve .

Mcgougen : To me the most interesting variable in the idea of us being nothing but a simulation is time. If we are in fact a simulation then time itself is meaningless. In the way we perceive it anyway. Our entire universe, from start, to now, to finish and everything that has ever happened or ever will happen may only take place in a millisecond of real time outside of the simulation. Which makes me think that our universe might be one "neuron" inside a super advanced computer which has been designed to churn out new ideas. Anyway I'm off to be now.

Tits Magee : This theory is just another branch of heavily propagated Scientism, role out the usual mouth pieces to convince the "enlightened" masses of the apparent fact.

Fritterskitter : Does it really matter whether we are in a simulation or not? Shouldn't we just appreciate what we've got and make it the best we can for everyone?

NORFSIDA : Nothing exists but your consciousness and your consciousness creates reality, I think therefore I am.....Maybe we are one and the same split into many from what was God to experience all aspects of reality. Also the universe looks like the inside of a brain, coincidence ?

juliebabble : You are looking more and more like Jesus

Bitzbox : We're all playing the game Roy from Rick and Morty