Are Elon & Tyson Right? Are We In A Simulation? | The Trews [455]

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Tommy Love Peace O'Neill : Life is like Super Mario. We spend most of our time collecting gold coins but if you take mushrooms you move up a level

emilymac2003 : If we are... There is way too much cleaning involved 😝

Aiden : We are the universe experiencing itself.

moon light : It's fun reading through all the comments and seeing how many people are trying to sound super deep because of the content of this video. Some comments are really intriguing, others are just pretentious because at the end if the day, nobody really knows the truth or anything at all. One question "answered" simply leads to a million more questions and we're back at square one.

ThatGirl FIGGy : Dear God, I AM ever so greatful for giving us a Russell Brand.. cause I know he doesn't actually have to do this, But he still does. - Thank you. Sat Nam.

ozzyg82 : He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!

IAmRedherrings : If we're in a simulation then the being that programmed my life is a psychotic sadist

Sandra Borg : If I am simulated well they gave up on my programming fast cause I just seam to eat and watch YouTube lying down in bed .

Fritterskitter : Does it really matter whether we are in a simulation or not? Shouldn't we just appreciate what we've got and make it the best we can for everyone?

t5 Heath : I wonder if inventions are just updates and some random person is selected to put them out. they then become what we call geniuses

Johnny Threefour : Even if we are in some space nerd's computer simulation that still doesn't answer where the space nerd came from. I want to know the fundamental start point to it all.

M H : Would an all loving God allow such suffering? Probably not.... Would a voyeuristic super intelligent species playing the Sims allow it.... Yes.

pwalker : Does anyone else remember watching Trews to see Russell pull apart tabloid headlines and enlighten us to the bigger picture? Those were the good old days :(

Ann M : Maybe everyone needs to get out in nature and off of all forms of technology. I'm not sold on this life being a simulated reality. How about it's simply life and it should be appreciated for what it is, but more love and compassion for sure. Your joke got me!!

Christopher Depew : I posed this question to my more tech/gamer savvy (also, hotter than myself by a factor of at least 10 of our suns) half. She had this to say, “if you figured it out you’d probably die.” Interesting... makes one also wonder about religions which speak of enlightenment and reincarnation...

Bill Hicks : "It's just a dream".

Scribe13 : It doesn't really matter. Energy is energy

PotatoPeeler : We probably are. Statistically it's more likely than not. Which begs the the past even real? And how old is the simulation? Also, if we are dealing with computational power, then time is not 1/1 Imagine you had a supercomputer and entities within that system capable of thought, their perception of time would be determined by the number of calculations possible. So if we are in a simulation, ten million years here, might only be 1 minute of calculations in the "real world" Also, it's rather convenient that you exist right now isn't it? Right before computer universes exist, and at the dawn of virtual reality - when movies like inception and the matrix exist too.... Its almost like they're prepping you for the big reveal. If you existed at any other time these concepts would be impossible to comprehend, technology is the material/spiritual link. Do you believe in magic? Or technology? Its all rather convenient isn't it? You are likely in a simulation

Joey Cap : Reality exists because you exist , and at the same time, you exist because of your reality

Super Mensch : You are Consciousness/god expressing possibilities of existence & self Awareness using the language Evolution.

g g : I'm so grateful to you for making these videos

Freedom : If we are in a simulated reality. It doesn't matter. This our reality. We may have simulated emotions, simulated desires, what matters is we have consciousness and we shall accept our reality.

GemmaDoyleOfficial : Firstly, beautiful video quality Russell...Now for what you're talking about; I believe that the higher energies of the Universe are positive power, and they want us to do great things in life. However, we get exactly what we believe we will

Nico _ : Find the glitch in the simulation.

Melissa Tabor : The Sims.

Akshay Patil : I really hate when one talks about simulation and all. We cannot know that we are in a simulation and it is pointless to talk about things that might be true or might not be. What difference does it make who created the universe and why. What these so called intelligent scientists talk is of no use it is just intellectual entertainment and meaningless. Who cares if this is a simulation(well people's suffering is real) we are part of the mystery that cannot be defined. How can our tiny logical human mind grasp and make conclusions. It's stupid. Our focus must be on improving the humanity day by day and that's it.

Yuri : For me it's pointless to talk about the creator of the universe. If he exists he probably asks himself the same thing. Maybe the universe is just something very far away from what we think. But anyway, people love to imagine they are not alone and things have meaning. I just gave up on thinking about this stuff, it makes me depressed.

ZahGaming : Hello Russell, have you taken the time to study some aspects of quantum mechanics. I find that the indeterminate nature of reality through quantum mechanics and the philosophic study of consciousness are starting to converge. This is truly a fascinating time to live in now. I can only suspect that we will enter a new era of philosophy within the next 100 years. New branches like metaphysic indetermination are now starting to come to light, and believe a great mind like Socrates will come to light soon.

bjpcorp : This simulated reality narrative is just a capitalist fabrication creating consent to be more reckless for short term gratification.

NetraAmorosi : I don't think the universe is a simulation, but our PERCEPTION of it is a fabrication based on what are senses can pickup and how our brain interprets that data. The reality constructed by our brain is far from a perfect representation of what is really going on around us. It's just good enough for us to interact with the environment and others well enough for us to avoid harm and try to fulfill our physical needs. With drugs your just altering how the brain interprets the data essentially.

James Bond : Yes we do live in a simulation , we are told what is right and what is wrong , we are told what we are allowed to say and not say , true living is living without boundaries and without fear of punishment and free thinking , our simulated life is the simulation of powerful and rich people who dictate our existence and it starts from a very early age by schooling and brainwashing us to live their life and also parents passing on what they have been brainwashed to tell and teach us .

Aldiasma Estrada : Yes! We're living in the 3D simulation that our higher selves/God/Universe/etc. has programmed in order for our I AM conciousness to become aware of the multilayered aspects of our souls so we can clear/heal within ourselves in order to clear/heal all. WE ARE ONE! ONE LOVE! ✌🏼🙏🏼💖👽👻💀😇🧚‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧝‍♀️🧞‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧛‍♀️🧙‍♂️

jjjeanjeane : We exist in our own bubbles of reality with scenarios sliding over each other kind of like soapy bubbles when the colour's are sliding over each other & the more intent put into one scenario that takes president. Check out Aug Tellez he will blow your mind. If you activate your Merkabah you can experience your bubble too it's wild in there.

Daniel Brown : I heard the earth is 1 cathedral away from total balance and harmony. If we build it then L. Ron Hubbard will personally beam down alien technology for unlimited energy resources...or maybe I was just dreaming

Ramesh Ramloll : Thank God for modern rationalistic materialistic language ... that offers much sharper pointers than some crappy Rumi poem or some holy mantra. What is more likely? that deeper truths were discovered in the past and not properly articulated? OR that nothing deep was discovered, just the common intuitions that we all have. Sadly those 'precious' insights in the old days were expressed intentionally in cloudy language, like some crappy 'one hand clapping type koan' which almost always fails to enlighten. What rationalistic materialistic language brings to the table, are pointers so precise that every statement made can not only be understood but also offers the potential to be verified. And it is also easier to identify the frames of reference that an author of a materialistic statement is making. I am convinced that any progress along the path of wisdom can only be achieved through a language that is as precise as scientific discourse. This is coming from someone who has been immersed in sanskrit prayers and stuff like that ... which little understanding of what they actually meant. And by the way, regarding your psychedelic experiences, do know that intersubjective agreement about illusions have zero practical utility... you can put water in a bottle and look through it.. and see things on the other side... but the wobbliness of the image does not suggest that what is behind is wobbly. i.e. You can have an illusion that is experienced by 1000 people, but that makes the phenomenon real only to the extent that ... the form is real... but that form itself cannot function as a reliable interpretative interface for the underlying reality.

RX Crash : I'm still waiting for Morpheus to call me while I'm at work and get me out early without my boss seeing me. But in all seriousness Russell Brand you are an incredible human being!

Sahil Tiwari : The beauty about truth is it remains unaffected irrespective of your opinion. These scientists are confusing effect for cause. The very prime example of this is dreaming. In a dream, the entire universe is created by you without even knowing about it. Inside a dream you may encounter sky, moon, sun, grass, stars, air and even your friends, who all have free will inside that dream. But it is ultimately you who fabricated all this all along. That problem is, instead of being an aware observer, we ourselves become a character inside our own play. This is the best I can explain using words.

Mike4spirit : mabey consciousness /"collective consciousness " creates matter and it's time we woke up and took our power back to create what matters.... thanks russ!!!

Jack Middleton : It is an interesting phenomenon that we see the universe and existence in relation to how we live our lives. In other words if it wasn't for the fact that in recent history we have created computers and simulations then we wouldn't be questioning if we were in a simulation at all. Makes you wonder what other things we will be questioning as technology progresses.

terryebeg : Russell sooner or later must have a conversation with this south indian yogi called sadh guru. He would blow is freeking mind. Trust me.

Szymon Tomalik : Funniest thing is that in actuality matter is a form of belief and consciousness is the only reality there is and no scientific or logical conclusions are going to proof that only your own sober experience in other words self investigation. I'm glad that topic is being brought though.

hollywoodhair4u : The simulation happening now is in practice right now on social media! If you notice the difference of people who are obsessed with social media and online presence versus people who never even had social media you will see the 2 different realities in the people

Montana Jones : Just because an Idea has been around for 1000's of years don't mean shite! But I love the discussion Russell, thanks for putting this together.

Whipasnaper HD : I'm pretty sure everything is a figments of my imagination. My proudest being world history I must have been so creative.

HLB : So...we’re a really complicated future upgrade of The Sims?

Native Gringo : "that last bits a joke, thank you" 💥😭😂💀 I almost didn't even catch the joke I was so into listening lol

mc blammer : my problem with the 'there being love in us indicating so about our creator' is that we also hate, kill, rape (i mean "we" generally of course), steal, trick. if there is a metaphysical apparatus for these characteristics, then what should that indicate about the creator of it?

Accidental Coleslaw : I miss regular trews 😢

Claudiolife1 : am confused

missiworld : God is just hanging out, playing Sims.