Sunday Morning Banger

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The Scandinavian Gaming Channel : Jesus Christ, christians sure do know how to party! Gotta hit up my local church this sunday boiiii!

NightShades : These people vote....

ASMR Muzz : This is the greatest video on the internet.

Jim Perry : Church of the Holy Crack Pipe

noah : this is the reason why God has abandoned us

Mullah Osk : best rave ever

Pengochan : Previously unknown contagious form of epilepsy discovered.

DamienShao Rigler : Im cryin 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Matt Schubert : I wanna know what this actually came from. What is the story behind this haha

L Moua : Lol. Mustache guy looks like Rick Rude. You can google Rick Rude

Tree Tree 100% : Idiots

Caught In a Trap : this is why aliens won't visit us

M4 Media : Jesus, way too easy.

K Marba : what was in that commune punch bowl?

daniel milewski : The best positive energy. Ha ha ha. Epic

Galactic Injun : Pure comedy gold😂😂🕺🏻🙌🏻

murdomac101 : God is a DJ

Eddie Mercado : Backtail Was Heavy by Lone

Anthony Julian : Lone - Backtail Was Heavy

Markus Magnon : Christians in the USA.... next level of BS.

Cari Garafalo : hack the planet

Brian Cresswell : love this.....anyone know the title of the song?

Ariana Thorne : When you believe in Jesus Christ a little to much

Brian Keith : Now that's how u Kill Roaches 👍

vargaso : Funny. Also, they're moving for the same reason you do at a club.

beedee211 : One day, I want to drop some M in my tea and go to one of these lovely sunday sessions.

Karlstendahlberg : LOL this is so funny. I'm muslim btw.

awhoergek : Man, the guy with the mic starting and ending the clip really takes the cake.

hersheystaste4life : It's nice seeing these Mexicans having a good time.

George Schuler : What is going on here? Easy on the caffeine.

theadamjones20 : Would have been funnier if it was a tide add at the end...

lgtwzrd : I'll have what they are having. (not)

123zoidberg : see you next sunday peeps ..

xmachina1 : Better than the scene in Blues Brothers.

Danny : WTF!

BOB LOBLAW : Underviewed, underrated <3

Remy Roth : Baptazia did it better

andrew Peat : Red jacket man at 0.40 has got the style down.

Lee Murphy : Who is the main preacher?

DJBLESSD : What's the tune doe

Jason Berezowski : Good old fashioned mental illness.