The Worst of MTV Decoded | Volume Six

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Jarod Gazza : This channel is criminally under-subbed. As soon as I see a new video from here I know it's going to be quality. You do excellent work my man keep it up!

Mandraquex3000 : How do you not go insane watching those moronic mtv segments?

Levi1611 : Progressives think life happens on tv.

Oscar Moran : I’m gonna marathon this channel since I discovered it with Ocasio-Cortez

I think I'm Hipster : this video is a perfect example of how socialists don't love the poor but hate the rich.

blackraider777 : MTV is still a thing?

Braxant : I can't believe Youtube (1) genuinely recommended me a new channel and (2) it's great.

immikeurnot : LOL, it's funny that they hate Rosanne, but her show was probably one of the most accurate depictions of working class midwest life.

RichardThePear : This guy seems to think that everyone who is "lower class" desperately wish to be like super rich douches. Many "lower class" guys work construction and simply love the idea of providing for their family. There's more to happiness than just class status.

Peurii : So it's important to portray things accurately as they are/were. Got it. I wonder what Decoded would say about the upcoming Battlefield abou ww2 with female grunts in.

CLASSIC : You made MTV and Gabe look so small and pointless, thanks.

Steve Green : Haven't seen a Decoded takedown in a while; that was satisfying! But, oh boy, where did they grow that unfortunate bugman...poor soul...

Steve Williams : If you see tv and think you have to live up to crap like that then you have a much bigger problem than money

Stupefy : imagine being so sensitive that financial status’ (misunderstood, might I add) of fictional characters offends you.

Arthur Wilson : Man you're making quality content.

Shashank Susngi : also in defense of Homer, its not just Mr.Plow, he gets his dream job at Barney's Bowlarama, and does it for Maggie..and many other examples i'll remember when i'm sober. My point being, he'd die for his kids just like Al Bundy or Caitlyn Jenner ..and thats how fathers are supposed to be...I think...

Grumpy Bear : So glad I found you! I was about to give up on millennials.

T. A. G : upload more often man

Bryan M : Where have you been, man?!

SeaJayBelfast : Gabe is the quintessential soyboy. Right down to the open mouth pose

Trill Withers : Everyone share these videos...get this man more subs!

B H : *While were at it let me explain why the fairly odd parents is unrealistic*

KaD0 : It's so sad, It's like they don't even care that their lying.

Syd W : This guy is great

General Aspergers : Good shit.

Shashank Susngi : Welcome new subscribers!

MrJoefizzy : Dude I only found this channel. Great job. Maybe try going on some other channels to promote this one.

Chris broomell : You are my new favorite channel! I'm gonna make sure you got a million, keep killing it brother!

K.E.V. : didn't the girl in 2 broke girls own the horse before her family went bankrupt? lol

Joe Regan : Me at some distant point: "it'll be a cold day in hell when we defend the Gilmore Girls from insufferable leftist cluelessness" /watches video Welp. Anyone have a heater?

Fin Jeory : Good channel dude. 😉👍🏻

Bryan G : This vid deserves some sort of YouTube Emmy.

thehal2000 : Entertainment successful business plan isn't to "accurately" portray anything unless it is specifically presented as a documentary for example. Otherwise if you want reality you've got it right where you are at any given time. Walk in to a theatre or turn on Netflix … you are probably wasting your time and effort in your search for reality. Funny, we recently had a megahit broadway play that portrayed our country's founding fathers as people of color singing their way thru the process of creating a nation. Theatregoers presumably had being entertained on their minds and not so much a search for reality.

pittland44 : Does anyone seriously give a damn that the Dunphys house or Monicas apartment is maybe a little too big? Also, I find their claim that TV doesn't showcase the lives of working class people to be highly offensive and shows exactly how little the people at MTV actually pay attention to real life. Off the top of my head there's Roseanne, Married With Children, Grace Under Fire, All in the Family, Alice, Laverne and Shirley (which is still funny), Good Times, The Wonder Years, The PJ's, The Simpsons, Blossom, George Lopez (who I hate but whatever), King of Queens, The Middle, One Day at a Time, Taxi, Raising Hope, Who's The Boss?, The Honey Mooners and my personal favorite Robot Chicken (and yes, I'm being facetious on that last one). I'm sure there's a bunch more that I'm forgetting but you get the point. Also, none of this is new, this phenomenon goes back to the dawn of television with the aforementioned Honeymooners, I love Lucy and The Andy Griffith Show (which always makes me think of my Grandma) being great examples of TV shows showcasing the ups and downs of average, working class people.

TAPriceCTR : Funny they'd complain about a lack of working class when the left killed Roseanne.

Boot to Bonnet : Stop attacking the people if you want to be taken seriously

Andrew Thompson : The cast of MTV is a lot richer than me so they can go stick their social justice grubby little mouths where the sun don't shine.

VolimBalkan : Bro.. this is my new favourite channel. I have no idea how you don’t have more subscribers and views. Keep up the awesome work, you’ll make it big soon enough!

Evan Polk : The cast of rogue one has a great amount of diversity you cant expect 13% of the population to be represented 50% of the time. I know she is talking about more than just African american diversity, but still it is called a minority for a reason.

Andrey Mark : Great research collection, man! You need to make better titles, I think, to get more views. It would be interesting to know these facts also just for the fans of the movies so they can come by.

John Glue : Hahaha working class struggle as shown in The Walking Dead . Very clever .

asheriko26 : Man oh man you are good.

The Atticus Finch : Thank u

True ænders : 👍

Ajst1987 : Lol why make videos on channels you hate? 😂

Veronica Lala : Hilarious!

Road Pickle : Dude, I couldn't love you more than I do right now! Hit the nail on the head! And I dig how you rag on the MTV personalities 🤣🤣 - Sash

Sandy DiVa : I love how you break down the argument instead of just react to the sheer stupidity that MTV loves to pump out to the masses! We may disagree on a few things but, for the most part, we see eye to eye on key issues. I can't believe it took me this long to find your channel. You definitely deserve way more subs!

preachaman2005 : Does anyone see the obsurdity of complaining about TV shows when their parents and grandparents worked hard enough to make a life for them that they could afford to waste time watching TV instead of working just to be able to get by?

sachyktothea : LOL i laughed when you said "Nice research... GABE!!" ... P.s - Thanks for making me realize that I may have a receding hairline -_-...TRIGEEEERRDDD! :P .