Drill Sergeant Recruits Soldiers!

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Conway : how did you get PT treatment???? xD

soundslikepizza : Hope you guys liked the video, because I know for a fact that the video likes you!

Kristy perez : I saw this on FB had to find more ty I need more

Megan Hunter : "ok, NEEEEEERRRRDDDDDD"

CL Roach : My chest hurt so much laughing at this omygod

Don Raggo : absolutely amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!! was pissing myself all the way through ! :D

Robert J. : Omg I'm crying bruh that was too funny

bobby holesa : How can u find the sergant ber der dir

Ryhab Whit : Probably the funniest thing i've ever seen on Youtube

Liam Davis : Saw this on Facebook, so glad I did!

richard oconnor : This video made my day

john martinez-valentin : that was funny as hell XD

TIffany Scantling : Lmao you need to play PUBG on pc.

Kirk Varnadore : Army Strong

RMC Entertainment : This is amazing!

Pali Messi : ou senor can you fucking in the asshole ouu senor :D :D

adam hynes : Chocolate milk sounds like a real prick


christopher Ray : yo

Liger Zero : How does this video not have 30 million views. Sharing. So hilarious.

Christine Lestician : Omg your videos are thr fucking best. 😂😂😂

Christopher steffy : Imagine a youtuber named azzers joined that will be funny as he'll 👌😂😂

PoetiC SkillZ : That was seriously hilarious, "I ASKED Y'ALL A QUESTION!" Couldn't help but burst out laughing at my desk.

William Smith : Sounds like Trevor

Kellie C Leger : I Know Im 1 Year Late But How Did You Do It!! If I Were In That Lobby I Wouldve Seriously Fucking Die 😂😂😂😂

scott steier : Hands down these best gta video ive ever seem

Shade B. : So fucking hilarious

Scott Major : "We have an emergency eeject by chocolate milk!" - omg I lost it LOL!!!

Haniff Dew : This is the best hahhahhahahh

Xyd Xyd : This voice was the best version of the drill Sargent!

Samantha Draper : I just love this guy. I watch this video like everyday atm. When's the next video

superchopper 1996 : never laughed so fucking hard in my life.

Jimmy Jahn : Who is voicing the sergeant?

Brittney McClusky : This shits hilarious I've seen it so many times still funny af

Eskimo : This is all over Facebook

Chris Martinez : This video will never get old lmao

bladeshifter16 : You know it's gonna be good when the first thing you hear is "HOLY SHIT I HAD A FUCKING STROKE JUST THEN!!"

justin k : 666k views.

Dorian Paul : "I almost shot you down right in your head you dumb ass bitch" lmao:D

DisturbeDx : best one !

AUSTINS AIRSOFT : Absolutely stellar.

caitlin paget : I'm dying of laughter! I saw someone share this on Facebook so i thought i'd check it out. Well worth it!

Windex : fucking suicidal Army Rangers


Dimaren : Dude I crying right now you just earn yourself a subscriber.

Daniel Gould : I laughed so hard I farted and it surprised me so much I pissed myself. Absolutely out fucking goddamn standing!

Deizel the real Deadpool : hey bro whats ur psn name so i can add u lol

San Holo : "is that what we're gonna do gentlemen?!oh gentlemen and ladies.. fuckin bitches" pure gold

Ayman Ali : I watch this everyday more than 20 times I love you man

Marius Møller : Do you play PS4 as well?