Drill Sergeant Recruits Soldiers!

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soundslikepizza : Hope you guys liked the video, because I know for a fact that the video likes you!

Offxcial Josh : My ribs hurting right now lol

Conway : how did you get PT treatment???? xD

Alex Ir. : I've just binge watched all of your drill sergeant videos and this one is the best. You should make a "Recruiting Soldiers" series and make em do stuff like pararades and exercises.

TheGamingBoy : He should be in South Park he's a good fit Edit:thanks for the likes

Bill Melater : I just lost it at: "I asked y'all a question!"

Jibbles Giblets : 3:49 "everyone get in we're goin to the highest altitude and jermpina derka derk, *GET IN*"

The Firehawk : I laughed so hard my skeleton was ejected from my body

DylanB00736 : he said fuck 11 times and fucking 38 times motherfucker 8 and fucked 1time and yes I counted it lol

Ong Xu Wei : Just found this channel. Note to self- Dont watch while eating

ShishiR : "What were you?? Born in 80's Motherf****r"" HAHAHA Literally Best Video on YouTube

Eric Forman : I laughed so hard . the drill sergeant series are the BEST !!!!

dat boy LIT : I pissed myself at 3:00

Imnotagodbutsomethingsymilar : Don`t run into the fucking propeller ooooooh you just fucking did it. I think this video of drill sergeant is the best.

Mike Schunko : love you bro awesome videos please reply lol

madworldfan123 : To be honest, I was almost convinced that you really were a drill sergeant.

DeVante Stevenson : "okie dokie gentlemen, are we all here and ready to fuckin go??" *silence* "I ASKED YOU ALL A QUESTION!!" You are awesome...ridiculously funny 😂😂 I absolutely lost it at that part. you have gained a new subscriber for sure. Keep up the good work

y0 Im Mike : I lost my shit when the other plane crashed into him

curtis tyler : I pray that one day I will find a lobby with someone like this lmao

Kristy perez : I saw this on FB had to find more ty I need more

Johnny Modz : Best part 2:30 (fire truck)

Generic Username : GET ABORTED MOTHERFUCKER Lost it


ShootingStarAJM : 4:44 how to describe anxiety and stress to someone who doesn't understand it

Megan Escalante : "ok, NEEEEEERRRRDDDDDD"

SikeNaw Gaming : 4:45 oh shit!! My stomach hurt lmaooooo!! XD

Taylor Warren : You are the funniest person in the world

Gerardo Miranda : Why can't SAO have a character like this? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jacob Espinoza : i never laughed soo hard in my fucking life

Devyn lich00 : someone get this man to a million subs

Joel Vanegas : that was more funny than i thought it was going to be😂😂

Jowinters 28 : I have penis treatment, have you!

Tommygunengineer : We're going all the way to the GROUND. Drop your parachutes...everyone press 'Y'...!

Kid In Africa : I died at 0:17 and 1:51.. also, that guys laugh always fucking gets me 😂😂😂

Andy Martinez : its funny when you said the mexican guy joke

Jesse Martinez : This dude was having hard time keeping in character and stop himself from laughing through out the video

Bree anna : I'm crying. XD

Latingunner : u won a sub here im in tears X'D

Ms zSwazy : Saw your videos on Facebook. HILARIOUS. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jaccablee 04 : when he has heart attacks I laugh so hard

Abdullahi Omar : WHO is still watching 2018??

chris gibbs : This had me in tears 😂😂😂

Lythnic : I haven't laugh so much in year, that was awesome! xD

AyeselTPW : This absolutely cracked me up xD

Cody Schieber : over 7k likes and 33 dislikes? dude you know that's quality shit when your outcome looks like that. that's unheard of. good stuff.

Zander Smith : 😂😂😂

YTBrothers : I can't stop laughing 😂

TitanicCLub517 : ohhh senior you tried to fuck meh in da asshol ohh senior

Certified Champ : upoaded 2 minutes ago? let me think of a joke. . . . . this shit is overused

Numanoid Jeff : Absolutely hilarious 😂 Anyone know the guy who's doing the drill sergeant, would be great if I could join his lobby one day? 😊