Gettin' Rowdy Y'all in Greer, South Carolina

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Donut Operator : woooo hoooo

MGman70 : As a resident that's 100 on point

Act 3 : If you live in greer and haven’t gotten kicked out of that Walmart you’re doing something wrong

Tyffani Roberts : Omg y esss! I live here and it's so weird seeing a small town on YouTube haha

Vernesha Britt : Living in Greer and watching this is weird

Nicholas Smokes : Aye he was at cannons restaurant I live in Greer and why you at chandler creek

MackD247 : LOL i live in duncan this is hilarious

Airsoft Nation : Who lives in Greer and goes to RHS or RMS bc i doooooooo😂 "grrrrr"

SC SPUR : You forgot to go to Cannon's fishing lake. Lol. Nice video

Elyse Clardy : Woah boy, do I love where I live

Nick eh 40 : I live in Greer South Carolina

Jen Pruitt : Omg I live in greer

Forrest Hunter : You're in Grrrr? I'm in Grrrr? I'm from CT, and I can't say enough goods things about Grrr! I've never felt so at home before.

Barry Brown : Pretty hilarious - I live not even half a mile from Lake Cunningham. You left it and Lake Robinson out? Man, you'll have to do another tour! Go Greer!

Samantha G : I love your personality!! It's nice to see Greer on YouTube with a little comedy in the mix!

Varner Motorsports : I love Greer lol

Tamacia Ellis : Omgggg!!! This is so trippy! SC born and raised 😅

Caleb Smith : I live in Greenville go to school in Greer love this

Kel Wright : Makin Greer look bad

Nicolas Zamarron : I live their

Airsoft Nation : oh lord....i live here

Hanging Out With Keishun : I also live in greer sc

Brady Long : I very close to Greer I live in blue ridge

sdocb : Bruh your the greatest thing on the worldwide internets! I was rolling the whole time! I would love to see you do videos about the town of Pickens, Clemson, Easley... Pickens county!

Forrest Hunter : More Greer tours!

Sherylyn S : Greer's got 3 Bojangles, not just 2. The one on 29, Hammett Bridge and Buncomb, and Highway 101 near 85

Caden Ponder : I’ve been kicked out of that Walmart so many times

AA14/MoshDuck : You forgot the Bilo near the bingo places!!!

Gerard Way : I agree with this 100%. I’m from Grr. And I love it

Thefriendly nerd : I have been every single he was in this video proud to be raised here

Overwatch Savage : Right next to the Walmart was a GameStop and shoe store

Billy Roddy : Your video is Hilarious :) from Tennessee And Donut Operator

Manny Tujab : I know where that is im 15 minutes away there bro

Beautifed XD : I work at that McDonald's next to hotspot 😆

ohmyangie : omgg i saw soo many places i recognized omgggggghehdshd

Isaiah Styles : Hey I live in Greer South Carolina too

Ford MoCo : Do more of these dude.

Darth GamingYT : You were like right by my school

garden gravel : This was recommended to me I assume bc I live in Greer and I’m happy I clicked on it. So weird to see our little town highlighted

Gabz Chase : Omg I live on greenville. This made me laugh so hard. 😂

Carrson Bothne : Woooo hoooo

Sabrina Hess : I live in Greenville and this made me laugh

BenShaDank : I saw you!

William Wakefield : Appalache up in this muffk! I don't like Japanese cars either. They should go back to china where they belong

Elizabeth Alvarez : Good video joey..i live in ooh greer 😊.my bad ✌

plush furr : Sorry sorry he wuz n there. Dodge Challenger. I hollered 😂😂😂😂😂😂

plush furr : They both cheap. Gottem😂😂😂😂

theempathicnihilist : Sad I can't like this twise


Rebel Shaw : Do Taylors if you can find the downtown😂