Cloning a Blue Coin Productively

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Jeremy Zorek : Once again, +pannenkeok2012, you've made the impossible possible. ;D

Skelpolu : 0:33 I could swear you cheeky bastard timed these jumps just to match the rhythmic pattern of the bass-guitar in the soundtrack. If you didn't do that on purpose, then my god, one in a million.

VεrτεX MK : Back to your coin cloning roots, I see?

Tarik Denbow : Is it weird that while watching this video, the recommended videos are all about satanic illuminati new world order cloning?

Trombone Solo : so does this give other courses the potential for infinite coins?

GioCk : Well, that escaleted quickly.

Joseph Joestar : [✔] Got both a blue coin clone and the original [✘] Killed the impossible goomba

Mister Skeltal : 0:33 nice music sync

Crly Fryz : 0:02 What??

Bivi role : pannenkeok2012 can you make a playlist with all the tutorial you made?

Benedani but cringy version : How about red coins? It'll be interesting to see what happens when you collec the 9th red coin.

RenzoFlame : I understood nothing. Great video, I guess

RatboyChase : when i watched this video it had exactly 200 likes.

XxCrazysZz12 : GREAT! Now do it 0x A presses.

Graymon Dgt : not a pannenkoek video with a breakdance or two.

Catsio : in soviet russia, blue coin clone you


Donnell Dunlap : you spam the heck out of pause button 1:06

TheSeptet : I'm glad you finally figured out how to do this~

Cyclone : Can you clone stars?

Hello! : Everything Pannen says is always philosophical.

Flame the Pyrohog : 30 coins worth of blue coins Ends with 35

GarketMardener : lmoa

Superdavo0001 : Could this increase the maximum possible coin score (as in the one within the level, that can reach 999) on any levels?

Christopher Jenista : Is there a forum or something where you guys discuss these tricks, etc? I'd love to read through it...

Romaji : so does this mean that there are more places you can get 999 coins now?

Kyle Stewart : I guess it's not the easiest way but it's still possible

Lateralusticus : Really nice video thumbnail by the way

Muumi Pelaa : so you can copy these more than 1 time if you keep going to the downtown

ahbeef : nice dude, im glad you figured out a way to do this!

YTSunny : I totally understood what I just saw.

RandomPerson964 : When I saw the video title I just about crapped my pants. Just last night I was taking a look back at some of your older videos including the blue coin cloning one. It's a shame that it's slower than cloning coin spawners. Although, maybe it could be optimized enough to make it faster? For example, is there a reason you need to use the Top 'O the Town star block to move hands-free? Couldn't the other block you pass anyway do the same thing?

Scarlas : Was that "limbo world" in the older video a PU? It seems strange because your position variables do change in PUs. The one thing I can think of is that your position variables may have been infinity (a special floating point value in many systems).

Sachichi : Well dang... But I don't think all that time for five coins would be worth in a speedrun

Sizik : Cool! Are you going to make a koek video about this?

Flash Gaming : This is why I'm subscribed

NotchMath : Am I right in that the going up to the coin block was to summon the number so as to clone the blue coin?

Jamal Mian : Excellent.