Are we living in a SIMULATION ?

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Happy Sappy Monkey Man : I feel if you keep doing this channel you'll finally become famous.

Unruly Cadaver : Brilliant. I'm not sure if you thought those things just because I subconsciously projected them into your brain but I like the way you think.

Five Nines At Fridays : this i great content

Oumshka : Just got here from criticals streams

Shove a Ham Productions : IF MUSK IS REAL

Lysmatic Studios : Your my favorite unknown channel lol. Its so much better and well crafted and funnier than most of what other big youtubers do lol


K C : Make more. It's great.

Antonio Prola : This is so good dude

RevFury FoxFive : What the hell?!! When did this channel exist?!

Xenophlin : PEACE AMONG WORLDS!!!!

milton1194 : Solid advice.

punkalert1 : I need more stimulation in this simulation!

Selrisitai : . . . I have that same necklace.

Jared Meme : yes

Brian Davis : Spawn more Overlords.

boffobig : Muskromancer. Haan..?