When I Make a Good Pun | bdg
Found this after looking through the shingle jingle guys videos

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Zapsi : I think my favourite part of this video is that you're literally right next to my old therapist's office so it's the best place for you to have your pun embraced breakdown

Favorite Child : "iona lot of emotional baggage" !!!!!

GZ : Iona-stly did not expect that last pun...

Nelly : *Claps unsarcastically* I love ya man. Marry me

Nicolas K : WAIT, YOU'RE THE GREATEST COMEBACK GUY o: for real though, I just checked out your other vids and they're amazing. Subbed.

Cathy Swinton : Oh my god I found Brian through polygon but I LITERALLY grew up on that street. Not just another Iona Street in a different city, THAT Iona Street in Edinburgh

Morgan Lemons : Relatable Brian...relatable

Sophie Ryan : your channel is punderappreciated

c l a r i s s a : You are a blessing to my subscription box

JoaquizzleTwizzle : Oh my god this is... this is perfect.

Iona Lynch : As a member of the Iona community I bow my head in sorrow as a mark of respect for all of us in the community who have spent our life's hearing this over and over again

Rohan Ramdin : this is legendary

glittabones : Papa Bless.

Rougefox14 : Came from imgur, but I just have to comment on how addicting your smile is. I can't help but to smile along with you whenever you do. (:

The Prince Of Puppyvil : NO WAY YOU’RE IN EDINBURGH

Bartman : Classic Gilbert.

SpoilThatSong : The world can never have enough puns. Never enough.

Ligm : I actually liked this so much

Ethan Morgan : You said a bad word. What an edge lord you're becoming.

Neon Green : *when you know deep down inside he's not gonna respond to this.*

iona : 0:06 I was shook (look at my name)

Iona Stevenson : My name's iona 😂😂

Afternoon In The Nine : having my name (iona) used in this context is both hilarious and desperately sad. bless him

Anonymous Dinosaur : Brian Gilbert, thank you for saving my life

David Woo : Was not expecting that. Brilliant timing AND delivery. ❤❤❤❤

MaseTube : I'm ready, depression! -SpongeBob SquarePants , the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

Jacob Jester : Glad he's back to this stuff

Elyssa Williford : the twist at the end was so legitimately unexpected! I am OVERJOYED by this video, thank you!

Philip Eames : This is in Edinburgh! Must have been lost if he ended up in Leith...

Ramisa Maliath : Me: sees a 25secs video of a guy Me: falls in love '*-*

Ria : It was so bad that it was good 😂😂😂

Jeremy Rentsch : Subbed for sure. Quality content. XD

Hwa In : You're the new face of my lonely heart, david

lairx : didn't get it... had to replay it... facepalm xD

João Léste : I think I'm in love with you

Juan Davis : Seems like you need a trip to Sweden.

NoobMaster69 Brian David Gilbert Fan Account : Golly, I love you.

Humane Garbage : I remember seeing this years ago before I knew bdg, and now I'm a huge bdg fan and this bears new meaning

Ultra Crap : That second one really got me XD

Hiyori : came here from 9gag. Heard british accent. Subbed.

Logan McNay : edgy lill boy now what are you idubbbz

Boxie : amazing, simply amazing.

hazel singzon : brilliant.

Dingle : hahahaha he's at it again lol yesssss

Mateusz Parus : Finaly some new video! :) I like better this kind of your videos than 'bri and jo trying show' series

BTS and NCT Trash [Yuta's Smile] : i found you because of memes....now I watch you because of memes. thank you.

Eric Lance : Bri and Jo Season 2!

Lauren maycomebacksomeday : thank Willoughby for this man. never stop blessing us with your videos.

SirNathanFox : another classic