When I Make a Good Pun

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brian david gilbert : dang it youtube stop making my dumbest videos popular

Gus Johnson : Well memed, sir.

Nikophos : WAIT, YOU'RE THE GREATEST COMEBACK GUY o: for real though, I just checked out your other vids and they're amazing. Subbed.

Morgan Lemons : Relatable Brian...relatable

Nelly : *Claps unsarcastically* I love ya man. Marry me

Favorite Child : "iona lot of emotional baggage" !!!!!

Rohan Ramdin : this is legendary

c l a r i s s a : You are a blessing to my subscription box

Bartman : Classic Gilbert.

Neon Green : *when you know deep down inside he's not gonna respond to this.*

Sophie Ryan : your channel is punderappreciated

Ethan Morgan : You said a bad word. What an edge lord you're becoming.

SpoilThatSong : The world can never have enough puns. Never enough.

Ligm : I actually liked this so much

Rougefox14 : Came from imgur, but I just have to comment on how addicting your smile is. I can't help but to smile along with you whenever you do. (:

GZ : Iona-stly did not expect that last pun...

Jacob Jester : Glad he's back to this stuff

hazel singzon : brilliant.

glittabones : Papa Bless.

Linnamonroll : I love your videos

YUNG CHERRY : Legend says if I'm early enough he will respond

Ria : It was so bad that it was good 😂😂😂

Slade Wilson : who else is here from reddit?

Miss Mystery : You are going to fit in so well over at Polgyon

Iona Stevenson : My name's iona 😂😂

Juan Davis : Seems like you need a trip to Sweden.

iona : 0:06 I was shook (look at my name)

The Prince Of Puppyvil : NO WAY YOU’RE IN EDINBURGH

and Peggy : you okay?

Dingle : hahahaha he's at it again lol yesssss

MyFireVideos : the swears ruin your perfect humor.

Mateusz Parus : Finaly some new video! :) I like better this kind of your videos than 'bri and jo trying show' series

Afternoon In The Nine : having my name (iona) used in this context is both hilarious and desperately sad. bless him

Boxie : amazing, simply amazing.

SirNathanFox : another classic

Rohan Chaudhry : imgur brought me here!

Prison Mike : Hodor

Drita : love your short videos!!

J.R. B. : Good storyline, shitty puns, good acting, reddit will gobble it up.


JoaquizzleTwizzle : Oh my god this is... this is perfect.

Mario Reitermayr : Meme?😮😅

SixteenTheAnimator : :')


BlueSword : *_it's free real estate._*

mikerms12 : I am clearly late to the party. but this video is a treasure.

Some Person on the internet : Ha

Majestic Potato : omg...

Larisa Theory Zeus : Oh, hello!

Ezellohar Valmar : Omg 😂