Folgers Incest Commercial - Extended Cut
Its almost that time of year again and this always cracks me up Folgers Incest Commercial

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We Found the Rest of the Folgers Creepy Brother and Sister Commercial SUBSCRIBE to Comedy Central Originals: LATEST from Above Average Playlist: Cast & Credits CAST: Brother: James Coker Sister: Morgan Miller Mom: Molly Lloyd Dad: Ben Jaeger Thomas CREW: Concept: Dan Chamberlain and Joanna Bradley Executive Producer - Jennifer Danielson Writer: Glenn Boozan Director: Tim Bierbaum Producer: Kelly Harper Production Coordinator: Louis Caggiano DP: Tyler Ribble AC: JT Schindler Gaffer/Grip: Sean Li Sound: Catherine Hood HMU: Liz Coakley PA: Benjamin Baldwin Intern: Michael Rodriguez Editor: Brandon Hauer Assistant Editor: Kayla Gibson ====


The Goodest Boy : genuinely couldn't tell the actors were different when it switched to the fake commercial. very good work here

A Florida Son : I have an ugly sister, so I drink Maxwell House.

the Iron wolverine : *ALABAMA intensifies*

Jesser Peralter : Idk what’s funnier. The parody or the fact that some people don’t realize that this is fake and are freaking out over it. Well done above average 😂😂😂

Vincezilla : I wonder what kinda “creamer” she puts in her coffee?

VictorKane115 : The amount of detail in recreating the commercial's scene is absolutely fantastic.

Cole Halford : I was not expecting the ring. 🤣 Totally lost it. I was expecting condoms. Thank you

ExDee : This is it. The video that made me lose no nut november.

Spidey Fist : Folgers. A family affair.

Edmond Morrow : Sweet home Alabama

Kaluriel : mind blown, didn't even realise the first half was the actual advert

The2KXperience : I have never been so confusedly erect in my entire life.

Saboteur4 : PornHub's production quality is getting real.

James Osborne : I love that corporations are finally tackling the important issues. Well done Folgers. Maybe my mom and I will be able to bring our relationship out into the light of day soon.

Joe Smith : 1:58 I just wanna F my brother! 😂

47 : This should be a superbowl commercial

Luster TJ : Onii-chan!

Blood King Vittorio : Incest is the best if you have foldgers in your cup. 😂

sexobscura : *AT LAST ---- an HONEST commercial*

BardicLiving : "We sent you to West Africa for a reason, Ryan." Ha, great.

Snowme : Parents just don’t understand

Trey Styles : Cersei has entered the chat..

Justin Mill : This is 24k pure gold

Eric Trollston : Who else actually thought this was real at first lol

Tyrant Gregcag : For about 2 seconds, I thought the parents’ reaction was still part of the original commercial lol.

Sean Dasenbrock : Why does the dad attack the son? They are both involved.

vcom741 : There are people who believe this is a real commercial in the comments below...XD

Winter Fawn : Lmao 😂... I almost choked on my Columbian roast .🥴🤭😂🤣

shawnsin666 : I watched this like 5 times and realized that it wasn't the actual actors from the beginning

a man of culture : God that's the smoothest transition ive ever seen

CHAL KIE : Bratty Sis 🍆🌋

tokenxl1 : Well that went south

Humam Slayer : When the mom cried at the end 😂😂😂

DarkEmerald1990 : Are these the actual actors in the original commercial??? They look exactly the same. If not, amazing attention to detail. Bravo.

Pepe Müller : Look, we have so much in commen - *HA* _Sweet Home Alabama_ 1:32

jeff card1A : makes me wish i had a sister

Brian Dominguez : Dude I didn’t even realize they switched up the actors half way till after watching the original and this video for a second time 😂

Mark D : "I'm your son and I'm in love with your daughter" That's hysterical!

Tariq Hudson : At first I was really confused and didn't even realise the actors changed lol

Peter Gerling : I never get tired of watching that skit... freaking hilarious!

Joshua Korynta : 1:54 No one: Random girl from Alabama:

Rusty Shackleford : My god Not gonna lie, didn't expect the ring, thought so....oh god the commercial got worse

GohModley : Who else was expecting a butt plug to be in that box? Yeah me neither😐

The_Weewoo_Man : *SWEET HOME ALABAMA!*

Hockey Galaxy : Fucking hilarious 😂 has to be the best I’ve seen in awhile. Thanks for the laugh!!!!

TheFreePantheist : Damn I wish my family was that close, ima start drinking coffee. Thanks folgers!

TheLM281 : Coming to theaters this Holiday season is "Christmas With The Lannisters"!

Philosophical Thots : I’d never seen this ad before and I thought this was real

Rae-nbow : The best part of waking up is incest in your cup~ This is an amazing parody oh my god