Folgers Incest Commercial - Extended Cut

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Above Average : We found the rest of the Christmas classic "It's A Wonderful Life," too :

Tyrant Gregcag : For about 2 seconds, I thought the parents’ reaction was still part of the original commercial lol.

Zoe Goodall : The parents woke up because they smelled the incest

Jesser Peralter : Idk what’s funnier. The parody or the fact that some people don’t realize that this is fake and are freaking out over it. Well done above average 😂😂😂

Vincezilla : I wonder what kinda “creamer” she puts in her coffee?

Snowme : Parents just don’t understand

Imperialx Warlord : House targaryen approves of this message

ExDee : This is it. The video that made me lose no nut november.

the Iron wolverine : *ALABAMA intensifies*

N7Smoke27 : The worst part of waking up, is incest in your house.

Cole Halford : I was not expecting the ring. 🤣 Totally lost it. I was expecting condoms. Thank you

Boomer ં : I’d never seen this ad before and I thought this was real

jeff card1A : makes me wish i had a sister

Joshua Walker : THAT! was funny. Feels like an old College Humor video; you know before they became infected by the SJW virus.

The2KXperience : I have never been so confusedly erect in my entire life.

Spidey Fist : Folgers. A family affair.

Destrate : Lmao that's what I was thinking when this commercial was airing. 😆

Raziel Melchizedek : Incest is the best if you have foldgers in your cup. 😂

Luster TJ : Onii-chan!

sexobscura : *AT LAST ---- an HONEST commercial*

Edmond Morrow : Sweet home Alabama

VictorKane115 : The amount of detail in recreating the commercial's scene is absolutely fantastic.

Dennis The Menace : Soo incest smell like coffee uh... Delicious 😋😂

DarkEmerald1990 : Are these the actual actors in the original commercial??? They look exactly the same. If not, amazing attention to detail. Bravo.

James Osborne : I love that corporations are finally tackling the important issues. Well done Folgers. Maybe my mom and I will be able to bring our relationship out into the light of day soon.

Jose Cortez : Still waiting for the lost NTR version where it turns out Emily has been fucking their cousin this entire time while Ryan's been in West Africa.

Nini N. : they got down to every detail! i can't stop laughing at this! xD so wrong but hilarious. this commercial creeped me out too

Joe Smith : 1:58 I just wanna F my brother! 😂

Justin Mill : This is 24k pure gold

Reaper : For the people that keep saying: I bet these idiots still can't figure out that this is fake... Doesn't that make you the bigger idiot for thinking people actually thought this was real?

tokenxl1 : Well that went south

TimeandMonotony : Okay YT, I watched it. Happy now? Actually, it was really hilarious. The original commercial is a classic for a reason, and this parody was just perfect. 😂

vcom741 : There are people who believe this is a real commercial in the comments below...XD

Winter Fawn : Lmao 😂... I almost choked on my Columbian roast .🥴🤭😂🤣

Jackets : The parents were angry that they were excluded

shawnsin666 : I watched this like 5 times and realized that it wasn't the actual actors from the beginning

TheCaliMack : And I quote, *"I JUST WANT TO F?!K MY BROTHER!"*

Dan Miller : Oh my damn. That was well done. Too funny.

CHAL KIE : Bratty Sis 🍆🌋

Mann Carter : Well...wasn't the world populated from incest?...ijs...LMAO!

Frank Haymer : My Johnson started to rise

Jesus Christ : lol, incest is funny!

Kali Takumi : At first I was really confused and didn't even realise the actors changed lol

Ttime : I bet even this fake ad has helped Folgers make more sales than Gillette

Trey Styles : Cersei has entered the chat..

47 : This should be a superbowl commercial

ShowYaFriends : WOAH! I didn’t even notice the beginning was real the first time!!

Robert Verzola : Soon to be the next protected class with rights.

Jartyom : I’m ok with incest (not sarcasm)

Henry Smith : This is so funny.