Folgers Incest Commercial - Extended Cut

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Above Average : We found the rest of the Christmas classic "It's A Wonderful Life," too :

Tyrant Gregcag : I thought the parents’ reaction was still part of the original commercial lol.

Jesser Peralter : Idk what’s funnier. The parody or the fact that some people don’t realize that this is fake and are freaking out over it. Well done above average 😂😂😂

Daniel Mc Dowell : This commercial is so wrong on so many levels. First, the father should be proud of his son for loving his sister. Second, we here in West Virginia prefer Maxwell House Coffee.


constant awareness : The actual commercial was very strange

Boomer ં : I’d never seen this ad before and I thought this was real

Sockamine : Weird for a commercial But just another day at Pronhub

Hot Take, Babe : The 1.9k dislikes are Folgers employees

Woodsman Whitesmith : i am from Arkansas , i drink Folgers every morning , and my sister ? well she's good to the last drop !

pupper kun : Every kiss begins with K

Imperialx Warlord : House targaryen approves of this message

Sabrinita Life : Leftist must embrace this or risk being call incestphobic.

meowbluekitty : Her real Christmas gift was a blood diamond

Keith Heddleston Jr. : Incest is the best if you have foldgers in your cup. 😂

Eva Gloria Anthony : i have never gagged so hard in my life

VictorKane115 : The amount of detail in recreating the commercial's scene is absolutely fantastic.

Madhur Thucker : Wtf😫🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤬

bpoon2k2 : Anybody else thought the box contained a sex toy?

Kris Shaw : Was this actually incest or are we just reading into this wrong?? Any comments?

KaylaAu79 : Wtf is going onnnnnnnnnn 😂

Destrate : Lmao that's what I was thinking when this commercial was airing. 😆

Hl A : That is a Very "close" family, a little too close. haha

youchris67 : I don't know. I found this kind of arousing. "Chicka' Chicka' Bow Wow..."

Tomato Boi : Well,incest is wincest. Lmao

sexobscura : *AT LAST ---- an HONEST commercial*

Nini N. : they got down to every detail! i can't stop laughing at this! xD so wrong but hilarious. this commercial creeped me out too

ho h : News reporting training video for CNN and MSNBC.

jeff card1A : makes me wish i had a sister

jbhme : That might be the funniest shit I've ever seen...

pretty money : 😂😂😂 I died once they kissed 😂

Jesus Christ : lol, incest is funny!

kickinbackinOC : Sure, its a parody, I get it. And sure, the original commercial was so freeking cringy, you just gotta laugh. But this "extended cut" isn't really funny, because it transcends parody and dramatizes incest in a graphic, sick way. The more you air things like this, the more desensitized people will become, until its finally considered "no big deal". There's an admitted pedophile running for Congress, and no one shoots him. Purveyors of such crap here are just pushing humanity over the edge.

Mann Carter : Well...wasn't the world populated from incest?...ijs...LMAO!

gregshock : That was creepy as hell...

Majira Red : The best part of waking up isn't folgers in your cup, it's knowing chuck Norris didn't kill you in your sleep.

TheCaliMack : And I quote, *"I JUST WANT TO F?!K MY BROTHER!"*

QuillsWay ASMR : Wow..... I’m sipping on Folgers as we speak 🤒

Harper my girl : This is the most RIDICULOUS thing I ever saw in my life. Shame on Folgers. I'm not buying anymore Folgers. They can stick all their coffee they know very well where.

Son of a BITCH ! ! : Ha ha ha! It's still okay to bang your first cousin outside the states though right?

Jamo The Great : Lololololol!!! He wants to fill her up with folger in her cup.

drcadillac : It would be awesome if this was aired on livetv, especially on the 25th.

Jemster : My whole family drinks Folgers and this made our breakfast mornings very uncomfortable. Thanks Above Average.

Onyx1916 : Someone actually thought this was a good idea...?

Frank Haymer : My Johnson started to rise

ellen knell : Only a perverted mind and sick SOB would do a video like this.

TimeandMonotony : Okay YT, I watched it. Happy now? Actually, it was really hilarious. The original commercial is a classic for a reason, and this parody was just perfect. 😂

LIQUID SNAKE : Incest is becoming norm in west. Disgusting people

MagicianFlip69 : Lmfao this is so wrong in so many levels.

Scott McIntosh : I'm not a coffee drinker. I prefer tea or hot chocolate ☕🍵