What Koreans Think of Marijuana (T.O.P scandal) | ASIAN BOSS

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Asian Boss : It's been a while, everybody! We've been busy trying to expand our coverage into various parts of Asia and while it's certainly taking longer than expected, we've got some interesting videos coming out soon so stay tuned. Any questions, just reach out to us via our Facebook page or here: www.youtube.com/asianboss/community

bano363 : They should visit Amsterdam hah

jatdaman : 10 years for weed?! lmao 😂😂😂

baepsaegg : Care to explain the following please. Okay so I've seen a lot of these Korean interviews on drug use, LGBT, western fashion trends etc.. and the Koreans getting interviewed always say things like. "It will take years for Koreans to accept it." "The Korean society is not ready." "Koreans are close minded" "in Korea you can't do that" "in Korea you will get judge" etc.. well I mean for the most part they interview young adults and adults in general.... what's holding them back. They are the "Korean society", what is it that they are so afraid of? These people could literally be the ones that change the perspective of the rest. Who or what are they referring to when they say "Koreans are not ready" please care to explain, thanks :)

WaegukinKorea 외국인코리아 : I am guessing If Koreans, who have stayed overseas for a while, are asked same questions, the answers would be totally different..

Sir Klug von Scheiß : Up to 10 years in prison for smoking marijuana ? That's insane.....

JenovaDoll : Looking at how much alcohol Koreans consume, judging someone who is smoking marijuana is being a hypocrite. Alcohol can be way more damaging than smoking weed

Sneha Debbarma : 10 years? I mean it is illegal in my country as well but life is hard and hectic. If it helps some people relax, no problem at all. I am a doctor and the intake has to be exceptionally high to cause any harm (like psychosis). But making TOP go through so much for a little thing as such is a tragic comedy. It must have done worse to his tendency to sink into depression.

Toshio O. : Alcohol is worse than marijuana, how many people dies every year for driving a car while drunk and how many people dies cause they did smoked marijuana ? This law is bullshit and hypocrite.

kirstenali_ HolyWater : well people smoke dat alot in my country

Kino : At 2:25 i literally face palmed. Just because something is illegal, does NOT mean it is bad. 50 years ago it was illegal for black people in America to drink from a water fountain. Imagine if a bunch of people back then being interviewed were like "Well since it's illegal he shouldn't have drank from that water fountain or sat in the front of the bus." That's how these idiots sound. Completely incapable of thinking for themselves and questioning the system. I'm disappointed in you Korea.

Just Fray : It seems that Asian people don't question authority

Saleha : It's fine if it's allowed in your country, but the laws are different in Korea

Melbourne : Don't half of you idiots don't get it? Its their country and their law. They can do and believe in whatever they want. Foreign opinion on what Korea 'should do' or 'alcohol is worst' is really irrelevant and stupid.

Lamb : I understand that the man broke the law, but a lot of people seem to be focussed more on him smoking weed than him breaking the law. Marijuana isn't bad for you, people. It's illegal because the government doesn't get a pay cut with the way things are now, not because it's "bad." Marijuana itself has a lot of medicinal benefits. I don't blame a lot of people for having the negative perspective they have because we've been forced to believe (myself included) that its bad for you. Growing up, you're told not to do marijuana because it's a "drug." Paracetamol is a drug. Cough syrup is a drug. Almost anything your doctor prescribes you with is a drug. Now, I'm not forcing anyone to try it themselves, but if you still don't believe me, you probably need a puff to find out for yourself.

kin kun : 10 years in prison for smoking weed is madness. It shows how much the media controls people's views on controversial topics

JP Pereira : Wowow.... guys! Ok, I know that the penalty for this stuff is extremely big and unfair in countries like Korea and Japan.. but Marijuana is not the awesome stuff that the Internet thinks it is.. Ok, alcohol is bad too and I agree! But I sense that a lot of people think that consuming marijuana whenever and however they want is totally fine and healthy. It is not. Consuming it more than once a week can bring you problems.

MidnightAshess : Marijuana is safer than alcohol. But if its illegal in your country.... Think twice before you do it there.

ROKMC Rec. : Since when was marijuana good for you lmao FYI marijuanna apart form medical purposes will inhibit certain regions in the brain such as the cerebellum etc, decrease long term cognitive function and have adverse side effects like depression etc

beefyturte : its funny how people forget caffeine and alcohol are drugs... Great video btw keep up the good work!

Lisa here : does korea promote individualism at all?? its like a hive. just obey n do as is expected. do not have an opinion. do not stand out. the ants go marching 2 by 2 hoorah hoorah

SH L : 이채널 보다보면 결국 서양관점에서 한국을 포함한 동양이 이상하다는 식으로 묘사하고 서구기준에 맞춰야 한다는식으로 유도해서 결론냄...질문도 다 그런식이고

EATGLUEGETSTRONG : Still not dumber than believing in fan death

Pinocchio Ash : It's not even a drug technically, considering that it's a natural weed. And it's safer than Alcohol. In India it's religious use make it a little difficult to entirely ban. Though what TOP had to go through was uncalled for. Considering the fact that he needed medical help for depression. :( Stay Strong TOP!

Elisa Risconti : I'm so surprised of reading the majority of the comments accepting the use of marijuana. I mean, it's a drug and substances that alter one's state of mind shouldn't be accepted and used.

kopxpert : Alcohol & Tobacco are way worse than marijuana. Think about it, if u allow alcohol & tobacco, why the hell is weed not allowed. Ppl in asian countries (generally speaking) need to be educated on that. In this day & age, ppl should know better. I don't expect asian countries (including my country) to completely legalize weed anytime soon but at this point, there has to be some level of leniency. In this sense, these countries have such backwards mentality imo. WEED ISN"T NECESSARILY A BAD THING. Plenty of scientific research to support this

Cedirc Cedric : People be like "THEY SHURD LEGALISE IT BECAUSE I DO IT AND ME ARE FINEEEE". Its not like they are missing out on something so bloody crucial. Its just a "luxury". Stay productive Korea!

제시카 : Its a bit disappointing that the Korean people don't question authority. Seems like they just conform to whatever the higher person tells them. They should learn how to think for themselves and question everything. They are just like sheep...

ye won : 아시안보스 영상 즐겨봤는데 이번 영상은 진짜 너무한것 같다.10년?알고나 말하시지.우리나라에서 대마초로 걸리면 초범들은 정부에서 하는 교육?그거 받으라고 하고 끝냄 실제로 다이어트약 했다가 거기에 마약이 들어있어서 걸린 사람이 직접 말해줌ㅋㅋ그리고 다른 서방국가에서 마약이 흔하면 뭐 마약안하는 동양국가들은 찐따처럼 몰아가네.쨋든 대마초가 마약은 마약이고 대마초가 허용되면 다른 마약들도 점점 느슨해지겠지 미국 길거리 지나다니면 청소년한테도 마약 냄새 폴폴나고 경찰들도 대놓고 마약해도 눈감아줌ㅋㅋ이걸 받아들이자고?걍 미친소리지. 님들이 만든 영상땜에 오히려 동양에 대한 편견이 더 심해질듯

valkaek : That's strange that Korea has such strict perspectives on it. Even that it causes hallucinations or is addictive. I grew up believing the same thing, it wasn't until I noticed as a teenager that everyone around me wanted to try it. And when they did, were fine. Then literature came out stating there were medicinal properties to it, and that started to change my mind. Now, I believe not so much that marijuana is good for you, but that the government shouldn't dictate what you do with your body even if it is self destructive.

付きが綺麗みちゃえんぐ : Marihuana, Alcoholic drinks, Cigarettes, all of these should be destroyed and be prohibited completely everywhere, that would for sure make the world a better place...

kamikazekoenful : "Its illegal so it must be bad"... come on people you are better than that. I like the way the presentors slowly make them realise this fact towards the end of the video. Not everything illegal is bad, and not everything legal is good. In many cases there have been political agenda's causing something to be illegal.

Thomas Middleton : Wow, someone care to explain why they view it so negatively?

Jayb Yorong : i tried marijuana. it must not be legalized. . it affects your normal thinking. youll be laughing like crazy, eating lots of food, very slow walking ( walking in moon in very slow motion), and have vampire red eyes. . lol

권새라 : Translation error !"저희가 지금 말리고 있는거같아요" means the interviewee feels like she is unintentionally persuaded by the interviewer's opinion, not means "I feel like we are totally defending the use of marijuana" !

강하영 : ....? 대마초를 펴서 좋은점은 뭔데요...? 술이랑 담배같은거라고 해도 술이랑 담배도 좋은건 아니잖아요ㅋㅋ 술로 인한 범죄도 얼마나 많은데ㄷㄷ 인터뷰하시는게 약간 사람들한테 대마초는 나쁜게 아니고 합법이 되야한다는 쪽으로 약간 압박유도하는 그런게 있는거 같은데ㅋㅋ 솔직히 몇몇이 숨어서 피는거는 완전 관심없고 무상관인데 그게 대중화되는건 반대. 왜...?왜 합법으로 해야되는데??

Tangerine Martini : As a S.Korean, I would say... WE DON'T CARE. Durg is not a big social problem in Korea. People here barely know about drugs and most of poeple have never seen drugs(which is non-treatment propose) in our entire life. Thats why Koreans really don't care about Marijuana is a illigal or not. cause it's not our problem...plus there is no place to buy that sort of things(maybe there would be... but again... most of us don't know)

John Smith : Even though it won't kill you, I still don't think it's a good idea. People who are high don't make good decisions, which can lead to all sorts of other problems. After a while of smoking it, people on it have short term memory problems and issues with pattern recognition. Even if it isn't physically addictive, it is still psychologically addictive, and what is psychological is still physiological. I know one guy who smokes, and that is where all of his money goes. At the end of the day, he doesn't seem very happy.

Hong Sooji : I am really surprised that there are so many narrow-sided people in here. The reason Korea is considered as most clean country in the world about drug is that the government are not allowed drugs from the bottom, Marijuana. I know marijuana is nothing. It might harmless compared to smoking or alcohol. Though, Legalization? That is other issue. After legalizing marijuana, the distribution network are apparently expanded to coke, heroin and other dangerous drugs. I see some people who can take drug legally in their countries are sneer at Korean, but at least Korea is safer than their counties. It is really hard to see drug addicts, drug abuse, drug trade and of course narcotic crimes. And plus, hey Asian Boss, stop making video like that. There are no one in Korea who was sentenced 10 years just for taking marijuana. The court only gave the singer probation. Moreover, your views are really focused on YOUR COUNTRY's standard.

Diana S2 : 마약으로 더러운 나라들이 깨끗한 한국에 훈계질ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅅㅂ

Yill Bongard : these people miss an amazing life experience just by blindly trusting the laws lol

구 구 : 대마초가 합법이면 그담엔 코카인이겠지 한번이 어려운거지 두번은 쉬운거야 마약 자체가 사람한테 해롭지않다고 다가 아니에요 그 수요와 공급을 조금만 알아보면 얼마나 비인간적이고 더러운 물질인지 아실겁니다 최안전국에 왜 대마초는 안되냐? 그런 의문을 품을 필요조차 없음 또 생각보다 처벌도 가벼워서 마약한 연예인들 티비에 잘만나오는데 뭐가 문제인건지; 처벌 수위가 의문이시면 중국가서 인터뷰해보시는게 어떨까요?

Airi Y : why would you make it legal??? you are already given the freedom to smole cigaratte and drink alcohol if you make drugs legal what would become of people's health and mind... i dont know why some people support drugs to be legal

ilgeob : Marijuana is not everywhere banned in Korea, only in South Korea. My personal thoughts, I find it good that drugs are banned and instead of legalize one drug more in the law, why not banning one drug more? The question should be the other way around Asian Boss. There is a reason why drugs are labeled as drug. Why should the government allowed and support things which are bad for the citizens. There are like food ingredients in the US which caused health issues but aren't banned? Those ingredients are banned in other countries including South Korea. Btw. South Korea will luckily stricter the law against cigarettes and alcohol, more advertising about health issues, raising the prices, smoking in public, drunk driving etc. I used different kind of drugs like marijuana, cocaine, speed and beside that I am a regular cigarettes smoker and drink sometimes alcohol. Of all drugs marijuana was the worse. Maybe it is from person to person different. I had bad signs with marijuana, I couldn't control myself and it drove me crazy to the point where I would kill myself. My heart rate was fast, I had panic attacks and anxiety, extreme paranoia, my perception was distorted and loss of coordination, uncontrolled switch between laughing and crying till suffocation, because I couldn't breath. I looked sickly pale, my mouth was dry and I had to vomited. If it is about "Well, it is your life and you are old enough to take responsibility!", than why not legalize every f***ing drug where people can decide what drug they want to take? I can tell, it is suicide for the people. Marijuana can recover health issues, well every other drugs do it, but there are other methods ("healthier options") to recover those health issues.

Be Phenomenal : The whole thing about this is that he just wasn't smart lol. Korea is strict when it comes to drugs and so are other Asian countries. I mean, if he really wanted to smoke he just needed to fly to a country where it is legal ( idk the netherlands ) cause he has the money for a one way trip anyway.

23 1 : 외국인들 댓글ㅋㅋ 자기나라 합법화인거 자랑스럽게 얘기하네.자기네들이 왜 합법화되었는지를 알아야지ㅋㅋ중독자 하도 늘어서 밀거래 늘어나고 사회의 암적 존재가 되니깐 차라리 국가에서 싸게 팔면서 중독률줄이려는거지. 우리나라같이 옛날부터 마약청정국인 나라는 굳이 합법화할 필요가 없다. 탑 안타깝지만 공인이 저렇게 사고를 치면 엄중처벌해야한다. 유명인이 저러면 인터뷰처럼 어린친구들이 저런것에 호기심을가지고 유혹에 빠질수있다.

Alice Lee : i really liked those two girls, they were very reasonable

Desutoroyalove : haha.. "if its not harmful to your body and just makes you feel good, then its like alcohol.." yeah right. like alcohol. which is not harmful to your body at all... considering they are the country with the most alcohol consumption worldwide, legalizing weed would probably better the whole nation's health! :D

alex andoven : Marijuana is NOT illegal in North Korea! (Why wasn't that mentioned?)

Indria Neige : 대마초 외국에서는 흔한데 한국은 미개해서 규제만 존나한다고 앵무새처럼 말하는 사람들이 많지. 한국이 세계에서 유례없는 마약 안전국인 이유는 가장 기초부터 허락하지 않아서임. 대마초 그거 사실 별거 아님. 그런데 합법화는 전혀 다른 문제라는 걸 조금 알았으면 함. 법치국가에서 합법화란 사람들의 인식에 엄청난 큰 변화를 주는 방식임. 초장부터 틀어막아서 마약에 마짜만 꺼내도 기겁하는 사회가 좋은 사회라는 것을 미국 아무 대도시에서 조금만 살아보면 알 수 있다. 대마초 합법화 하는 순간 대마초로 쌓은 유통망으로 코카인이 들어오지 않는다고 보장할 수 없다. 추가적으로 대마초가 합법화인 나라는 마약으로 곪아터진 사회인 국가가 많다는 걸 조금만 검색해봐도 나온다. 코카인이 판치는데 대마초가 마약으로 보이지 않는 것이지. 그리고 아시안보스 존나 교묘하다. 타투가 불법인 한국에 대해서 어떻게 생각하냐? 이런 영상도 그렇고 말이야. 인터뷰 진행자들이 겉모습만 동양인이고 사고방식은 미국산 호주산이라서 그런건가?ㅋ 검은 머리 외국인 유튜버따위가 한국에 대한 이미지를 영어권 구독자들에게 한가지 방향만 주입하고 있다. 검머외가 아시안보스라고 자칭하는 것도 존나 웃기지만 얘네들 영상의 대부분은 영어권 구독자에게 ''서양은 이런거 합법화고 아무나 하는데 한국은 이런거 안되는 거 알고 있냐?ㅋㅋ 한국 존나 이상함. '' 이라는걸 홍보하고 주입하는데 있다는걸 다시 한번 체감한다. 아시안보스가 뭐라고 떠들어 재끼던간에 똥꼬충, 대마초, 문신 합법화는 한국에서 앞으로 100년동안은 없단다.