Pressing Meat Through Small Holes with Hydraulic Press | in 4K

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SunnyZ : You're going to get ants...

SamurottStormers : You should use the one with the holes again, but plug all the holes except for one! Could create some crazy amounts of pressure.

LemmyIsNotDead : You pretty much made mince meat.

electronicsNmore : That was a gross upload. :-)

Growing Answers : Next up...actual “crap” in the press.

Alex V-i-P : Stack of pancakes with syrup would be epic aswell as a lasagne or a dead jellyfish or bowl of cooked sprouts or.... Variety of Eyeballs from the butcher's or A large cows brain or brains of some description? lol

Milan Meiland : You used the wrong type of cola (Coca Cola light works best) and the wrong types of mentos (the white ones have a better reaction)

SUPERTELL vlogs-challenges-karate-reviews-how to : 90% of making these videos must be cleaning everything.

Frogboy : my mouth was watering watching the meat the smashed. If I was there I would have eaten all of it :D

Evert van Ingen : Your wife has serious needs XD What is she doing in the background? 0:54, 1:35, 2:53, 3:51, 4:31, 5:45, 6:50

nekopii : That “Vat da faaak” shirt is everything lmao

king du Turfu : First

MiregalForges : Your beef looks a lot like pork.

absurdlyflammable : RÖSTIPERUNOITA saa noista potaatteista

Matt Cocker : You guys should start a cooking channel, preparing food only using the press!!

EpicLPer : I'm waiting for triggered Vegans now

TheCentrifugeChannel : Cool Video 👍 I have created a video in which I expose meat to 2000 G-force in my lab centrifuge :)

Daniel Tekmyster : It would be interested to see that fried...

missbrg : The placement of that fruit, haha.🍆

Aurimas Knieža : Pressurized meat mincer 5million!

Macktasticslick : Best YouTube channel out there right now!

Jonas H. : Have you already tried crushing red hot steel with that device?

Reda B : Close your eyes at 0:54 and listen

Anthem : Anni after anything is crushed: *AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH*

Herbert Susmann : Workshop workers come in the next morning for work. They look at the debris around the hydraulic press and just shake their head and say "Lauri and Anni have been at it again!". I loved the video!, This WormMaker 5 Million is great!

Ryan Carter : The meat actually looks like real worms!

tutut sj : Pressing meat to small HOLES ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

axelskull : wrong kind of mentos, you got the smooth kind that doesnt do anything

Ricardo Bárrios : 6:35 I see what you did there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Boz 2011 : All i ever wanted to see :D

Flawd : The wife has an orgasm each time u crush something

Tiddies McGee : DIY meat pasta

Kivinen : Vegans *triggered*

Elise P : Y'all should order slime from a slime shop on etsy or instagram and press it! VERY different from jiggly store bought slime; you can mold and stretch it etc and there are many different textures

Hehyougotme : 1:07 That sound is the ghost of the cow haunting you. XD

Malik Suleiman : OMG children on Mars could have eaten that. You know there isn't food on Mars! How dare you!

Niderp Speckles : *_NJET MOLOTOFF._*

Camren Davis : 1:02 when you see your girl in a new bikini

muh1h1 : Release the SHMOOOOOOOO!

BLISSFUL FAPPER : need diet pepsi for it to work.

Talzi : Tehkää tällä lakritsista metrilakua :D

kontekstavhengig : "Today on the hydraulic press cooking channel, we'll be making mashed everything"

TheRocky3211 : you should bottle that watermelon juice , i would buy some.

koffinkat666 : 4:30 somebody crushed a my spaghett

mademoisellekaya : *QUESTION* Can you not drill the holes in A angle? So the middle are drilled straight up, the next row between 90° and 45° degree and last row about 45° ?

Herra Joku : Name of the song at 6:54?

sitsia : Try it with smaller holes or without any holes at all and see what would come out.

Douglas Alexandre : 3:30 Ovo ta tão caro pra que isso kkkkk

Vault-tec : koht sulla on 2,000,000 miljoonaa tilaajaa