Pressing Meat Through Small Holes with Hydraulic Press | in 4K

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SamurottStormers : You should use the one with the holes again, but plug all the holes except for one! Could create some crazy amounts of pressure.

voiddog : The wife has an orgasm each time u crush something

Evert van Ingen : Your wife has serious needs XD What is she doing in the background? 0:54, 1:35, 2:53, 3:51, 4:31, 5:45, 6:50

LemmyIsNotDead : You pretty much made mince meat.

SunnyZ : You're going to get ants...

SUPERTELL vlogs-challenges-karate-reviews-how to : 90% of making these videos must be cleaning everything.

Reda B : Close your eyes at 0:54 and listen

Missy Señorita : Is your wife having that *ultra 4k* orgasm behind there?

kontekstavhengig : "Today on the hydraulic press cooking channel, we'll be making mashed everything"

Ricardo Bárrios : 6:35 I see what you did there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

jade_needs_ TOAST! : 5:57 Jesus is someone taking a dump... It sounds wet too...oh gawd.. 😱😱

Amanda Is me : Why beat your meat when you can *S Q U I S H* it?

koffinkat666 : 4:30 somebody crushed a my spaghett

EpicLPer : I'm waiting for triggered Vegans now

Map Making Madness : Just the way she moaned at 3:52 lol

Herbert Susmann : Workshop workers come in the next morning for work. They look at the debris around the hydraulic press and just shake their head and say "Lauri and Anni have been at it again!". I loved the video!, This WormMaker 5 Million is great!

NA : Imagine walking in on this

Jonas H. : Have you already tried crushing red hot steel with that device?

Leofred : 4:31 The sound Anni makes in my bedroom in my imaginations

N4ll3K4rhu : U should do a hydraulic press meal.

Dayum Bro : 2:00 When you nut for first time.

Aatu Honkanen : Tehkää tällä lakritsista metrilakua :D

Kaelyn O'Brien : Say silk five times. Spell out silk. What do cows drink? No, It's not milk, It's water!

Boz 2011 : All i ever wanted to see :D

fishsticks-RND : *Great ass Anni, Great ass!*

Niдруг The Unholy Lord of Garlic : *_NJET MOLOTOFF._*

Anthem : Anni after anything is crushed: *AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH*

Doc Holliday : This is so much fun to watch... so satisfying!

Karhukainen : RÖSTIPERUNOITA saa noista potaatteista

BLISSFUL FAPPER : need diet pepsi for it to work.

Andreas Mäkinen : The meat would be totally awesome with the worm maker 6 million and the bigger säiliö(reservoir?) to get really nice and really intresting big and super long worms. Pig neck/kassler is quite cheap in the citymarket every now and then, only 4,95 € kg, and it has lots of fat so it wont get stucked too easy. You could also build some säiliö(reservoir?) around the tool to catch the meat-worms and then "chrush" them maybe 3-4 times to see how the meat changes texture and so on. Would be really intresting imho.

Brandon Spain : Do bugs!

KinkkuGamer : koht sulla on 2,000,000 miljoonaa tilaajaa

Thomas H : Pressing meat through small hole ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Hanale Kauhaahaa : Who needs a hydraulic press to push meat through small holes ; )

Growing Answers : Next up...actual “crap” in the press.

LMXLM : After seeing al these videos I should buy myself a hydraulic press and start making videos ... would be a good investment 👍

RAIDERS fan4life : You should put these mexican candies called "Pelon pelo rico", they squeeze out just like that hydraulic press. Make sure they are the big ones or a bunch of small ones could work.

Thomas H : Hydraulic Press comes in handy, when minced meat is out of stock in the supermarket.

RobbyBlitz : I'd like to see a video about how you clean up after crushing things like this!

Matt : You guys should start a cooking channel, preparing food only using the press!!

me me : Don't let anyone convince you that you shouldn't make videos... You should.

mashroob : Make bologna spaghetti next time!

Jaime Easley : Try pressing floral foam. You know that green stuff. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase!!!!!!!!!!?!?!??!?!

Camo Gaming YT : So that's how ground beef is made XD

*Alex* V-i-P : Stack of pancakes with syrup would be epic aswell as a lasagne or a dead jellyfish or bowl of cooked sprouts or.... Variety of Eyeballs from the butcher's or A large cows brain or brains of some description? lol

Real Kailuafire : The lady in the back always makes a sound when thing gets pressed.

Cybrothemaster 12 : The Title Of The Video Me: ,' ;)

Ricky Bennici : you should bottle that watermelon juice , i would buy some.