11 Guys You'll Always Find Playing Pickup Basketball

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Gage Coats : Dude perfect copyed then so badly

Kyle Tetzlaff : Dude perfect ripped you guys off

Gilberto Pena : Its just the War. The War.....

C. C. : it's almost 10 years old and it's still fresh and funny as shit.

FuzzFace : So much better than Dude Perfect's blatant plagiarism.

GoldMedalGaming : For all of the idiots saying they copied dude perfect, this was made in 2007...

IT'S A SPY! : this is so old myspace still existed.

dopl : Dude perfect copied these guys 😂 And everybody who make these video now a days are called 'dude perfect wannabes' lol

Rice Webb : Dude Perfect completely copied your video like 6 years later hahaha

dèl Păntión : pure comic gold

Avery Bradley’s Son : In defense and rebounds 😂😂😂

Anderleiyotochuck St-Emelcrocormier : BETTER THAN DUDE perfect. but dude perfect's one is ok too

dèl Păntión : I hate that damn baller the kid you find them everywhere maybe different skin color may be different size but there's nothing more demeaning than that damn kid at a pickup game that makes you feel so old...... well the kid and this video

Invictus : the kid is chase adams at least he looks like him

Brandon Hayhurst : Copied dude perfect

G-Money 123445 : I only shoot threes in pickup basketball even if it's a fast break. I make half of em.

Vegeta ;D : At the end doe

KBuch15 : I'm definitely baller the kid, but I'm 5'6"

clashers coc : Dude perfect copied so bad

MonteRoseII Gaming : thats the 2012 nba 2k12 song

ExpertGaming7050 : 5:11 it's cuz he's black

Eric Vinton : I'm the player/coach (to a degree, I can't stand it when people don't rebound) and the rules guy.

Rice Webb : Like they actually used some of the exact same things like the hypothetical dunker

jay dee : lol the kid  always a little baller on the courts

Ben Stone : Whats the song for number one on this?

Andre Mudiay : good video i was dying laughing at rulebook jones

Benny Blanco : 🤣🤣🤣

ASMR Hip Hop : YOU COPIED DUDE PERFECT! !!!.................................wait

JordanC123HaHaHaHeHeHe : I'm the immovable fat guy

itsyourmanstho : what's the song @ 4:06? or #9

The Rave : I'm the guy that shoots 3-pointers constantly.


FlashLite C : I only play on single rims, that double rim is messing up my aim... lol

Knicksdb : They stole the idea, everybody who plays basketball knows the different types of players.

James Zhang : basketball stereotypes before its cool 

rdrum2one : This video is 100 times better than the Dude Perfect version. I saw this yours years ago. DP makes good videos, but all they did is copy you guys on this one. 

Adrean Dhanpaul : You forgot to put ball hogers

Baller Boot Camp : Funny how I was watching the new version of this and this video was in the suggested video in the sidebar...You got ripped off, but the new version is funny too!

10gogetassj : Some kid haha!

itwaslikethatalready : This was literally made when I was a sophomore in highschool. I'm graduating college this year.

bruh, : this is better than dude perfect's version.

Peauno : you must be the stupidest person ever

kevinseveneleven : what? they your sister's virginity?

Thoma Thekkekara : There is obviously going to be overlaps in videos like this, so I can't say Dude Perfect ripped it off.

My Name Is Zvi - Gaming Commentary's and Vlogs : WOW dude this was made in 07 are you serious

Talha K : The one thing that made it clear to me that Dude Perfect at least watched this video before making theirs was the Mr. Excuses/My Bad Guy. They both used the same excuse of lifting in those segments.

Boomer Jorgensen : Hahah the time of Myspace!

Don'tBeABetaBoa : This and Dude Perfect were both hilarious. This one is way better, though.

Tony Xie : Dude perfect dogged you guys hard...

losh23 : they shouldve added "the guy who makes every single shot"