11 Guys You'll Always Find Playing Pickup Basketball

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Gage Coats : Dude perfect copyed then so badly

Avery Bradley’s Son : In defense and rebounds 😂😂😂

Kyle Tetzlaff : Dude perfect ripped you guys off

FuzzFace : So much better than Dude Perfect's blatant plagiarism.

Rice Webb : Dude Perfect completely copied your video like 6 years later hahaha

bruh, : this is better than dude perfect's version.

dèl Păntión : pure comic gold

Invictus : the kid is chase adams at least he looks like him

Brandon Hayhurst : Copied dude perfect

Anderleiyotochuck St-Emelcrocormier : BETTER THAN DUDE perfect. but dude perfect's one is ok too

dèl Păntión : I hate that damn baller the kid you find them everywhere maybe different skin color may be different size but there's nothing more demeaning than that damn kid at a pickup game that makes you feel so old...... well the kid and this video

dopl : Dude perfect copied these guys 😂 And everybody who make these video now a days are called 'dude perfect wannabes' lol

rdrum2one : This video is 100 times better than the Dude Perfect version. I saw this yours years ago. DP makes good videos, but all they did is copy you guys on this one. 

Gilberto Pena : Its just the War. The War.....

GoldMedalGaming : For all of the idiots saying they copied dude perfect, this was made in 2007...

IT'S A SPY! : this is so old myspace still existed.

C. C. : it's almost 10 years old and it's still fresh and funny as shit.

evandalize : There are thousands of copied videos on youtube where the copy is awful. At least dude perfect took a good idea and added quality and modern elements to it. Relax guys

Baller Boot Camp : Funny how I was watching the new version of this and this video was in the suggested video in the sidebar...You got ripped off, but the new version is funny too!

Sanity016 : I think both videos were equally good. let's not hate one another over details. most of what people do on the internet is copy one another, that's essentially what a meme is. if anything dude perfect made this video more popular by giving it a name that people know, I wouldn't be surprised if this video blew up because what they did. was it wrong to not credit you guys? yes but let's not disregard the fact that both videos are funny and that we the viewers are entertained by both parties equally

Ryan Van Dusen : I've been doing the same.

hypnotizeu : lmao. foul guy pushes other guy n then misses lay up n goes "foul" priceless

Ryan Van Dusen : Kind of a shameless move on Dudeperfect's part. I'm kind of upset for you guys here.

Chandasouk : Had to visit this again because I knew Dude Perfect's vid was waaay too familiar to something I have seen before

Talha K : The one thing that made it clear to me that Dude Perfect at least watched this video before making theirs was the Mr. Excuses/My Bad Guy. They both used the same excuse of lifting in those segments.

PabloCruise91 : Still better than Dude Perfect

12tippettm : Lol im 2

Marcell2aG : lmao This is extremely accurate.

Marcell2aG : Also there's -"Only Shoots Threes" Guy -"Only Passes" Guy (if he shoots at all, it's an air ball) -"Sore Loser" Guy (when his team loses, he throws the ball 50 feet away like a jackass) -"Never Gets Tired" Guy

G-Money 123445 : I only shoot threes in pickup basketball even if it's a fast break. I make half of em.

Soylencer : "It's like the Octagon!"

Melvin A : This is fucking hilarious

MonteRoseII Gaming : thats the 2012 nba 2k12 song

Topher Dalton : Lol all true.

DRoyul : yea i gotta admit, im richard simmons, but i dont stretch THAT long lol

cicirunner : excellent video

mikeyvp : Probably my favorite YouTube video ever

Wout : 42 people recognize themselves in one of these characters

Wout : I think the hypothetical dunker is the best, every court you go, you see guys saying they can dunk, do 360's, but they just can't do it.

dolphinated : I'm the habitual fouler! Anyone who comes in the paint gets pasted.This is a man's area,so you'd better check nuts before you come in the paint on my team lol. Good video and very funny.

Rajiv Satyal : this was, well, baller. proud to say i know mr. excuses well.

Kyle Williams : Dude Perfect made it in better quality though, lol

lewis20444 : are you kidding? this was made 6 years ago

whips8 : hahaha damn this is so true,i see guys like this everytime i play ball.

SheVibe.com : teeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeeee

wackyfours : i have a few friends who are the "excuse guy"

Don't Look At Me Like That : Honestly, I'm the "Unnecessary Pass Guy". Sometimes the guys on my team are so horrible, but I just have to let them score because I hate being selfish.

Stickey Bandit : Whats the song for guy number 6?

itwaslikethatalready : This was literally made when I was a sophomore in highschool. I'm graduating college this year.

phillyslasher : Oh god, this video is SPOT ON!!! A great addition to Jim Rome's "Pickup Basketball Guy".