A Very Brief Recent History of Westeros

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The Dom : If we could all be respectful of the fact that some people are not up to date with the show and or the books and avoid posting spoilers in the comments I'd be most grateful. I say this as someone who deeply regrets not thinking once and ruining the surprise for a bunch of people.

PeppermintGlow : stick it up your bum [panting] [panting inTENSIFIES] ...treason.

thessan11 : I'm sobbing with laughter. These voices are amazing

prince : I don't care about GoT at all, yet I still watch these videos. Why? Because The Dom is just that awesome of course.

Buford T. Justice : You just can't treason with a mad king.

Volran : We need more Mad King in the next videos. He was hillarious. 😍

ThatAilurophile : "He did not, however, got this..." 😂

R3GARnator : You should make the mad king a recurring character!


IZathrus : I would be completely happy if all you ended up doing for Game of thrones/A Song Of Ice And Fire where these style of recaps for the events of the seasons and or the books.

Something Generic : Rickard and Brandon Starks death were so bloody gnarly. One was roasted alive in his own armour and the other strangled himself in a desperate attempt to save his father. Damn you George with your creative and emotional deaths 😢

Anon Mouse : The best bit about Aerys burning the Starks was that he gave them a trial, but chose fire as his champion. Lol, what a droll troll he was.

Lana Alba : Also, "Stormborn" will "almost certainly be the only title" Daenerys will pick up in her life. That is very certainly most certain! Sir, your videos are a riot! Thank you.

Shelby Hotz : Gotta say, your Aerys voice is pretty hilarious

Ferenc Szaffenauer : Burndemall!

MasterPoppers : It should be noted that while these events pretty much happened as stated in the canon of the show, Robert's Rebellion in the books is extremely mysterious. While the sack of King's Landing did occur, and the Battle at the Trident happened as described, the rest of the war is frankly uncertain to book readers.

Ariella Kahan-Harth : The Aerys voice killed me! He sounds like Gollum if he was high. TRRREEEAAAASSSONNNN!

TheApachacha : You realise, of course, that now your comment section shall be a screeching litany of "TREEEEEASON" for _all eternity_, right ? : P

coynie3 : "... earning her daughter what would almost certainly be the ONLY title she would ever pick up in her life." So true. I've always said Daenerys didn't have enough titles :P

1987MartinT : Your King Aerys is pretty spot on.

Amber Collier : the scream sound effect did my dog a frighten :o

Trillian X : When can we buy the burn them all song on iTunes?

Claudia Gurr : I never thought I'd say this, but I love the mad king! :D

saikin13 : I fully encourage "TREASON" becoming a recurring joke during these reviews!

MandalorSkyrd : I was just wondering why do you always brush off the Greyjoy and the Iron Islands? The Greyjoy are one the Great Families and the Iron Island are one of the Seven kingdoms (I know it's a "very brief" recent history but still ^^) Otherwise nice recap, love your Aerys :D TREASON!!

Kattywompus : I'm dying over the fact that you used a picture of Elsa to represent baby Daenerys, it's amazing

Domanese : Fantastic. Now I will never be able to think of Mad King Aerys without thinking of Andy Serkis parodying Gollum parodying Mad King Aerys. "PREEEEEEECCCCIIIIIOOOOUUUSSSS!!!!"

Ana Júlia Albuquerque : i don't have money for patreon yet so i don't know where else to write this but... would you ever consider doing a lost in adaptation of american gods by neil gaiman?


Patrick Frost : Targeryon all like: TREEEEEEEAAAASOOON!!!! Commissar all like: HEEEEERAAAASSSSYY!!!

C.B. Smith : When you've read through all the main books and yet still learn something in these videos*

lilfizzhead : SPOILER ALERT R+L=Stein

Victoura56 : Seriously Dom, how much fun did you have doing the voices? Friggin' hilarious!!! XD

Dave Katzin : Mad King Aerys-- your new recurring character, yes?

Mis Shelly : lol, my new favorite song! Burn them all burn them all burn them all burn them alllllll, burn them all burn them all... Omg, it MAY, be as good as "The DOOM song"

Elliot Jenner : The whole "burn them all" thing was not really general knowledge (there was a general tendency for people to believe the Stark side of the story which conveniently left out that part in favor of "the Lannisters are othbreaking bastards" narrative).

AnimeKandy27 : You were having way too much fun with Aerys... :)

GyroMurphy : Sooooo....burn them all?

Clare Ann : I’m gonna be honest... this is way more entertaining than the books and the show.


Matrim42 : Burn them all, burn them all, burn them all, burn them all, burn them all, burn them all, burn them all, burn them all, burn the mall, burn the mall, burn the mall, burn the mall, burn the mall, burn the mall, ban the mall, ban the mall, ban the mall, ban the mall, ban the mall, ban the Moor, ban the Moor, ban the Moor, ban the Moor, ban the Moor, ban the Moor, burr the Moor, burr the Moor, burr the Moor, burr the Moor, burr the Moor, burr the Moor, burr the Moor, burr the Moor, furthermore, furthermore, furthermore, furthermore, furthermore, furthermore, furthermore...

Xander Fox : Why does Aerys sound like a rick sanchez and mr meeseeks?

McCammalot : I was actually surprised and shocked when this ended. Like, I flinched when the credit began rolling, I was that engrossed. 0__0 Do more, pretty please?

Shreejan Rijal : The Dom - if you can't find a proper image of the Iron Throne that stays true to George R R Martin's version, you should read The World of Ice and Fire. It has the most accurate version of the throne.

Gingerstorm101 : "So he killed the mad king" Finally

Potatro tatro : I honestly find the lore more interesting than the narrative

joethehero2 : All in favor of Andy Serkis for the role of the Mad King Targeryan, raise your hand.

Jonty Levine : The Mad King jokes were a **little** overused. Don't you think? Also it may have crossed the line at some point into being disrespectful to mentally ill people.

Catherine Morrill : Technically one thing you mentioned isn't common knowledge at the start of the books. Jaime never told anyone that Aerys had arranged to destroy kings landing with wildfire leaving most of westeros to assume he turned on the king as part of his dads power grab.

metalskie : I love the idea of you fastidiously making Lyanna on dolldivine lol