How Average People Fall For The Flat-Earth Conspiracy
Why flat earthers believe the earth is flat it has nothing to do with the shape of anything

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This is how people become flat-eathers - and why they stick with their beliefs, despite the intense ridicule it brings.


Hazardous : If you say “I’m part of ISIS” You’ll be sent to the hospital in less then 5 seconds

The Ultimate Reductionist : I hate fat-shaming BUT I LOVE FLAT-SHAMING!

Birat Singh : 0:19 He showed the destination of flat earther conference on google earth( globe).. i am dying😂😂

Jacob Piechowski : Went from gay to isis real quick. Wait wtf just happened. I think I would have better conversation about philosophy with a toddler than with those people. I’m Not made for this 😂😂😂

ldchappell1 : Long live flat earth? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Bucks : 0:02... sooooo, terrorist groups have it better than flat earthers? Do explain.

Critical Rip : they became flat earthers so people would actually give them attention for the first time

Briefly Nude Witch : So, you become a flat earther to feel special?

ApostleRon : The title should be,,How airheads believe unproved science for 2500 of a global earth!

Rutvadip Raina : If earth is flat, why are there time differences? When’s its day in America it’s night here in New Zealand and Australia When ur on a ship and moving away from land how does the land disappear after travelling a certain distance given that there’s obviously no obstacles between u and the land/ city u left from and nothing’s obstructing ur path of vision Legit just stfu and get a life Maybe go to school while ur at it

Gaming Element : I would like to see, most of these flat earthers take an iq Test.

The Ultimate Reductionist : How Average People Fall for the Flat-Earth Conspiracy: STORIES are EASIER than PROOF.

Requiem4aDr3Am : Remember 7 11 was a part time job!

Ryan Bonner : i like looking into their eyes, the lights are on, but no one's home.

Soldier Gaming : Flat-earthers are a shame to the humanity... Seriously 😑

Gino Tuano : Person 1: I'm from ISIS. Girl: Cool. Person 2: I'm a flat earther. Girl: GTFO OF HERE

Melburys Brick : If you "fell" for flat Earth... You started out way below average.

Skyrimissick 17 : YouTube videos vs. 5000 REAL SCIENTISTS WHO KNOW WHAT THEIR TALKING ABOUT!!!!!! Also how does the Earth being flat give you more of a purpose than being round?

Trade Aware : So flat earhers argument is religious. I'm flat baffled

Kyle Latona : Well ima a unicorn from space and I say earth is flat hahahaha

Ozz Bee Wood : Question if the earth was flat how can we mine underground an object which is flat has no volume

John DeWarle : Someone tell the flat earth community that gravity stops the people in the Southern Hemisphere from falling in space and are eyes just see the earth differently. scientists have also fond out that bees see the earth the way it actually is witch is round.

_Qubek : If I'm an actor getting paid to be Australian where's my money?

Me.Indecisive hmmm, idk maybe : “‘average” is giving them too much

Murilo Frateschi : "Long live flat earth" because of those words I now believe in the flat earth "theory" BTW I dont belive in flat earth

wkndr4life : So they are afraid to find out life is meaningless and we are just floating on a rock in space, so they counteract that by believing we are floating on a pancake in space and suddenly they find meaning in that?? Am I missing something?

JC Bronson : Hey man rather have these loonies putting all there energy into FE than eating my lucky charms huehuehue

Olivia Crawford : Just because we live on a "random rock" floating through space, it doesn't mean that all sense of purpose is gone. You can find purpose in anything if you look for it.

Pad Craic : And intellectual physician and author Arthur Conan Doyle believed the 1917 photo of the Cottingley fairies in Yorkshire was genuine

Briggs XIII : I agree with buzzfeed?!

Kaalyn - OPG : Ummmm... thinking "no one cares if you're a part of ISIS" was the first sign of insanity. Also, pretty sure people are killed for being gay. No one's out there killing flat-earthers. ...just laughing at them.

D.W ERFMANN : Kinda ironic that mark sargent refers to his belief as the wife who is being cheated on> He has no wife or children to cheat on. Just his I am mark Sargent t shirt. ! Sad!!

ROCK SOLID : I feel bad for you if being a flat earther is the best thing that's ever happened to you

MomOf4Girls : Oh one, I repeat NO ONE, watch more than 3 videos about this subject. If u watch a 4th video, Ur a flat earther. (I can’t even type that without auto correct underlining it 😂) Proceed to amazon and purchase tin foil. Bulk prices. If u find u have become a flat earther by mistake, please contact a nearby flat earther and try to recoup some of ur financial loss. They will surely purchase ur extra tinfoil at a discounted price. Bonus points if the foil is already shaped like a human head. Ur welcome.

Jahangir Jadoon : Hahahahahhahahaha EVERYONE IS IN LOVE WITH FOLLOWING SOMETHING hahahahhahahahaha

K Håland : So it's a cult. Basically.

Mikhail Dc : Can we just do civilian space trips already !!! Like they told me in high school (2003) to prove to these flattards the earth is a ball!!! Or... maybe we can’t ?💁🏻‍♂️

Fraggy Cock : The earth is flat but the moon, sun and other planets looked through a telescope 🔭 are round. Yea makes sense 🤣🤣🤣

Alyssa M. : huh so ever single planet in our solar system is round... but not the earth?

electro chemical : Kick starter to send mike sergeant into space on space x rocker

Megan Osborne : If the earth is flat then why has no one EVER seen the edge of it... Why can you take a plane and go in 1 direction and end up back where you started. Some people just make stuff up in their head to make themselves feel good, happy, special, or whatever way they want to feel in ignore everything that contradicts that thought. I guess thats ok as long as people aren't hurting others but I personally think about everything from a very logical place and I myself can't just pretend some facts don't exist to make myself happy. 😕

The Ultimate Reductionist : On imaginary flatturd "model" the force of gravity would be pulling us at a large angle from the perpendicular to the tangent at the surface. This angle achieves a maximum value on the surface of arccos(2*r/(r^2+1)) where r = (A/B) where either A or B is the polar radius and the other is the equatorial radius on any point (x,y,z) where x^2 + y^2 = A^2/2 and z^2 = B^2/2. The reality is r = about 0.99999 and T is 0.003 degrees. Flat idiot fantasy model: well, like I say: flatturds don't even have a model: they don't even have a value for the ratio, r. The shitheads don't even agree on what the exact ratio, i.e. the degree of "flatness", is. But, the closer r gets to either 0 or infinity, T gets closer to 90 degrees: i.e. the closer you would be to the stupid imaginary "edge" of the earth.

Frank P : Why do you pay money to go to a seminar? Just live on your "flat" earth instead of being scammed.

Who Cares? : If YouTube is “changing your mind” Well there’s your problem right there.......,

Val Halla : Id really like to hear a Flerf try and debunk observational evidence such as these: (without using ‘magic’ in their explanation) -Opposite rotations of star trails around the N/S poles while aligned w/ the equator. -The non-changing sun size throughout the day -The lack of any images of the edge/ice wall or the massive amount of patrol vessels/fleets that would be required to stop Flerfs from taking these images as they claim.

2112Nightshift : Insane people are attracted to insane ideas. Simple as that.

Nicholas Johnson : FFS, another disinfo. The Earth is flat, Genisis I.

Joshua Laplap TV : Hey don’t lump 9/11 truthers with flat earthers! That’s an insult to their intelligence. Hah

Anima Girl : Explain gravity Explain time zones Explain everything