How Average People Fall For The Flat-Earth Conspiracy

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Kaalyn - OPG : Ummmm... thinking "no one cares if you're a part of ISIS" was the first sign of insanity. Also, pretty sure people are killed for being gay. No one's out there killing flat-earthers. ...just laughing at them.

my perspective : So how then does an average person fall into believing you living on a spinning ball flying through space theory? Flying faster than a rifle bullet and you feel and experience no motion or record no motion whatsoever. Maybe because there is no ridicule attached to that crazy philosophy. so easy to be comfortably numb. Or Subtly numbered take your pic.

mana_narie x : "Average people" don't fall for the flat Earth theory, stupid people do

Simon Malasek : Sadly, that old Guy that denied the Holocaust didnt say that in Germany because here he would've been arrested and put to court. Disrespectful disappointment of a human

Snaic : so basically they're scared of everything being meaningless because we're all just floating in a rock in space and we'll all be forgotten some day so they lie to themselves to feel better. This can be compared to religion as well, people are scared of the sad truth

Vongola Boy : Its a mental disorder. They also believe heavily in every government conspiracy. And only focus on NASA except the other 70+ space agencies. They believe every government around the world is in on this whole hoax so the earth is flat. They mostly say "After trying to debunk it I became one". Meaning, I don't know science and I'm stupid so I had no argument therefore became dumber. Majority of FE information come from youtube videos.

Lizette Ramirez Miranda : When you stand for nothing, you fall for everything.

K Håland : So it's a cult. Basically.

markksargent : Thank you for introducing your subscribers to the Flat Earth concept. For those of you new to this, get ready, because your world is about to change, and it's never going to be the same again. Everyone laughs at first, but when you're done, ask yourself this: When did you first find out you lived on a globe? Because of the model you saw when you were six, or because of the ONE picture you saw in a textbook. Do your own research, and ask questions.

Stargods : There are many flat earthers that do not follow Flat Earth and other hot potatoes group and endeavor to separate from this organization and not to be associated with them in any way. Also many flat earthers do not accept Patricia Steere or Mark Sargent as leaders of their Flat Earth beliefs and refuse to be represented by them.

Azym Harvard : okay the earth is flat, so what’s next? the sun is flat too? 🤭😂 how about the moon? 🤔💆🏻‍♂️

Lisa S : I'm a conspiracy theorist, but flat earth is such a load of bullshit.

Megan Osborne : If the earth is flat then why has no one EVER seen the edge of it... Why can you take a plane and go in 1 direction and end up back where you started. Some people just make stuff up in their head to make themselves feel good, happy, special, or whatever way they want to feel in ignore everything that contradicts that thought. I guess thats ok as long as people aren't hurting others but I personally think about everything from a very logical place and I myself can't just pretend some facts don't exist to make myself happy. 😕

Surge Saber : This is psychological disorder.

Flat Earth Talk : FLAT is FACT!!

George Pitner : How average people believe they're moving 1,000 mph standing still.

wkndr4life : So they are afraid to find out life is meaningless and we are just floating on a rock in space, so they counteract that by believing we are floating on a pancake in space and suddenly they find meaning in that?? Am I missing something?

Requiem4aDr3Am : Remember 7 11 was a part time job!

NorthwestMexTV✔ : Guys the earth is round I seen a picture of it in a book and on the web. Do not question it's authenticity.

Bezz80 : Don't "believe" the earth is flat, believe in you all believe in math? 8 inches per mile squared, is the math that supposedly "proves" the earth is round (a sphere actually), now go prove it...I'll wait, some how I don't think BuzzFeed News or any of your other favorite mainstream "thinkers" will be helping you out any time soon...

Annie Marsh : aint no planet x coming cause aint no space cuz aint not globe earth

Lola Dafydd : Is that woman crazy? Does she not know what minorities go through in order to live safely? Flat earthers get next to nothing.

Karen B : You guys left out all the good stuff we talked about. Not terrible but still biased.

lot maakchos : No child left behind huh?

Bear Willow : Nevermind the Michelson/Morely Experiment that showed zero movement of the earth...nevermind the multiple contradictions general relativity has within itself...and...nevermind the major flaws of general relativity..(mass does not increase when something gets to near light speed..according to particle accelerators...nevermind that gravity requires the universe be made up of 85% of dark energy for it to actually work..dark energy that cannot be observed/tested. Nevermind that you cannot see any curvature from 130,000 feet above earth. (fisheye lens does not count). Nevermind Operation FishBowl...a military test where the USA shot nuclear bombs into the sky over antarctica...part of Project Dominic. Nevermind when Captain Cook and three others after him sailed along the coast of Antarctica in 1773..he reported the coast being 69,000 miles...but you know..the earth cannot be flat right? ignorant globe-tards.

FlaMasker : Why are all their explanations CGI and Photoshop

christopher martinez : Still doesnt prove the earth is round

Timotheos Petros : RETITLE: How average people are methodically programmed to ridicule the belief that the earth is flat.

Ivan : How did you guys manage to fit so much stupid in one video?

Josh Ravenhill : It's the classic fear over reason/logic conundrum. The person is scared because they want meaning in a world with no clear answers so they create a blackhole of logic so they can feel special. Thus they become paranoid to any outside opinion that doesn't match their own and create a cult of like minded "rebels" bent on dismissing everything so they can be "woke".

Megansours V : So, you become a flat earther to feel special?

Rob Fowler : Then there is this supposed flat earth model which seems to change day by day. Just once I'd like to see an authoritative map that shows how the sun and moon move in relationship to it. Its nearly impossible to debunk anything with NO ACTUAL PARAMETERS or at least no consistent parameters.

i really just want to die please end my suffering : so if the earth is fllat, why can we go AROUND it? and why has nobody ever seen the edge? NASA Livestreams from space? honestly flat earthes should be dumped away to an island

James Richard : "In a world filled with lies and deceit, the truth become preposterous and absurd." "Truth is treason, in the Empire of lies."

MG42pillbox : more perverted pseudo-intellectuals pretending government cartoons are evidence for magical balls in infinite vacuums... *Blood always finds its level

PRAISE THE SHRINKING SUN! : Is flat, wake up. Try to disprove it, you will become a flat earther too.

National Socialist Europe : The Earth is flat.

Lapiedde Freiherr : Just do some research and try to debunk it. Or keep spinning on your ball and shut up.

Immune2BS : The Earth is a round flat plane!

Stargods : Mark Sargent and Patricia Steere do not represent the majority of flat-earth believers who now work hard to separate themselves from their Flat Earth and other hot potatoes group. Their leadership is self appointed.

Wint James : The earth is flat. Water settles level and flat and never goes uphill. We use water to build level and flat everywhere always. All this is impossible on a globe. No measurable curvature anywhere. Research flat earth!

DIRGES in the DARK : 5:00 Look out the airplane window at 35000 ft. ITS FLAT!

Beyond Belief : Where are the practical examples of bodies of water naturally conforming to the exterior of shapes?

A W : Why would anyone lie about the earth being flat? What would be the point? And how would you explain timezones? How would you explain how you can fly from California to China heading west but you can also go east? How would you explain day and night? Are we a quarter spinning in space? How would water stay on the planet? We can see that the moon isn't round with just our eyes or a telescope so who wouldn't the earth be?

FUCK U : kinda ironic how this is made by buzzfeed the most propaganda ridden media outlet that actually kept sending their bullshit stories to my phone even after it was completely turned off forcing me to get notifications.

UPandUNDER : are these people brain damaged?

KaijuFlips : All these people are scientifically challenged

eh6794 : I have talked to a few hundred flat Earth people online and I can say, without a doubt, that they are the dumbest FUNCTIONING humans on the face of the Earth. I said "functioning," because they seem to function, with jobs, and homes and families. However, they do not understand the basics of a logical argument.

flack11 : You cant say you did “research” if all you did was watch youtube

Marrin F : This is just the steps of cult indoctrination. Replace flat earth with any cult, the reasoning is all the same