The Dangers Of Snapchat (Child Predator Experiment)

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Coby Persin : 50k likes for Part 4 Xbox live edition!!!!!

Ebanks Studios : Nahhhh he had a bottle of wine I'm deeeead 😂😂😂

P Field : 👱🏼‍♀️this is Sarah she got kidnaped 👚 👖1 ❤️= 1 child is saved

Loggen Onn : wine. this little dude is classic

rk what do : Omg this girl came in on a hover board 😂👌

Kyle Henderson : The second kid is sum gentle man. A bottle of wine hahha

Topno jose pranav : The kids will be like "I will kill Coby Persin"😂

Matilda Williams : Stranger: where do you live? Me: with my parents Stranger: where do your parents live? Me: with me Stranger: where do you all live? Me: together Stranger: where’s your neighbors house? Me: if I tell you, you wont believe me Stranger: tell me Me: next to my house!

X Cruz : Why my boi Daniel take wine?

VR Jayy : When dat black mom said we need to talk about this... CHIEF THATS A ASS ABOUT TO GET BEAT

Naiely Mayorga : Who else was dead with the wine bottle lmao and I expected condoms tbh :/

First Name Last Name : Ummm... Do they know "Pedo" means fart in spanish????

ZEX Oneeyed : 3:35 "you look cute from your bitmoji"

Sunny Mathews : Hell nah. Parents shouldn't invade kids privacy like that unless the kid is like 11 and under.

Haley Green : I only use snapchat for the filters

Xx_Silver_Wolf_xX : Ya girl rolls up on a hover board....

Aslan _ : they will never talk to anyone ever 😂

UNKNOWN USERNAME : I feel bad, for the kids.

itx me : I love how he says "Dont talk to strangers on snapchat." Then at the end he tells us, to add him, WHEN WE DONT KNOW PERSONALLY. I'm confused.

David Lockwood : Classy dude with wine there, better date ideas than me honestly

polesmoker : "All My Friends Are In My Phone"

Anouchka : Who else thought we would see condoms in the kids bag?

Jillian Gonzalez : *Who knew ash Ketchum was an alcoholic....*

simply satisfying : Stranger:hop on in Me:why Stranger:I've got chicken nuggets Me:already in the van

gacha studio Vip : 1 like =1☕ _edit_ :also comment ☕ ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● ☕☕

Awesome Pickle Be Random : Shows people to not follow random people on social media. Tells everybody at the end of the video to follow him on Snap Chat

Joanna Caitlin : Everybody's here laughing at the kid's wine, I'm laughing at how the mum was wearing the mask in the last one 😂

أنا غني مقاتل : Lol that bottle of wine

Mathew Tran : If someone tries to take advantage of me id rape them

Alex - Galaxy : Okay fair enough encourage your kids not to talk to strangers but seriously? Parents shouldn't be able to see literally everything from camera roll to instagram like literally no privacy

G.L.S German.Launch.System Area 46 : Good that i blocked that wierd number on whatsapp for sure...becouse i dont want to be kidnapped

Nuke : That 5 grader with a wine made me laugh wtf does he think of himself

Lil Uzi universe : You took a bottle a wine, your 12, to meet a strange person at the park? Yes

X Kay4 : I’ve a question Ino this is supposed to learn the children but the mothers are embarrassing him even tho they blurr the kids faces out someone somewhere will know what there mother looks like


managadsil Amoy : Your like Catfish:the tv show

wifebeater69 : Holy shit this video is comedy gold

TehJosh TehJosh : *w i n e*

Michael Hale : That spy software is too much bro fr id hate to have my parents spy on my shit 24:7

DaEpicCookies : Some parents are too strict, spying on your kids is not the solution to the problems you have with them.

AnnaK Entertainment : The question is why the kid brought wine... he's 12

GTSteven YT : 😂 80% of this fans are not gonna like this app

im yourmom : Coby your a good guy. Sub to coby

omar lobo : Who would Thought the kid bought guns and a condom🤣🤣😂😂😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣leave a like and coment


Ran 00725 : Stranger : do you want to meet up anywhere Me: sure where is your house Stranger: *gives the address* Me: thanks idot *calls the police on them*

baesicalyssa : “wine?!”

Nia Brown : Well he got a bottle of wine? And when the girl was getting yelled at by her mom he was just standing there like: why did I choose this job?

H Coomer : *watching this next to parent* “this app called mspy makes you able to see your kids messages.” *immediatly turns off phone.

Luis Delcid : WTF THE 12 YEAR OLD BOY BROUGHT WINE!!!!!🤬😡😱