The Dangers Of Snapchat (Child Predator Experiment)

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Coby Persin : 50k likes for Part 4 Xbox live edition!!!!!

dgreen 4 : Do you ever have any kids that pass the test and if so could you make a video about them too?

JadeKook 97 : I would fall with a name of Jackson😂

Luca Cruz : the 3rd one was so dramatic

Daddies Play toy : Literally kids have no respect now day

Paul Huang : Daniel fucked up with the wine

High Moto : Plot twist coby is actually a pedo and plans to kidnap one of those kids secretly Edit: omg over 50 likes this is a dream come true

Kskssksksks 1234 : See a white van hell no *leaves* Sees white van with candy logo hell yeah *goes inside*


Daddies Play toy : Oof

Kaylea Schmidgall : ruining childhoods 1 by 1 , awesome job coby

Thomas Hayes : The thing is with the first girl she didn't let them in the house  she was like "who r u" like u would normally do

Livi Loves Life : Showed this to my classmate (Let's call her Laar). Laar was like "Ohhhh my gawd. I need to meet mai frens frum Snapchat." Then I showed her this video. h a h. Serves that bully right.

Crystal Stars : Bruh The Girl Came On A HoverBoard Watch a savage 🤣

Can I get 100 subs without Any vids? : Lol that stalker software is both useful but it also passes private property, you should trust your kids, and that isn’t going to help if you believe there keeping important stuff from you, I mean most people would trust there partner and wouldn’t be using that software on there partner so why your OWN child?

NutShell : This kids must hate him😂😂😂

Emma Monteiro : WINE???!!!!!! HE'S 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


KSA_MJHOOL : 9:40 She wants the D !!!! ;)

T K : When Coby was pretending to be a girl (Jessy or Jeesi)I though at the basketball court Coby was gonna have a short pink dress on, a blonde wig, and horrible make up and Coby was gonna say *HEYYYYYY SEXYYY!!!!! IT'S ME JESSY OR JESSI THE GIRL OF SNAOCHAP!!!!!* ;) AS I'm so weird.....

Vensuela Mitchell : I think the software is cool but I think it should be used on rare occasions due to the fact that a teenager should be given more privacy.

Sammy’s Gaming : If I brought wine my mom would hit me with a sandal

NetAndyCz : Some kids do not deserve privacy. They deserve a lesson (preferably harmless one like in this video). Not everyone on the internet is out to get you, but I think you should always suspect the worst and plan accordingly.

Onyx : Lmfao he brought wine 😂😂😂😂

Patrick Kristian : Ya took a bottle of wine and you’re 12?! Hey Mom, the drunker the better! IVE TAUGHT YOU SO WELL!

D and G : Yo this 12 year old had 🍷 😔😔😔

Last Poptart : How is he 12 in 9th grade

E Lowe : Little man was trying to pop bottles!!

Levitating Cookie Gamer : OMG the second one suprised me WINE? HE IS 12

Nate Montero : Savage😂

Gyhlo : No way that’s ps236 the second one

GamerX 007 : Wow 😂😂

Nourhan Badawy : Ohhhh k then that's how the damn Daniel meme started

Mottaboy-24 : I died when she pulled up on the hover board 😂 💀

Tyler Luther : Parents are hella strict

Angry Chick : The bottle of wine got me dead 😂

Austo Li : I feel bad

Bailey Trafford : Daniel:oh hi I’m Daniel yeah I’m going to bring some stuff like wine and nothing else me:who the heck bring wine to a kid play date or date

Abdusamed Dragolovcanin : 08:10 thats a dope ass house

T K : 8:45 I bet she got her tail BEAT with a LONG LONG PATTEL when she got home XD

Hailee Allan : She said shes walking over, more like hover boarding over lol

Lexi Marie : i love these videos

Ulises Arellanes : Nice way to test her

Kadirhan Ağgün : GOOD !

Anita Malina : Nice apps

Dat Emu Is a Cupcake : Holy shit that kid had wine

Janis Ashfaq : Its hilarious how nosy the girl Sasha is

FlipKicK : lmaoooo wine

Just Shinbi : How to stalk ur kids and have them move out (Download mspy)

Doggo from Universe 2 : I like it how coby persin is so chill.