The Dangers Of Social Media (Snapchat Edition)

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Coby Persin : 50k likes for Part 4 Xbox live edition!!!!!

GTSteven YT : 😂 80% of this fans are not gonna like this app

Topno jose pranav : The kids will be like "I will kill Coby Persin"😂

Topno jose pranav : The first girl was like I don't fuckin care😂

Aslan _ : they will never talk to anyone ever 😂

Na Lee : 5:56 What

Silentc0re : Don't use snapchat kids 10:37 MAKE SURE U GUYS FOLLOW ME ON SNAPCHAT Haha love u Coby 😂

MrJaZz : Kid brings wine to play basketball ....hahahhaahah

Aniket Sonawane : Nice Video bro

Abdirahman Omar : Omg 😂😂😂 this 12-year old boy took a bottle of wine to meet his new girlfriend 😂😂😂


Adona 1234 : Wtf i would NOT have reacted that calmly if my kid had a bottle of wine in his bag

DJDom FTW : I’ve seen better acting on pornhub

Emma M : My jaw almost dropped when I found out the 12 yo boy had wine. What the fuck dude

Nick23457 : That last girl was probably more scared that it was her mom than a stranger

Kennedy Jones : 7:48 this girl rode down to his house on a hover board. Try hard.

Younes Berrada : acting 10/10

Adam Charlton : 8:48 She could have given her daughter a heart attack! 😮

Tiger Gamer : Lol i wish steve has another child and falls for the same experiment 😂😂😂😂😂

Nuke : 85 view 1k likes looks like youtube is on marijuana

EdielG : "I met him on Snapchat" Wine LMAO

CMPLX16 : This spyware app is creepy, imagine your mom or dad looking through your browser history 😂

WolfKingJS54 : That kid that went to the basketball court is in so much trouble that he had a bottle of wine with him

billiam42 : There is no danger in social media if I am the pedo

Dhana Ariivala : 1:01 way to ruin your daughter’s privacy :/ i mean sure, i guess she’s just not mature enough to be trusted with social media

Lilly Owusu : Can we see the ass beatings too?!

Adam Charlton : Wine 😂😂😂

Ramos YT : Damn 12 years old bringing wine to drink and stuff lmao he might've wanted to get her drunk and maybe do you know what😂

canada 59554 : That app is a lack of privacy, honestly if u need it you just failed at being a parent

Black Jesus : Its wrong spying your own kids...

nacho : Hes 12, goddamn He feels like a Gangster and steals wine. When I was 12 I still played with my legos.

Aftab Mugheri Aftab : Snapchat must b banned under 18 years....

JackTheBus : kind of a really weird app lol...

Dillon & Devin : who watching this and saying im deleting my snapchat right now like if thats how you feel

San Not Nas : This nigga brought wine😂😂😂

Moby Olabisi : He took fricking wine..... 😑 WTHHH

Calpis Soda カルピスソーダ : Nigga wine for an appointment? What year are we in, 2056?

¿Que Pasta? : Ehheee that 12 year old kid was a savage that stole some wine and met strangers

ashley williams : If you think an app to see what your kid is doing is an invasion of privacy then you’re crazy. My mom trusted me and did everything she could to have open dialogue and i still snuck behind her back and did things. I almost got kidnaped and i would be dead right now if it wasn’t for my mom. Checking your phone is for your safety and it doesn’t matter if you’re a great parent kids will do things because they are still learning. Your parents just want the best for you. You will thank them in the end.

I AM DERP. no shit! : Wtf????? If i found that bottle i would slam it on his head!

Collis Will : This I didn't understand 😦

Sophie Harding : feel like the MSpy thing is an invasion or privacy..

Chris Weiss : David looking like a predator tho😂😂

Chilled Euphoria : Waiting for h3h3

Adriana razo : The kid with the wine left me in tears 😂😂😂

Kevin Garcia : so the point of these videos is to not make friend's

Nuke : That 5 grader with a wine made me laugh wtf does he think of himself

BreakDanceCrew : Daniel just wanted to get laid ;(

MrGoku565 : You have to do this more often man honestly

Diriaigioin : Hey H3h3