The Dangers Of Snapchat (Child Predator Experiment)

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Coby Persin : 50k likes for Part 4 Xbox live edition!!!!!

-_Diamond_- : 3:34 12 and in 9th grade and the "girl" he's talking to is 13 and in 10th wow logic

Hannah Melissa : First one should have gone on longer..

Cabbage Cart : You know this planet is screwed when a 12 year old boy tries to get drunk with a random girl

Cassy Adorable : The first girl literally didn’t care, she was like “I met him on snap chat” or “he’s my friend” like it didn’t matter.

Hardcore Clan : She pulled up with a hover board 😂

Balta Bueno : 7:46 Lol she literally "rolled in"

Natalia Sofía Rodriguez : Hahaha He brought a bottle of wine

Jay Marti : what unemployed parents do for fun

ART LIFE : I will never show this app to my parents

Banana Boomerang : I have Snapchat but if any random person makes a friend request I ignore it

JackTheBus : kind of a really weird app lol...

Malena Guilarte : Oh shit.. 5:37

Jurnee Ross : Sasha's mother is so beautiful

XEROX 1738 : Ok I like that you want to take care of your child but Your diss respecting there privacy so you should stop the app it’s disrespectful and people can abuse it

Juanita Castillo : The last mom yelled a lot 😆 its for ur own good people

Joanna Caitlin : Everybody's here laughing at the kid's wine, I'm laughing at how the mum was wearing the mask in the last one 😂

Brickmaster 517 : Dam Daniel

Pamela Kidovic : when it's raining and u don't wanna get your new shoes wet so u just ride your hover board

Anjali Johal : I'm 12 and with these videos help me understand the dangers of social media. I only have snapchat and I only talk to people I know plus my tracker is on ghost mode.

TaeBae is5 : Daniel+fake profile=wine

StraingerThingz : I love the dad's voice.. he needs to be casted as an Italian Mobster in movies..

May Son : This is sad. I mean im just thinking like what if "Jackson" really grew on them and they thought they had a good friend to realise it was a trick their parents did to teach them a lesson...

Midori Gurin : This is why I only add my friends

Brianna Fierro Marchan : The wine part has me dying lmao omg 😂

Thi Tran : You are the nicest guy and very smart to

Na Lee : 5:56 What

Flame Falcon Gaming : 2:41 *cue the ali-a intro*

Adrianna Dunlevy : Now I’m paranoid about talking to my friends about anything personal on text because my mom could just go online and read lol anyone else?!😂

ramon garcia : to far

aeris evanson : I think you should just raise your kids right and trust them not us and apparently unless they are out of control

Rafted Designs : The last girl had her hover board ready and everything

R4iN Draco : He is 12 in 9th grade tf?

Zay Zay : instead of yelling at that 2nd boy you should've broken his ankles 1 on 1 instead, bet he wouldn't go to a basketball court ever again.

Merlin 88888888 : Everyone knows that boy didn’t want to just meet in the park

SuperChickenXXX /Roblox : He says don't add people you don't know. But then he plugs his Snap.

wifebeater69 : Holy shit this video is comedy gold

Autumn W : You guys are great examples for us little kids because im a little kid but no age telling for you

Elliott Dwayne Kho : Wow social media is very dangerous right now

Gaming life Jelly bean : Lol lol lol lol

Nebula : The website is rlly good for girlfriends and boyfriends, If they cheat on you.Please luke to spread it

Ultra Rexy : Mom said Her Daughter is in *Idiot* SAVAAAAAAAAAAAGE

Jastew 101 : U look cute from ur Bitmoji 😂😂😂

LilarBear Broke Yo Ankles : 5:44 Ooohhhh snap

Tyler Edwatds : Me:Kids these days so foolish My friends: You just put a mouse trap on your tod

DeGameJongen : I hope my dad doesnt have this Mspy

Jasnicorn Blah blah blah : I like the mother’s tough love on the last part You can tell by how she cried she really knows she did something wrong and won’t do it again, she’s truly upset what she did

Little Pickle : 😂he was just talking about the dangers of snapchat and at the end he said follow me on snapchat! 😂

Pugamer 05 : I don’t like this app as a teenager! Imagine me speaking with my girlfriend and my mom seeing what I am texting to her!I mean that we need some privacy.I know this kids have gone too far but u can’t freaking spy us!!!

Waffles De Nugget : "I'm gonna go to the snapchats" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂