The Dangers Of Snapchat (Child Predator Experiment)

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Coby Persin : 50k likes for Part 4 Xbox live edition!!!!!

Joanna Caitlin : Everybody's here laughing at the kid's wine, I'm laughing at how the mum was wearing the mask in the last one 😂

Lindsey Smith : When she found the wine in his backpack I died lol😂

Farres Da Savage : He brings wine LMFAO!!!!😂😂

-_Diamond_- : 3:34 12 and in 9th grade and the "girl" he's talking to is 13 and in 10th wow logic

KJC COVERS : 95% of the comments are about the win 5% about the video

Ebanks Studios : Nahhhh he had a bottle of wine I'm deeeead 😂😂😂

MLB Show215 : He's getting kids in trouble

Doodle Noodle Grace : I under stand the mspy app for ages 6-11 but for grown teens (12-16) that’s kinda just invading their privacy and stalking there profiles I can understand but going through their messages is kinda bs

Isaiah wessel : when i saw the wine im like MY MAN

Landuuu : I bet all these kids hate you... But it's enjoyable to watch

ThatOneEmoBandFan 28 : In the first text convo: “Stranger Things is so good.” IM DYING 😂

Jistrix : My dad is to never know about that spy thing. NEVER

MORNING STAR : Lol the boy who brought the wine though 😂😂 maybe his tryin to drunk the girl and then have fun.. Ya know 😂😂

Good Guy : Coby is always standing their awkwardly lmao

Colby Stockdale : Dude your making a recipe for crazy parents

Aslan _ : they will never talk to anyone ever 😂

Pan Leo : bro that app is way too much

depresionjunky : 5:25 Kid: yes mom I AM kidding you there’s cameras everywhere.we wanted to see how parents react to kids reacting to pedo’s.

Nothing Special : TF my parents don't even let me go to my friends house... my BEST friends who i have known for YEARS and that my mom knows their parents... ALSO THEY LIVE 2 STREETS AWAY... THE HECK 😒... one day she got mad because I didn't call her during a meet up... i didn't have a phone during that time 😑

Vitoria_Plays_ : I mean I get the whole parental instinct to protect and wanting to monitor your kids so they don’t get in trouble and to understand them more and understand what they do but I think this might be the wrong way to go about it bc it’s an invasion of privacy. You lose your kid’s trust with this type of stuff and they become confined and feel betrayed

Rafted Designs : The last girl had her hover board ready and everything

lucky ducky : damn that kid pulls up with a bottle of wine? man if i did that i will get spancked on the ass so i think the new color of my ass will be a mix of red , blue and purple and the fact that my family isn't allowed to drink wine the felling is not good *at all*

Celine The Lil Boi : Why is a twelve year old in 9th grade?!

Jazzy’s Life : That kid seriously brought wine 🍷!!!!!!!

Uchiha Takeshi : Just figured out that the whole video was an ad...

GTSteven YT : 😂 80% of this fans are not gonna like this app

Voltage 127 : Hasn't the first ones dad become a meme or something? "ARE U CRAZY, R U OUTA UR MIND"

Patrick Nyakudarika : Nah the software is way too much they shouldnt be doin this to us

Photobomb : These are the best yt channels teaching you how to live life safe

Sleep-in Girl : I would never use Snapchat, exept for its filter things

LasterPlayz : Daniel is in 9th grade and he's 12? tf

Toti Asiata : Yo even the black girl? Shiet she dont got the black instincts like I do

ML daBOSSS : 2:43 he’s like Hansen, but for the kids

Josh Evans : Man I’m 16 an I will drink when ever I want lol this videos is gay lmfao

Ásgeir Ásgeirsson : This is bad parenting

Hailie Makowski : I can't believe he actually brought wine in the second one that's depressing he doesn't know them

Blessing x : He fully had wine in his backpack 💀💀💀

Blessing x : I would've preferred apple juice.

Lauz : the app where you can stalk your kids private life is just wrong and fucking creepy

ChocolateCakeeee : The thing is I feel that the app on the dads computer was invading the girls privacy, but I also agree that parents should know where there kids are. Maybe a phone tracking app would be right.

dgreen 4 : Do you ever have any kids that pass the test and if so could you make a video about them too?

That Boy Gaming : DAMN DANIEL

Kira Robbins : 1:53 RIVERDALE


Asian Nation : Age 3?

Nuke : That 5 grader with a wine made me laugh wtf does he think of himself

Ana_Breeana : This is why I have no friends JK XD

I love youtube : If any of these people where me I would have been like be there in 2 mins (aka I'm sleeping....😂)

Super Noob-io Bros : LOL