Jake Makes The Criminals Sing | Season 5 Ep. 17 | BROOKLYN NINE-NINE

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amber De Fere : The best scene in B99 history 😂😂😂

Godot : Why would Fox do something stupid like cancel Brooklyn Nine-Nine when they made brilliant scenes like this?

Rachie And The Waves : Dang, No.3 has some pipes

Olivia : This is the best thing ever 😂

EPM 101 : What’s with the extreme variation among suspects?

Alexandra Corvo : i swear on everything that i've watched this video over 50 times now.

SurprisingShia : Press F to pay respects.

hugo : So brilliant episodes like this one after 100+ episodes and you cancelled this. Good job lol Come on Netflix or Hulu its your chance

Syarifah Nabilah : But the middle one has a good voice

Julian Adams : My top ten moments in modern television Number 1 : This Numbers 2-10 : Anything else

Tobias Benedict Dräger : Best cold opener of Brooklyn 99. Second best is Charles story about his castration accident.

Adrian Arshad : Why did you kill her brother? He was off-key during the second stanza and said I was. Damn, he's got probable cause.

starberry t : Number 3 and number 5 nailed it OMG

Ephraim Belnap : “Backstreet Boys I’m familiar” lol Jake’s on that

Stephanie Yap : When Jake sang "now number fiiiive" that was SO GOOOD

Justin Clowater : "Hey, we should cancel this show." -Fox Executives. NBC Execs watch this. "Nah, we'll uncancel it for you."

Nick D : No #5 killed it! ...wait

NerdyGentlemanGamer : Look at the actresses expression when number 5 sings. Brilliant acting there

ninjamurai : Number 3 has to be a legit singer in real life

fandomvids : ONLY on brooklyn nine-nine.

Freeman Trash : „I‘m familiar“ Oh come on Jake as if you didn‘t have the whole album

YandereIsBae lindblind : Free Replays? Anyone? 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00

Beeby8 Reviews : Number 1: You are... my fire Number 2, keep it going: The one... desire Number 3: Believe... when I say Number 4: I want it that way Jake: Tell me why All: Ain't nothin' but a heartache Jake: Tell me why All: Ain't nothin' but a mistake Jake: Now Number 5 Number 5: I never want to hear you say Jake: Woo! All:I want it that way Jake: Chills, literal chills! Women: It was Number 5. Number 5 killed my brother. Jake: Oh my god, I forgot about that part.

bradhuygens : Notice how they sung the last part without even being told to. They were loving it

Mass Effect Lore : Singers in order from best to worst: (personal opinion) 3, 5, 1, Jake, 2, 4 Jake is close to 1 in my view though :)

Joe Tracy : Number 5 killed it

Sophie Walters : Person: So what's b99 like? Me: *forces this clip upon them*

Ashish Dhingra : Can we talk about the way #5 sang the song(with full emotions)😂😂😂.

Leo Takacs // Scam Baiting : Can we just get a whole cover from #3? xddd

DannyConny Sr. : On a scale of the best singer there it would be: 1. Number 3 2. Number 5 3. Number 1 4. Jake 5. Number 4 6. Number 2

Shan Hui Ng : Badstreet Boys

G.E. : Whenever I sing the song I add now number fiiive

Sumaiya Iqbal : "Chills!! Literal chills"

Andrew X : This is the new clip I will show people when they ask why I love Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Captain Hoyt : How could fox drop this. As they say "One Fox's garbage is another NBC's gain".

Stefanos Soteriou : Please don't cancel Brooklyn 99... Please oh please..

millicent glare : And Fox cancelled THIS masterpiece

InsaneTacoz : Someone please say I’m not the only one who wants an extended cover of the song with all those guys

Tiffany Naing : I LOVE THISSSSS

Champ Awesome : 0:48 Fox Be Like After The Outcry

Slump GodBito : Number 5 went it like he wasn’t the killer 🤣💀

Eunice Agyeiwaa : When #3 started singing and said believe. I thought damn i'll believe anything you say bby lol



Red Warden 19 : Y'all are lying if you denied that you sang along. Admit it... 😂😂😂

Dante Crailman : So glad that NBC picked this up again!


ZEC : But can we talk about #3's voice tho

Kayell : R.I.P. B-99 :(

Adi.A Official : Still upset they cancelling the show one of the best sitcom show in the 21st Century