Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Jake Makes The Criminals Sing (Episode Highlight)

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Anette Moreno : Someone get number 3 a record deal please.

Moonstar Butterfly : Because of this clip I watch this show for the first time and I'm not dissapointed

Amelie Mews : *Best scene ever!! Back Street Boys would be proud, specially of number 3, he has to sing in one of their concerts*

Emily Holeman : The Lady: Someone killed my brother Jake: OML This is so sad, Alexa play 'I want it that way'

Godot : Why would Fox do something stupid like cancel Brooklyn Nine-Nine when they made brilliant scenes like this?

Aine Cobain : I can't listen to this song without saying "NOW NUMBER FIVE"

Can of Springles : I love how number 5 was the only one who sang passionately.

Rodrigames 19 : Some dude added number 5 to the Wikipedia page of the actual song

Cody W. : Question how you kill somebody while singing backstreet boys?


Annette Maldonado : Number 5 started singing like he wasn't the murderer I'm crying

Amy Saeed : Looks like her brother didn’t want it that way.

Sean Dewara : Am i the only one who keeps playing this again and again? Edit: thanks for 182 likes:)

MORTAL KOMBAT UNIVERSE : Aww! Chills, literal chills, " it was number five, number five killed my brother , Oh my god i forgot about that part.. 😂😂😂😂😂 pure gold ladies and gentlemen 😂😂😂😂😂

Stephanie Yap : When Jake sang "now number fiiiive" that was SO GOOOD

Forever Simgirl : They all sound so good. I guess you could say they are smooth criminals 😉

Carlos Hernandez : I love their confused looks as they keep singing. LMAO

Its Poppy : Episode is season 5 episode 17

Sabrina : Whoever wrote that scene deserves an award.

Rachie And The Waves : Dang, No.3 has some pipes

Rainbow Rocks : Jake :Do you recognise any of this men Woman : I was hiding in the bathroom stall so I didn’t see his face but I heard him he singing along to the music at the bar Jake: do you remember what he was singing Woman : I think it was I want that way Jake: backstreet boys I’m familiar okay Jake : alright number one can you please sing the opening of I want it that way One : really okay you are my fire Jake : number 2 keep it going Two : the one desire Jake : number 3 Three : believe when I say Jake: number 4 Four : I want it that way Jake : tell me why Everyone : ain’t nothin but heart ache Jake : tell me whhyy Everyone : ain’t nothin but mistake Jake : now number 5 Five I never want to hear you say Jake: “scream something” Everyone : I want it that way Jake: chills literal chills Woman: It was number 5 number 5 killed my brother Jake: oh my god I forgot about that part Did this with my memory****

Vivacious Ari : "Backstreet boys I'm familiar"

Heather Chandler : They harmonized and everything lmao

Eye Zodiotic : I hate how the song isn’t stuck in my head but this exact clip...

Andrew X : This is the new clip I will show people when they ask why I love Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Koifish 79 : This is literally the best cold open I've ever seen

Versaucey : To my eyes, I see a new boy band.

AllMyFriends AreTed : TELL ME WHY this show is so underrated

Engineer : Add this scene in Spotify.

Maria Cunha : This video made me start watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine! :D

Just_Jess ASMR : I looked how number 5 looked when he sang,so i know he did it XD

Davi DeAndrade : This clip is the entirety of the show, and I love it

ItsBlue GS : Num 3 has a perfect voice for a band

Sebastian Elholm Schmidt : TELL ME WHY!

Zach Ryder : "Tell me why!!"

The Legend : That woman reminds me of Max Caulfield from Life is Strange

W : 0:46 I love how he even drags out the "telllll me why" like they do in the actual song 😂😂

Voldetort : Number 4 is dead inside😂

Alexandra Corvo : i swear on everything that i've watched this video over 50 times now.

Ethan Cooper : Half of these views are from me

Natalie Campbell : Man #3 has skills

Richa Jones : Everybody keeps singing this at my school and randomly in assembly somebody started singing it when we were supposed to be quiet and the all of the 568 kids in my year started singing backstreet boys 😂😂

Izaiah Shorten : Better than the real backstreet boys. Don't @ me

Slump GodBito : Number 5 went in like he wasn’t the killer 🤣💀


Víctor Castro : This is so much funny once you actually know the lyrics xD

rohitcr2k : The greatest cold open. Ever.

Lra K : 0:50 love that part😂😂

amber De Fere : The best scene in B99 history 😂😂😂