Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Jake Makes The Criminals Sing (Episode Highlight)

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Syarifah Nabilah : But the middle one has a good voice

Slump GodBito : Number 5 went in like he wasn’t the killer 🤣💀

Luc Grand : How is this show so underrated?

Sebastian Elholm Schmidt : TELL ME WHY!

Nick D : No #5 killed it! ...wait

Brenda Forster : I want a full length version. Anyone else?

bradhuygens : Notice how they sung the last part without even being told to. They were loving it

Justin Clowater : "Hey, we should cancel this show." -Fox Executives. NBC Execs watch this. "Nah, we'll uncancel it for you."

ethereal : ONLY on brooklyn nine-nine.

Yusuf Othman : I love how Number 5 clearly must have known he'd be busted for having sung the song, but he just couldn't help but give it his all.

InsaneTacoz : Someone please say I’m not the only one who wants an extended cover of the song with all those guys

Noah L. : *Backstreet Boys I'm familiar*

Vivien Yeow : "Chills ..literal chills" *fans himself* 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Rachie And The Waves : Dang, No.3 has some pipes


Champ Awesome : 0:48 Fox Be Like After The Outcry

Dante Crailman : So glad that NBC picked this up again!

Captain Hoyt : How could fox drop this. As they say "One Fox's garbage is another NBC's gain".

Leo Takacs // Scam Baiting : Can we just get a whole cover from #3? xddd

RedPanda : For the love of God please make Number 3 sing the full version of this song.

Adub Htown : his face after #3 .. he's so into it. 😂😂

Joyce : This clip made me start watching the show 😁

Juan Montano : And nobody confused that everyone knew the lyrics

amber De Fere : The best scene in B99 history 😂😂😂

TFrail : 0:56 Jake's "WOO!" with the point gets me every time lmao

hotaznspice : First time in 11 years I cried laughing 😂😂😂😂 made a gigantic mistake letting this show go B99 thank you for bringing us all joy beyond words =) NBC thank you for our deliverance!! Andy Samberg is LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Barry Ross : “Now numba five...” 😂😂😂

BigonBooks : Imagine that they had to do this for their AUDITION scene!

TheRetaliation18 : I love how all of them were all looking equally confused and uncomfortable while singing.

k a r i n : you know #5 is really deep in the song by the hand gesture

Ryan : Thank you NBC for renewing Brooklyn Nine Nine!

Hyperious : They should start a band. It can be called the suspects

Alexandra Corvo : i swear on everything that i've watched this video over 50 times now.

mikehadley52 : Never seen this show but this scene alone has me watching it now lol

kevinperri93 : We all knew it was number 5. He got way too into it to not be guilty

HavokzTheName : Almost every man who grew up in the 90s denies they EVER liked the Backstreet boys....Play "I want it that way" at a party when they are drunk and they will know EVERY lyric to the song.

TheFlair4thedramatic : Jesus came back from the dead in 3 days, the 9-9 did it in 1.

SurprisingShia : Press F to pay respects.

underscorecarolina : This is some iconic shit

Seth The Septicorn : Doctor: you have 88 seconds to live Me;

Master 5000 : I kinda want a episode where those guys became a acapella group.

Walkerman404 : The pure passion in Jake's voice when he screams tell me why is absolute brilliance 😂

Olivia : This is the best thing ever 😂

Zay Too Childish : I literally started watching this show because of this scene

K x : these criminals can be the next boyband i can see the future in them

Red Warden 19 : Admit it. You lot sang along too. 😂😂😂

buttery jass : *TELL ME WHYYEEE* aint nothing but a heartache??? *TEEEEELL ME WHYEE* aint nothing but a mistake??? *NOW NUMber five* *I NEVER WANNA HEAR YOU sAaYy* *WOOOAH* I want it that way.

Andrew X : This is the new clip I will show people when they ask why I love Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Callum Smith : Anyone notice how they all look real confused but number 4 just stares into space and sings

Tonkla 14 : This' the best ep in b99