Jake Makes The Criminals Sing | Season 5 Ep. 17 | BROOKLYN NINE-NINE

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Stephanie Yap : When Jake sang "now number fiiiive" that was SO GOOOD

Andrew X : This is the new clip I will show people when they ask why I love Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Alexandra Corvo : i swear on everything that i've watched this video over 50 times now.

Michelle Koh : The look in 4's eyes is priceless, can he sing the whole song please

fandomvids : ONLY on brooklyn nine-nine.

amber De Fere : The best scene in B99 history 😂😂😂

Tiffany Naing : I LOVE THISSSSS

Jamie Cartas : “Oh my God, I forgot about that part” Gahd I love this show with all my heart 💕

Beatrice Boldorini : me: b99 is awesome, it just can't get better than that B99: *JAKE MAKES SUSPECTS SINGING I WANT IT THAT WAY*

The Dark Derp : haha when Jake jumped in TELL ME WHY

juliadorable : this is the greatest sneak peek of all time

Imogen Leigh : Am I the only one see them in a band called THE LINEUP

TheGraceOfEbonee : They all have great voices though

Homa Hashime : "OMG I forgot about that part" Help me I'm dying😭😂

bella pritchard : petition for a full version from number 3

Brandon vethanayagam : NOW LET'S ADD DOUG JUDY TO THIS CHOIR!!!

Leo Takacs // Scam Baiting : Can we just get a whole cover from #3? xddd

Richard Orim : i love this show to good

Berna Z. : I'm laughing so hard, oh my God, what a brilliant scene lmao

Esha Bhardwaj : “Woooo”

Cecília Martins : TELL ME WHY! ♫ ♪

sarah lou-hope : THAT WAS AMAZING

stydiadelrey : best tv show out there and here’s why

Diana M : I love this show so much #RenewB99

D. W. : doctor: you only have 1 minute 27 seconds left to live me:

Generie Cle : All their faces when they hit the chorus. "What the hell are we doing?"

Baxter Cowhig : My god this show is great. Cannot wait until Netflix UK puts season five up.

bella pritchard : all i want is the outtakes from this scene. i don't know how they all did this with a straight face

F.A. B. : andy samberg is a gift but literally, this was great

Isabelle L : 0:47 is the cause of my death

Belle Lee : "OMG literal chills" LOVE THAT HAHAHAH

Noah Bailey : Jake at the end killed me 😂

Greg Wilmoti : I was worried brooklyn might decline in quality after jake and amy settled down like tbbt but this has crushed all doubts

Vijay Anugrah .A : Best Lineup in b99 so far : 1.This 2.Scary Terry miss the farmer market 3.cupcake match (captain holt) 4.Royal Baby

GLBizzie : This is Why B99 is the best Show ever! So Hilarious! Please don‘t axe it. It‘s like One of The Last Great Comedy

Rhys T77 : There is no better tv show

ZEC : But can we talk about #3's voice tho

chocolate chip : 0:45 #1 realising they would make a good boy band

Seventy Eight : If I was number 5 I would have pretended I didn’t even know the song. Also I love how they all sang in unison even though Jake didn’t instruct them too. Scenes too good, adding it to my bucket list.

george kills lennie : Absolutely bloody spectacular I am in TEARS

Rolling Thunder : Oh dang...if only they could of gotten the real backstreet boys to play the criminals

Demi : This is the best thing ever!!!

Rozh Jalal : That was unexpected!

alva : omg

Sarah Putri : damn number 3 sure can sing

55meds : Number 2 was kind of flat but number 5 killed it

Scarred Bert : I love how #5 was the most into it and he’s the guy

Soph B : Already dying of laughter from a preview scene, I am so excited for this episode

Simrah Malik : Does anyone watch Blindspot (or seen Thor) and think that the woman looks a lot like Jaime Alexander? (a.k.a Jane Doe/Lady Sif).

CharlieAts12927 : number 3 is a great singer and kinda cute