Raptor Egg Frank
Hatching a fresh Frank Reynolds

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"Is there a man in that couch?" The internet asked and Pixel Riot listened. It turned out very different than I expected – but sometimes you have to let the footage (and audio) guide you. I hope you enjoy it! All ad revenue is monetized by Universal Pictures. https://www.patreon.com/pixelriot/


Kazunori Aruga : Can I offer you an egg in these trying times?

tbe987 : We should be fine, unless he figures out how to open doors... “Frank Learns How to Use Doors”

ImSkywalker : How is this so well made?

The Womping Wampa : Only 816 subs? With content like this, I'm surprised you don't have at least 50K!

Chunneling Goofy : It is frankly baffling that you don't have way more subscribers.

Hotel July : Ok but this is so well done. Quality.

Mr.NotSoCreative : It's Always Sunny in Jurassic Park

Geffenleffen : I'm glad I stumbled across this channel, dude you make top shelf content. I haven't laughed this hard for a dang long while.

MrRiggyRiggs : Love this stuff, this is YouTube.

Gold Blooded : you make the best videos!!!

GOOB HOUSE : A true spectacle of beauty.

NOFOOD? : These are getting out of hand now😂😂😂😂

Tajreen&Co : Madness and genius are two sides of the same coin, and I think you have that coin 😂😂

Sumit Srivastava : Looks awesome. Good work bro, congratulations and keep it up :)

thriftydame : Why is Jeff Goldblum sooooo Jeff Goldblum?

Robots On Fire : I meet Sweet Dee today IRL.

Goldzior : Is this canon?

Third Presence MX - Trey J. Anderson : Holy smokes what an edit

diamandis80 : Jim Carrey coming out of the rhino might also fit here.

Urine Animal : Im telling you man! Keep at it and you will go BIG! Dont trust me, trust yourself lol. You have people out there that adore you :) no homo

Jean Ferruzola : AMAZING

B R I C K. : They say you are what you eat

ThrillzMUHgillz : Amazing

james may : Hahahaha

Reanimated_Dead_Flesh : Egg

Apotheosis : What an adorable baby Trashosaurus.

fourmaticTV : Welp this video is going to blow up for sure. Laughed my ass off!

Sewer Tapes : What kind of filthy degenerate thumbed this down? I'm gonna put pee pee in their mustache wax.

T L : My cum has tastefully tested my precum from the proper orientation of this FAGGOTRY.

T L : Reversed view cum for the win!