Keyboard Cat, Bento, A Tribute

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Comments from Youtube

Enny Meindra : Bento....we're all Miss you....the whole world Miss you 😢...keep it up Bud

John Cooper : Such a tradgedy has not occurred since Gabe’s death. I think we must all realize that it’s been 13 years since YouTube began, and our icons are growing old, first it’s the animals then the humans...I am saddened by few things but this is one. I hope that keyboard cat shall Rest In Peace, and be an icon in our hearts forever. NEVER FORGET. Teach the children about the early days of YouTube, and let them know it was brave souls like this, that got this platform on the map.

SuperFuzzyBros. : Keyboard cat was one of the founding meme fathers. Why did we watch these videos? Because Bento had such talent. When we were happy, he was there. When we were sad, he was playing his keyboard to cheer us up. He will be missed. He’s playing his keyboard up in Heaven. Goodbye, Bento. You will always be Keyboard Cat to us.

ALT Shad0w : Legends never die

Eross Van Leer : I was laughing 10 years ago but now I'm crying

Happy Gamers : I Am Sad R.I.P Keyboard Cat ME Cry For Keyboard Cat 1 Like =1 Pray Keyboard Cat

Anthony Silver : 1 like =1 prayer for both keyboard cats

Alppivuori : How can people dislike? They are literally hating on a dead cat... cats have feelings too

int_kirlez089 : Fatso: The original Keyboard Cat. 19?? - 1987 Bento: The replacement for fatso. He is known as the second keyboard cat. (2009 - 2018)

Stefan Technologies : 1 like - 1 pray for Keyboard Cat

Olivia Welter : Rest In Peace Little Buddy, We Will Miss You:"( I Will Never forget

THE PUNISHER : You are a legend a legend of YouTube a legend of a cat rest in peace bento you will be remembered

Laurence Gabriele Avelino : Am I seeing something..? Gabe the dog is dead Now Him?!?!?!?

saturn : This is so sad I hope he's in better place and resting well, I really can't stop crying I used to watch him when I was 4. And he was my favourite one until now R.I.P angel I hope his owners stay strong, I know how it does feel to lose your pet. I have been going through those times before.

Abrew : Прощай Бенто мы будем по скучать. :(

Filhote Saogre : 🇧🇷tou muito triste 😭😭😭😢😢❤💔💘😭😭😭😢iloviu cats😭😭💔💔❤🐺

Last gen Richthofen : Rest in piece keyboard cat we will never forget you, we will miss you😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Im Rubby : Rest in Peace Lil Buddy

ThePiGuy24 Gaming : this meme basically started the internet meme community

Ginger Cat : I’m so sad 😭

Chris Sparks : first fatso then marty (nyan cat) then harambe, and then gabe (ruff in peace) and now bento... 😔😿🎹

g Lillo : Hes now going to the death place where every dead person goes Rip stephen hillenburg Rip mac miller Rip stan lee

Edgar Cuevas : When Bongo cat see this Father?

Joseph Holder : Rip Bento will be up there with Gabe the Dog

Эрдэни Раднаев : Блин аш плакать хочется

Sean Roberts : Sure it’s sad the poor cat, but this isn’t the real one. The original was called Fatso.

NESSIE SON :333 : He died a couple days before my birthday..

Rafael Gading Pratama : *GOOD BYE MY CATP!*

Pudits.16 : now gabe has a good friend, Legends never die

Life am I right : The best nine years of my life 😭 *Rip Bento*

FAR 0FF : Who’s cutting onions?

balcony baboons : A channel has died, and a meme has ascended to heaven folks.


Shayzus : We aren’t gonna mourn your death! We will celebrate your life!

VaGe GD : We lost some good people in 2018 Stefan,Stephen hawking,Ronnie Edwards,etc. We also lost animals in 2018 Bento,Gabe,etc. In 2013 in kindergarten,my cat got put down from sickness

Spidey Spoken : Came back here to pay my respects ! RIP Bento

Cool Girl 101 : Omg I’m so sorry you had a great life buddy (Bento)

Braeden German : thanks for everything bud. we’ll see you one day.

WolfyK : Gabe the Dog and Bento will play together in Heaven...

dogg o : The original video of cat playing the keyboard is called fatso I think who died in 1987 or longer who rip him

SCP-96 Скромник : Жалко кота Он умер В 2018 От RUSSIA🇷🇺🇷🇺

Noop The Noob : Rest In Peace Bento. ;(

Brosincgaming : This still hits me hard. Miss you Bento!!!

Warfu ­ : Another YouTube legend is gone :'( (The second, this is its successor if I'm correct)

Степа Капустин : He always in my hearts (Bed English I is Russia)

zjmoo : Why are all of are meme Gods dieing rip bento your a legend

[GD] TibbyYT : 0:12 Merg. Misses. Him. Too. Cuz why would he get bento an own triangle thingy.?

Super Plumber Brothers : He's reincarnated as "Bongo Cat"

Pond Scummy : "Careful, He's A Hero"