Conan Hangs Out With His Interns
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Conan makes it a point to get to know his interns well -- especially ol' Pencil Guy and Glasses Woman. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official YouTube channel of late night host Conan O'Brien, CONAN on TBS & Subscribe now to be updated on the latest videos: For Full Episodes of CONAN on TBS, visit Get Social With Team Coco: On Facebook: ‪‬ On Google+: On Twitter: On Tumblr: On YouTube: Follow Conan O'Brien on Twitter:


Nyirobi Ojulu : “Are you a guy or a girl right now” I’m dying lmao 😂💀

Jacy Kirby : Conan interacting with pencil guy is like Michael Scott when he has to deal with Toby

Daniel3131 : Conan should get 10 million subs at least. He's funnier than Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel combined.

SplinteredX : sona gets off way to easy lmao

gralkses : "wHay aRe YOu ToUCHinG Me?! I WAs ORgasMIng! And YoU TouChed MEE?!"

somu. 22 : I just lost when he yelled "SONAAAAAAA" 3:39 lol

upland77 : "Yo, yo, yo, she interns for Conan!" 😂😂😂

TheMoonchild1969 : I got the impression that every crew member are trained comedians to some extent. Like is part of their Resume or something.

EC LOGS : Hey, just noticed, Danielle is in the "Conan furloughs staff" episode and she's the monologue assistant now.

Mr. Chopsticks : She's still organizing the sugar packets, that is brilliant.

squid : "I spoke a little 'bit with Son-." "SOOONNNAAAAAAAAA!" Lmao

Corncob Johnson real : Don't tell glasses woman but I have a crush on her

slideshowgurl : As an intern, I totally relate to the girl organizing sugar packets. Sometimes there isn't enough for you to do, so I often find myself sanitizing light switches and organizing pens haha

Best Edmonton Mall : Danielle eventually became the monologue assistant, and appeared in the staff reviews remote!

Deepak chauhan : It's so funny how they blurred the WiFi password in the background at 7:25, like we're gonna access it from here..hahaha.. seriously man

Sarah Hobbes : You’re describing an ostrich 😂

Dan Allman : I like how pencil guy ends up having a pen in his pocket

jacob nagler : I feel like I was watching an episode of the office haha

Z's Life : I swear conans interns have got to be some of the dryest people I've ever seen

User name : So this was a mini version of *Inside-Out* the glasses woman was Sadness the Pencil guy was Nervousness The Black Guy was Happiness The Red Dress woman was Confidence That Green jacket lady was Doubt

Planet Nerd : I just love that Sona is sending interns out to get her lunch while dropping Conan’s name 😂😂

Actus Reus : Hey i went to highschool with the glasses girl. She was a sweetheart. CHATSWORTH IN DA HOUSE!!!😝

Sir C : I'd love to get Jordan and "Glasses Woman" in the same room just to see how awkward they are together.

Awesome Girl : All the interns are subtly laughing at the others misfortune, and Conan keeps checking Evans name tag

SYJEN : Lmao they all looked so scared to say anything wrong and Sona is just like "walks away"...

Karen Merrell : Glasses Lady is naturally funny, hysterically so. He should be paying those interns! They deserve it.

Leto2ndAtreides : Funny, but not sure a good kind of funny. Ending should've been nicer.

K. A. : Sugar Packet Glasses Girl needs a promotion 🤣

BboyXposure : Conan is ALWAYS wearing that jacket 😂

Jonathan Asdell : Interns = free labor


skunkFU : The sugar packets lady xD

1234constantine : I wonder if Pencil Guy and Glasses Woman learned anything from their interactions with Conan.

Kerri D : Girl in the grey cardigan never got a word in lmfao

chinamannomad : Another appearance by the Ministry of Silly Walks!

Jason Wang : This is classic, every time I see this episode I lmao

Bill Bear : Pencil guy should talk to Jordan Schlansky.

Mick : Who else was waiting for him to overturn that organiser with all the sugar etc?

Dominic Kurts : "He killed Conan in a bar.. with a pencil, with a fkng pencil."

potorrero : So Danielle went from being an intern to be the Monologue Assistant.. Good job!

Buzzman : I think I will binge Conan all day today.

가가멘 : that sugar packet girl has potential to be next generation of Jordan Schlansky...

SpaghettiandSauce : So when Conan wants a sandwich: he has to tell Sona, then Sona tells Nick, then Nick tells Evan. It must take forever to get anything done. . . . .

Gregory Gilmer : OMG! I'm in tears. "I'm having an orgasm and you touched me?!" He's brilliant.

Edevaldo Silva : Conan: ""He was told to get Conan's lunch, but Cona didnt eat lunch, Conan didnt even ordered lunch" Nick: "I spoked with Sona" Conan: "SOONAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAH

indecent proposal : Love how Danielle was cracking up the entire time. She's freakin adorable 😅

Monika : "there's medication for what you have" hahahhaha

Kam B : Hahah that boom mic kept making a small appearance

WestCoast FiRe : Sugar packet lady is Jordan Schlansky's sister.