WILDEST rose ceremony moment: Minh-Thu confesses love, but NOT to the Bachelor Vietnam
First time in The Bachelor VN and any history where girl rejects the rose for true love in another contestant

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Instead, with fellow contestant, Truc-Nhu. DIỄN BIẾN GÂY SỐC TRONG THE BACHELOR VIETNAM: Thí sinh Minh Thư tỏ tình với Trúc Như và rời khỏi Anh Chàng Độc Thân! ►Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/bachelorviet... ►Website : http://www.thebachelorvietnam.com/ ►Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBIU... ►Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/thebachelor... ►Twitter : https://twitter.com/TheBachelorVN © Bản quyền thuộc về Warner Bros © Copyright by Warner Bros ☞ Do not Reup © Bản quyền thuộc về The Bachelor Việt Nam © Copyright by The Bachelor Việt Nam ☞ Do not Reup © Đơn vị sản xuất HappyCanvas và Fusion3 Media © Produce by HappyCanvas and Fusion3 Media


Lauren Tress : honestly this is the moment all lesbian bachelor fans have been dreaming of and I am LIVING

Kufoko : The other contestant got back to the show after that BUT ONLY because both girls decided to take some time so they could sort their feelings out. After two episodes Truc Nhu left the show too and now they are together. So YES, dreams come true and now I want to watch the entire season with this scene above as the finale, like bachelor who??❤️🏳️‍🌈

William S : All y’all salty people saying she came back, yes, BUT she left again and they got together!!!

XO : I hope life doesn't get harder for that girl who came out.

David Huynh : Can we get a show about them please?

Unemotional Bitch : Ok, can we talk about the girl in the red dress? She's crying too 😥

Franck Class : now I’m bout to be watching the Vietnamese bachelor bc this is juicy. Whole another level of drama.

ツCereza : 20gayteen has been a plentiful harvest

Szaam : I hope it wasn't fake, because it seemed so real. She really did seem to be so in love with her. It reminded me of when I was in love. Love is love. Men can love women, women can love men, men can love men, and women can love women. It doesn't matter which direction it comes from. It's an incredibly beautiful thing that one person can feel such intense affection toward another.

johanna006 : Producers desperately trying to keep her from ending the whole show.


Reeno Beano : According to updates they are an official couple now


Glhrd : i'm the other girl crying into the rose witnessing this

savanna : Money can buy a lot of thing in life, but real love be isn’t on of them. This is amazing ❤️❤️

Sakia Cottrell : Fake or real I don’t care, I stand by love over money and fame! Love is amazing, love feels good

Spooky Deer : ah this is super cool to see!

TvT TvT : It's not fake, Truc Nhu and Minh Thu are having a happy life now, "Truc Nhu Minh Thu" is their channel. I really admire them 😞

Maika Le : You can find them on YouTube. They're currently dating. You can see so much chemistry between them in other videos as a couple.

pgfamilyfriendly hoe : Imagine your OTP


JaewonEun : Comming-out is never easy. I wish they live in a happy future.

Okimokay Hi : he chased her down nd convinced her to stay the short hair ‘ cuz he don’t wanna get rejected so they don’t end up together 💔

Sakiko Senpai : when life is like a soap opera but in such a WONDERFUL WAY

L Rush : "After talking to Trung, I've changed my mind to accept his rose and continue on this journey," she said. Don't meet your hero's.

Crystal Huynh : Sad for Ladies. Even she return but I thing He got no felling anymore w Her.

give me attention : this is so powerful

Nicohakuu1 : My theory for the reason that the lady who returned to the bachelor, was that she had too much social pressure from her relatives to follow her true heart.

Jennis WtfArt : My god my heart jvjfydgdhcnc that was adorable

Absurdist1968 : On the one hand: SNAP! On the other hand: STUNT!

BornfreeLive4me : This was posted on MSN regarding this clip "That's not the end of the happy, or unhappy, ending. Although the two women left the rose ceremony together, Next Shark noted that at the last minute, Nhu changed her mind and returned to the show to compete for Trung's affections"

Tahnaya F : 20gayteen is running smoothly

Charly Mex : Yaaaaaaaas! lol I saw this on Wendy and I had to..... Loooooove!

Moon Jar : I just came across this and i already love it💕

warriorbard : Plot twist! If this is unscripted then it's absolutely bloody brilliant!

shqipe L : God bless them this is beautiful

Piraikannan rajendran : Congratulations Guys 😍😍😘❤

Complex Savage : LMAOOOO TF IS GOING ON 💀💀💀

P J : because of this, im gonna watch it now

arlene0725 : Hooorayyy for the gals 😄🌈🤙🏽🤓

kiyo : What a total scam. The second girl ended up changing her mind to accept the rose. Talk about "true love". I was under the impression that they left together at first to be together. Shameless.

Farha Buh : now this is good tv

BAD MONA : Truly beautiful. People to need to follow their hearts more often, just like that. Best wishes to both those ladies, and the bachelor too.

Denny C. Le : I love this!! Does anyone know where I can watch full episodes of this on the internet?!

sethorlando : i love this so much!

tie oneon : best be a vid on their encounter

Nam Balloon : this is still iconic in a sad way (?) and then the short hair girl changed her mind :( i feel so bad for the long haired girl i hope she can live a great life with many opportunities ahead of her

Shawn Pooley : What this clip doesn't show is the second woman changed her mind, and came back to re-claim her rose.

Free Ma : Please know that mess is scripted too, for maximum drama. Them chicks prolly in witness protection now. Not all countries are free to "choose"!