WILDEST rose ceremony moment: Minh-Thu confesses love, but NOT to the Bachelor Vietnam

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Alex : To everyone saying the girl with the shorter hair changed her mind and came back on the show -- yes, she did, but only because they both discussed what would be best and she wanted to see if her feelings were genuine or simply caused by proximity for living in the house together for so long. Two episodes later she returned her rose to be with the other girl, and they're currently dating. Unlike what everyone else in the comments is saying this love story DOES have a happy ending. ♡

Lauren Tress : honestly this is the moment all lesbian bachelor fans have been dreaming of and I am LIVING

David Huynh : Can we get a show about them please?

Franck Class : now I’m bout to be watching the Vietnamese bachelor bc this is juicy. Whole another level of drama.

XO : I hope life doesn't get harder for that girl who came out.

Sohvi : 20gayteen has been a plentiful harvest

Kufoko : The other contestant got back to the show after that BUT ONLY because both girls decided to take some time so they could sort their feelings out. After two episodes Truc Nhu left the show too and now they are together. So YES, dreams come true and now I want to watch the entire season with this scene above as the finale, like bachelor who??❤️🏳️‍🌈

Szaam : I hope it wasn't fake, because it seemed so real. She really did seem to be so in love with her. It reminded me of when I was in love. Love is love. Men can love women, women can love men, men can love men, and women can love women. It doesn't matter which direction it comes from. It's an incredibly beautiful thing that one person can feel such intense affection toward another.

William S : All y’all salty people saying she came back, yes, BUT she left again and they got together!!!

johanna006 : Producers desperately trying to keep her from ending the whole show.


Shawn Pooley : What this clip doesn't show is the second woman changed her mind, and came back to re-claim her rose.

Reeno Beano : According to updates they are an official couple now


savanna : Money can buy a lot of thing in life, but real love be isn’t on of them. This is amazing ❤️❤️

KOSMOS : And then she comes back moments later because she "changed her mind" lol Such garbage tv

Okimokay Hi : he chased her down nd convinced her to stay the short hair ‘ cuz he don’t wanna get rejected so they don’t end up together 💔


L Rush : "After talking to Trung, I've changed my mind to accept his rose and continue on this journey," she said. Don't meet your hero's.

BornfreeLive4me : This was posted on MSN regarding this clip "That's not the end of the happy, or unhappy, ending. Although the two women left the rose ceremony together, Next Shark noted that at the last minute, Nhu changed her mind and returned to the show to compete for Trung's affections"

Leo G. : yes, she did stay by that’s only to see if their feelings were only because they lived close together but now they’re happily together !!!

Todd Le : Vietnamese don't talk like this in real life! There's colloquial speech that people use to converse, and there's the kind of scripted dialogue that you hear from Vietnamese entertainment programs (kich, cãi lůong, ..). This sounds like they are reading from cue cards! 🤨😄

Spooky Deer : ah this is super cool to see!


Maika Le : You can find them on YouTube. They're currently dating. You can see so much chemistry between them in other videos as a couple.

Therasak Chaibundit : 😘❤️❤️All the love from Thailand 👍🏻👍🏻

poi poi : Love is love🏳️‍🌈 :)

Anuu Gombo : This is scripted right? Wtf

Adam Churvis : I remember when the "Bachelor"-type series first broadcast years ago, and it was incredibly obvious that every moment of it was "Staged Without Script," where the NDA-restricted actors (and that is all they are) are assembled before each scene and told what they are going to do in general, and leave it up to them to come up with the exact words, thereby making it appear to have at least SOME bit of realism. One of the first was some bodybuilder guy who they claimed was in construction, so they showed him trying to operate a backhoe. It was comical, if you knew anything about operating a backhoe. It was obvious he was told what levers to throw to make things happen about two minutes before they shot the scene, and he was startled with each jerky move the machine made. I turned away and never turned back. In fact, it was shortly after that when we threw away our television set because everything was turning into a "Bachelor"-type program. So what I don't understand is, how is it that people either 1. don't understand that it's all staged, or 2. know that it's all staged yet continue watching it? These shows are purported to be "Reality." Could you please identify which one of these two types of viewer you are, and why?

Zabi Qargha Jr : So staged.

pgfamilyfriendly hoe : Imagine your OTP

Nicohakuu1 : My theory for the reason that the lady who returned to the bachelor, was that she had too much social pressure from her relatives to follow her true heart.

Grayson Melita : this is so powerful

Justmyopinionlol : what the hell, this is not what I expected lol. Lesbo love for the win!!! I am in before the LGBTers turn this to a viral bomb.

Glhrd : i'm the other girl crying into the rose witnessing this

Faithful is He : Here some fake tissues for them fake tears girl lol

Nga Nguyen : Oh CUTE LOVE🤗🤗🤗👍👍😂😂😂NICE 💖💋💋

Absurdist1968 : On the one hand: SNAP! On the other hand: STUNT!

Kiyo Love : What a total scam. The second girl ended up changing her mind to accept the rose. Talk about "true love". I was under the impression that they left together at first to be together. Shameless.

Eunjung want ME : This is not fake! I followed their facebook and they made youtub acc which upload their trip together, very cute and the short hair girl even introduce her gf to the family :xx I love them, the way they talk to each other is so adorable. Short hair girl called “Robot” while shes calling her gf “doll”

Nathaniel UncleDrew : ✂✂✂🔥🔥🔞

DitMeManhDungTriet : hcm cũng thú nhận yêu Mao, còn Nông thị Xuân chơi chạy

Saika : They're together now😊✨ The girl getting confess to decide to stay two more episodes just to figure things out, but then she said her love was already waiting at home and left the show😭❤️

Ruslan Volkonsky : Oh it's probably a publicity stunt.

warriorbard : Plot twist! If this is unscripted then it's absolutely bloody brilliant!

Lina Tran : Season 1 is dead.

Nam Balloon : this is still iconic in a sad way (?) and then the short hair girl changed her mind :( i feel so bad for the long haired girl i hope she can live a great life with many opportunities ahead of her

Rabbit M : oh yeah i see why that 2 girl not choose him cuz he seem like player good for them . this guy got a problem how come he got everything but no true love i bet he got so many girl in his life to much end up no one he be falling in love . that so sad no girl trust his love .toi tuoi nay con len tv show de tim true love dung la loser that . tuong ta cung kg te ma chang ai thuong that long that toi nghep. nguoi ta xau xi va ngheo cung co tinh yeu dang nay giau ca nhu him chang co tinh yeu chan that . to find true love u got to be your self be honestly don’t be so much show of your $ reason why u still single cuz u to much player around .

Denny C. Le : I love this!! Does anyone know where I can watch full episodes of this on the internet?!

Unemotional Bitch : Ok, can we talk about the girl in the red dress? She's crying too 😥