What If You Were the Last Human on Earth?

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So you wake up one day and find that you're the only person left in the world. Kind of cool, right? No obligations, no rules, no limits. Go nuts! Actually, go for the exotic fruits first. If your mangos and bananas are imported from overseas, chances are they'll be hard to get to. So eat them while you can, and enjoy every last bite. Sources: https://insh.world/disaster/what-if-you-were-the-last-human-on-earth/ Watch more what-if scenarios: Planet Earth: http://bit.ly/whatif-YT-Earth Cosmos: http://bit.ly/whatif-YT-Cosmos Technology: http://bit.ly/whatif-YT-Tech Your Body: http://bit.ly/whatif-YT-Body Thumbnail by TheBakaArts: https://www.deviantart.com/thebakaarts/art/Travel-505882163 What If asks some of the most provocative hypothetical questions in science — and then tries to answer them with the help of established scientific theory and the latest research. Follow what-if on Instagram for bonus material: https://www.instagram.com/what.if.show/ Follow the show on Facebook Watch: https://www.facebook.com/What.If.science


Jazzy Abalo : I can finally push the button of fire alarm at school.

Jimin Got Jams : Wakes up and theres no one *Runs to the pet store*

XxNATE29xX : Imagine being the last and get stuck in a hole

The R Word : According to the Title People in the International Space Station would still be alive 🤔

mariel假 : *i'm alright with it, i can't stand socializing*

juicysocks : I'm extremely anti social but if I had nobody to talk to, i would go insane probably

ensee trash : You were the last human on earth. Night time came then someone knocked at the door. Last time you remember you were the only one here narrator: she's died. Lmao

Sam Smith : Exotic fruits? You are crazy. I would go straight for taco bell.

Billy Bob : Step one should be make a friend named Wilson out of a volleyball.

SUSHANT 007 : He start moving around naked in city ..and suddenly realized he's not last person😂😂😂😂

Jewel Balansag : Step 1: GO STUPID! AHHHHH Step 2: GO CRAZY! AHHHHH

Giant Dwarf : I’d kill myself.. just too make sure the human race doesn’t continue

Nekko Kina : "what if you were the last human on Earth" More like: "To do list when you are the last person on Earth"

Ghentot Concepcion : *If ever, I'm the last human on Earth, I will steal all books in the National Bookstore* ehe hehe hehe *wattpaders* can relate ehe hehe

Syon Cheung : You know what? If that happens, everyone would cry because of... ...of cannot playing multiplayer video games!

Tae’s BAE : If I was the last person on earth Is this a sign? Do I have to change the world? Why me? Do I have some powers?

Yay Area : Who else is watching this while being the last human alive in another planet? Edit : for those in other plantets , we should link up

Golden Artist : I would raid the stores by me. Leave my home with all my clothes and water gallons. Steal some cows to raise. Make a farm. Raid. Amour. Tame something. Raid. Live. Break into the library. Make something. Raid.

Giovanni Guerra : I’d be driving fast naked with a bomb in the car

I am the father : Don't watch the video. Just ask will Smith

Gaurav Bisht : I wish... I would be last man surviving in PUBG😓😓😅

a singular marijuana : I would go to Area 51 and try to be friends with the aliens there

Milky : *wake up* *nobody there* *robs walmart and gets a pet pig*

dishwashermadman : I would get severe depression if I were alone. But when with people I don't talk much. I just enjoy the company from afar.

Rashmi Ranjan : I want my mommy😭😭😭😭😭 I dont wanna ever be the last person on earth Whats life without people😒

Gherkins Galore : Don't have to worry about bears 'cause I live in Australia, the safest country

Kpop Trash : "Imagine that you are the only person on Earth" Me:Omg that would be aweso- What if: you would probably die Me:-*travels to Jupiter and becomes friends with aliens*

Harpastan Man : I'd finally get that sweet "winner winner chicken dinner"... but man guess I'll be playing against a lot of CPU players in games

Alpha気 : I’d do the Fortnite dance because *_*Victory Royale*_*

EdinTGT : *Realizes the he is the only one on this planet* *Runs to the biggest market in town*

Amritesh Ganiger : I am the only person on earth right now aswell.. I am that Single af.. lol

Jefferson Ancajas : only Number 5 of the umbrella Academy' can relate🤣

Mayank Raj : Whats so special about me...that god will keep me alive and nobody else...definitely not happening with me...!!

Random LOL Plays : Surah Al'Hujurat verse 13: {O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted}

Rasika Bimbra : Last day on earth Survival Be the last and be the king

Na'Vi么 MORTAL : At least he don't have to do school home work So lucky

Aurora Elezaj : I would start vapung hoping to kill myself off eventually by some sickness. That's only if I were the last human on earth

GeorgeTheArea51Guy : i guess nothing changes for me apart from adding survival in the wild challenge since i am lonely now

Jennadolyn Goh : I miss my momma :,( I’ll just jump off the building or hang myself xd *and in the end they are actually alive*

Goku Black : Its scary if the whole city is shut down(no electricity) like everytime you sleep someone is watching you very very creepy and weird

carlos berry : Video: ammunition would be hard to come by Ammu-nation: Am I a joke to you?

Morgan Waffle : This has completely prepared me for *when* this happens

Athyyy : What if i was on an island...

Miah Whiteside : Video: “Human contact has been scientifically proven to build trust and reduce stress” Me: Can’t relate

lakerchamps100 : Why isn’t step 1 to get a Ford F-150 pickup truck with a five-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

MASK MACHINEGUN Gamer : I will start learning how to fly a jet and get the largest ship i can find and make it my house like an airxraft carrier

house of beans : so, basically minecraft 2.0?

Mochim : I steal all BTS albums and merch... then my life is done

Sssniper Wolf : What if I was the last human on earth? *_all the doggos are mine now_*