What If You Were the Last Human on Earth?

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ALBERT EINSTEIN : I would be famous

Ace Lara : Imagine knowing that you're the last person on Earth. And then one day there's a knock on your door.

Kajal Agrwal : I will play with 99 bots in pubg 😁

Jeremy Cook : I would go onto youtube and comment 'last' on every video

a singular marijuana : I would go to Area 51 and try to be friends with the aliens there

Amritesh Ganiger : I am the only person on earth right now aswell.. I am that Single af.. lol

Bharat Rajesh : Try to reach out to the astronauts on the ISS

UlxEnergy : If it was a woman she can go where they deposit sperm and you know the rest

Joshua Lawson : 4:28 guess it’s time to get off the toilet lmao

RandoMeter Last Name : Lmao surviving would be EASY! Water, just make infinite water source. Food, get some spawn eggs. Protection, enchant some diamond swords. XP, make a mob grinder.

Nathan Drake : Would Jerk off with open doors.

DOGELIFE 2 : At least I’d have my dog

Abhijeet Pawar : Here's my list of living all alone, 1. Learn for a year on how to fly a Boeing C-17 globemaster. 2. Fly it to Dubai and load it with all the exotic cars and supplies. 3. Get these supplies loaded at Buckingham palace. 4. Dedicate 5 rooms for bottled water supplies. 5. Will get hands on the most quality sex dolls on the planet. ........ But Alas!! Only if these godamn humans disappeared..

JPL Toy Experience : I be flossin

Agent69_ Position : If I'm the last human on earth I will go to area 51!

Josh Gaming : Just live in Walmart . And set up solar panels. To power the food section. Also they have a back up power generator. And usually there are gas stations at Walmarts entrance. So you have a lot of gas to power the generator.. and plus they have plant seeds in the garden section. So you could grow your own food too 😂 everything you would ever need is in there . And when you do run out of water . They have water filters and life straws in the survival section and appliances section..

Geez Juice : This guy : *is last person on earth, eats fruit* Me: *eats 3lb candy* dies

WhoStoleMySocks : Don't forget about the planes falling from the sky large train and car crashes and after a few year satellites would be falling like shooting stars!

• Loser • : I'd be dead. Talking logically here, there would be no government to pay farmers to harvest crops nor will there be any farmers planting and harvesting crops, also, there wouldn't be any animal control and I don't know how to hunt animals. That's just in the food state, electricity won't be working anymore since there would be no one to control the electrical power lines, there would be no signal because the NASA employees won't be there to monitor the satellites, cities, villages and random lands would be habitated by other animals and the zoo animals would die and/or escape and live in the metropolis we once lived in. The wild animals won't be the ones that we're hunting. The wild animals would be the one hunting us. Nature would take over the abandoned cities and once the last human dies, the human life has basically gone extinct in the planet earth.

Alec’s Stuff : I’d be beating my meat naked on a Lamborghini speeding and drinking alcohol

3ND3RZ : Get myself a pet dog and be like I am legend without the zombie stuff.

BGL Xytheur : I want to be in an anime world hahahha

SoyuZ Gaming : I would get chicken dinner or victory royale

Super Nova : I would say the N word loudly

Super Human : Dolls would work. If you know what I mean.

Madushan Randima : I would rather be the last male in the world so that i can M8 with all the other gurls😂

AKSHE : Ill be fapping all day

Clyde Domingo : Last Day On Earth In A Nutshell

Alan Walker : I would Get a home, Get a bow and start hunting. Than I'll hear my mom waking me up *Its 7am Time to school*

StevenYT Gaming : Imagine being the last person on earth while having no toilet paper while you’re taking a dump

ItsMeAron28 : Imagine you're with your crush Imagine your crush likes you

Saturn : But u forget to tell the most important thing that is *don't* *fall* *sick* . There's no one to take care of u No doctor, no Nurse not even your mother.

Aziz N : This is scary and fun in the same time xD

aadi Aadi : What if only you & your crush😍😍😍 are remains???

Inverted Milk : I would act as my own government. Tossing a coin to see if a bill passes.

RAMKUMAR KAUSHIK : What if , if u become ill and there will be no doctor

Deep Dutta : I don't wanna be the last on the earth.. But I'd love to be the first on a new one

CHHIREE SHERPA : I would die due to depression!! Even right now.. I'm desperate for love!💕😫😭

IGamevennos : There could be a women or man in space so...

PotatoGraphics : I would be in the lobby Victory Royale!

DRAGONofGTA TheGamer : I would go to nearest airport and fly a plane to area 51 and get the jets and go destroy one big ass city lol

ツᴢαɢє : I want to be the last man on Earth.. 😂 And all the girls will try to mate 😂

Hengxu Liu : if I was the last man on earth I would own Microsoft

Dee Pak : I'd kill myself to join the party... hate being left behind

Uncultured Swine : I would go to area 51 and after that see all of nasa's secrets

Dying Nikki : I would go to the hospital and get a sperm injection and get pregnant

Bhavesh Prajapati : I know the comment section gonna be interesting...

Crackling Crackers : I would try and fly a plane then properly end up crashing and getting killed

Josef Hasan : If i was the last person on earth i would live in a food shop

TheHomegrownGamerz : 0:39 last person on earth huh, look down there! XD