How Much Garbage Does Walt Disney World Produce?

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King Poseidon : Have you ever considered writing a book on the logistics of Disney? Your videos are far more interesting than one would think initially, and if you compiled your videos together and added a bit more detail to each script, you would probably have a full book worth of material. I would definitely be interested in buying it if you ever decided to publish.

Josh Esh : Currently at the Magic Kindgom, watching this in line at Space Mountain.

Bpendragon Presents : Rob, I'm really a fan of how you don't bury the lead and just give us the number in the first 45 seconds. It then allows us to process that number without having to remember what the initial question was. I've seen way to many videos that were 5 minutes of fluff and 30 seconds of content to answer similar questions (not that the last 4 minutes here is fluff, it's actually quite informative)

Pancek : What is Walt's history in firework displays? Like, who did he sign a deal with to get so many fireworks to be displayed from so many shows every single day? What was his first deal and who was it with? Great video Rob I'd like to see more information on Disneyland's garbage disposal because they don't have vacuum tubes in there park. Or do they?

Fun Disney Fan : Great video Rob! It is very surprising that Walt Disney World doesn’t produce more garbage. This is one Disney thing I never knew, but just learned! Keep up the great work Rob!

Critical Reviews : Well done, Rob! Hoping this one blows up like the mosquito video!

Mr. Charmander : 1:38 hey Oswald

cushmanproductions : Also, when WDW has damaged or out of date merchandise, they resell it to CMs at a discount. Many other places ship it off or simply throw it away. And when Disney remodels hotels or break rooms, many of those items (old furniture, wall art, tvs, etc) are also resold or auctioned off.

Aeon : The scale of Disney World is mind-boggling .

Jordan Abendroth : As a custodian at Disney World, this is an awesome video! The app you are talking about is live in DHS and Magic Kingdom, look for custodial cast members with phones and ask them about it!

patrick warren : Been waiting for this as I’m a former garbage man!!

Spencer Alan Good : Hidden Mickey in the thumbnail?

E.A. Cackowski : Another great video! I really like the graphics you use for stats in these kinds of vids— they look fun but also really polished and professional. And of course, gotta love the footage from the Mickey Mouse cartoons!

michael taylor : Rob, this video was GARBAGE!!!! LOL I know that was soooo trashy & NOT an original comment. It is amazing how clean the park always is though.

Avery Lopez-Baines : I some how knew this video was coming. You're videos are getting better and better, Rob! I have a good feeling this might go viral. Which would be awesome!

Darth Vader : Rob I like your videos I’m not a Disney fan on the level you are but I enjoy that you always have accurate information, and can compare most of your Disney topics to the real world I.e lbs per capita Disney vs U.S

Tim Schulze : Rob, I became a subscriber about a month and a half ago. I'm a big Disney Fan and a Civil Engineer. I'm very impressed with your work. I love these shorts that you have created. Please keep up the great work. Because of you I also now listen to the Retro Disney World Podcast. Thank you very much, Tim

Marianne C : Another well-written , well -edited , well-produced video! Thanks Rob !

UmmYeahOk : Yea! Oswald! That one Mickey cartoon was perfect for your show!

Thais Gregorio : Thank you Rob for showing the numbers on the metric system as well ❤

Adam H : When you make a video do you keep a backlog of one or two videos to release so you can keep a constant flow? Or do you make videos week by week?

chewydewok : Another great video. I guess you could call this your first trashy video. :)

DHH : wow. this place really is magical.

001 002 : when i worked at the ski resorts. i would bring home one of those military bags full cans each day. at home i had a trash compactor :D i would make these blocks of cans. long story short i got some crap from people for doing it.... 3 months later i picked up a 1200 dollar snowboard with bindings. I never heard another word.

Monster Monstre : Rob, what do you think is Eisner's legacy (best and worst) in the light of where the Disney Parks are currently almost 15 years after Eisner? And spring boarding off your mosquito video, how are birds controlled by the Disney Parks, a.k.a. why isn't the "Guardians of the Galaxy, Mission: Breakout" and big, bird roost dripping with the accompanying poop?

Teddy Hwang : Every video in this channel in a nutshell (Relevant Disney video or stock footage of Disney world starts playing) "According to the Reedy Creek improvement district, which is a governing jurisdiction making up Disney world..."

The PhD Princess : Is it weird that I'm fascinated by how they manage to sort through all of the recycling? And thanks for getting a shot of my favorite Disney trash can in there!

Dawn Torres : I do not know why I was so excited for this video when I saw the preview a few days ago, trash is not normally a fascinating subject but when it's Disney trash it is intriguing. Great video as always.

TOUGH MAN RANDY SAVAGE : They should create a tv show called rcpd. A show like cops where they deal with unruly guests xD

John Haines : Another awesome video Rob, I always look forward to the interesting topics you cover.

Warriorseamonkey16 : My dad used to tell me that when you threw something away at Disney, it went directly into the utillidoors. I believed that until I was tall enough to reach the trash cans and realized there were trash bags in there.

Frozen Legos : I think you’re the only person who could make an interesting video about trash

mpjvending : You should do a whole video about the AVAC system!

Julien Doty : Nice vid

akiel Melendez : I wonder how much water they consume and how much they pay for it

Morty Mouse : Insane to even think about!

Tiffany Speegle : During my first trip to Disney, I was FLABBERGASTED by how clean it was. There is always a cast member around you inconspicuously picking up trash. And the trash cans are never overflowing and are ALWAYS clean on the outside. It's amazing and honestly one of the reasons I love the Disney Parks. It's great customer service to keep the park areas clean and sanitary like they do, and I have a ton of respect for Disney custodians. Plus I really appreciate the fact that they recycle their food waste - I loved that video, too. Great work!

Dog9040 : a lot of garbage

ConnorTheRandomKid 2004 : Hey Rob I Have a Couple Of Questions First One What Happened to the Pink And Purple Monorail and The Balloon stickers on the windows my second question is what is the model of the bombardier mark 6 monorail

Elizabeth B : Nice video! I did the Keys to the Kingdom tour 2 days ago and we got to see where the garbage ends up at the Magic Kingdom. It travels at 35mph in those tubes and they use a deodorizer to mask the smell.

Spacespider 64 : I see garbage everywhere and it’s anoying thank you for showing why you should recycle ♻️ and also nice vid👍🏻

BISHOP298 : Ok rob let’s say your in prison you have the death penalty what would you request for your last meal from Disney

Jean-Luc Canas : @2:12 $1000000 in 1971 adjusted for inflation is a bent over six and a quarter million nowadays.

merrivideo : This is amazing. I would keep watching for an hour. Thank you for giving so good information. It just makes me wanna work or live in Disney World.

Sean Frawley : Hi Rob, love your videos. Have you done one on Walk Around the World yet? I’d love to see one!

Alan Eiseman : That was a waste of time. Kidding good video. Thanks from Orlando

Zachary Stein : Oh actual garbage I thought you were talking about the people who want old rides to return

shinny eyes : Your videos make a happier person. Thanks.

glenn goodale : Thank you so much for sharing this video. I felt like I was there!

chris Crowther : what about the other kins of waste? what are those numbers?