Key & Peele - Pizza Order

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DANK BOİ : i am dead....... SEXUALLY

goodguynow : “I’m sorry I uh...f***ed her” OMG!!

Attila the killa : WHAT ABOUT THE CHEESY CRUST!!!!!

Alex Johnson : Clair she down she dead she dead ... Chinese it is lmao

Claudia W : Omg...😂😂😂

Timothy Smith : Anyone watching this in 2020

Goodycolt4000 : If this delivery guy don’t get his Dutch van der Linde lookin ass tf outta here lol


Dinko Gaming : Hi Read More

Makay Miller : I am confusion.

Stephanie Osayamwen : Hoe just let him order his dam pie goddam

Dark Knight : That's what I do 😂

Silver Something960 : Nuu Claire died

Donna Lopez : Who is we... lol

Courtney White : aaaaaaaand cheesy crust

Jacorius Hutson : Is it me ? Or does he sounds like Cleveland from family guy ? 😂😂

827jordan : I got a crush on a girl named Claire right now...I resonate with the delivery man on a spiritual level

Athena Ƥantheon : alternate title: Pizza Order Gone Wrong (TURNED SEXUAL)

Tenesha Smith : 😂😂😂😂

javan logan : I almost died sexually.

wod : damn what’s a brother gotta do to get some pizza out here

Supremefort2021 Fort : Used goods funny

Joe W : I’m so confused

Q's Corner : Hello Plutonians

Natilie E. S. : 🍍+🍕=🚫😲

Gregory Davis : Hell even bubba got him some of that

Just some Guy : I have to ask, what was the guys plan when he went to pick up the pizzas.

Brandon Quintero : Hell even Bubba hit that😂

Kael Zildjian : More pinnaple!

Learning Fly : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Alex .T : -Chinese it is Carlos' brother answers the phone -Dude my brother wants to know in which hospital is Claire so he can visit her

-MOCHII- : The plot should've been where the Chinese restaurant worker fell in love with Liv

Bethany Hunter : I can't believe I only discovered these guys today through the Sub-Teacher videos. It's amazing.

Alexa Gold : Same

Roberto Enrique Chavez Rodriguez : Hahahhaha wadasanababich haha😂

Dahni Austin : 😂😂😂Chinese food it is

Isaac Hester : This guy's talking to his self

Samael : This one is kind of uncomfortable

Unicorn gacha girl : Lol

Arctic96 : come on guys keep those hands up

Adam Sobh : R.I.P. Claire :(

AestheticallyAli : I thought he was gonna refuse the pineapple. I'm disappointed.

Slaiman Alharbi : My boy dutch made it

Phoenix North : Obviously a virgin

Its Ebqs : Why TF can I relate to this one so much?

Mr. Theater : He could've just said Claire had a boyfriend. 😅

Kloe Lopez : 😂

Summer Pratt : This started off as me after dance rehearsal

Isabella Ghigo : Why is him ordering soo meee

Bk73 : 😂😂😂