Key & Peele - Pizza Order

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that90sguy : I laughed at that. Sexually.

Rickyfyied : Too much Pineapple.

Lord Yok : This dude is the greatest. He gets pineapple on all the pizzas.

Shellyshells 4 : I would’ve just said that Claire is lesbian 😂

Fancy Fanny : Which person was sadder in this scenario? 😂😂😂

I'm Someone : This is me in 10 years

Alex .T : -Chinese it is Carlos' brother answers the phone -Dude my brother wants to know in which hospital is Claire so he can visit her

Claire Alayne : My name is claire and I like this sketch, sexually.

Ana Acura : Oh... her body is like a 4 😂

Gregory Davis : Hell even bubba got him some of that

UnPhayzable : I'm not home alone, I'm just in a party filled with deaf people

Azmiah04 : *Ah hit dat sexualeh*

Mr. Theater : He could've just said Claire had a boyfriend. 😅

Timothy Smith : Anyone watching this in 2020

Ishtube23 : Lol he got so into acting like he was ordering for more people hahahahaha “Clair says you read her mind”

Ade23514 : "Let me gauge the room" 😂😂😂😂😂

wod : damn what’s a brother gotta do to get some pizza out here

idk anymore : "So you won't care if I asked her out " You don't even know Claire 🤣😂🤣😂

Jacorius Hutson : Is it me ? Or does he sounds like Cleveland from family guy ? 😂😂

Challah Zimman : "the moment the we had that unspoken connection about the cheesy crust" *I dieded *

PotatoPlayz : *we would liiike a large piiee with pepperoni pineapple aand cheesy crusst* Okay. *we would also liiike a large piiee with bacon pineapple aaand cheesy crust*

Richy : I love how the dramatic "Nooooo!" because of Claire's death at 3:54 was way more convincing than the prequel Vader's scream because of Padme's death.

DocZero : You just *dont* put pineapple on a pizza ok

Wolf Girl : I was just waiting for someone to look over the pizza guys shoulder when he screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Just looking at him like "wtf is going on on that phone..??"

DANK BOİ : i am dead....... SEXUALLY

Dahni Austin : 😂😂😂Chinese food it is

Tooba Nasir : Damn.. I wish i was claire

Crazando anonymous : An amazing plot twist

Jordan Williams : Get that pizza *B O N E L E S S*

Deadpool : Even Bubba got some of that.

CHESS Fan : These guys are the masterminds of disguise, they can play any race

That Raccoon Nick : I hit that like. Sexually.

Lauren Catlett : 😂😂 This is the best video on Comedy Central. Their acting is absolutely flawless too 😄

Gentle Singularity : I just noticed that when Carlos starts screaming, his co-workers ignore it and keep working. I bet they're just like "oh look, Carlos fell in love with a random caller again."

Rachel Dobbins : I've definitely ordered two pizzas for myself and acted like there was someone else in my apt when they delivered lmao

cesilia maravilla : "Hell even Bubba got some of that." 😂 omg

Nico Slade : This would have never happend if he just had called papa johns instead

Hello Hi : If he was pinocchio his nose would reach to jupiter

Adrian Jutronich : When you really commit to the lie.

Arthur watson : When we had that unspoken moment about the cheesy crust....😂😂😂

PotatZo : Keygan can be: Mexican African american Italian Indian And middle eastern. That's some race versatility you don't see everyday.

TG1097 : It’s funny, the last time I saw this sketch was years ago and I just realized this time that he was referring to all the figurines by their actors’ names haha (Andy = Andy Serkis plays Gollum, Liv = Liv Tyler plays Arwen, Hugo = Hugo Weaving plays Elrond, and Bubba = Boba Fett)

Josh Johnson : R.I.P. Claire 😂😂

Charles Luciano : This always makes me want to order pizza myself

Nihaal Sandim : The pizza guy is so sweet man wish he got claire

Menelik The First : Women, let me give you some advice. Find a man that talks about you the way Carlos talks about Claire.

Grace w : Who else actually found his accent sexy af 😘😘

J, Ludwig : I hit dat.... sexually

joseph velasquez : Not sure why but.. that skit made me feel sad..sexually