Handraising Twin Tiger Cubs | Tigers About The House | BBC

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Rain RedFox : 01:56 mini roar :3

Janette Oliva : The baby Tiger is soo cute 😍

PinayBeautyAndStyle : guys the cubs are for the breeding program and for the conservation/awareness program. They aren't meant to be placed back in the wild so hand raising them is fine. Hopefully in the future there will be stronger protection laws and there will be enough surplus tiger population for programs like this to release them back in the wild. Until then, they're better off being taken cared of by human experts.

Arabella Adams : it amazing how much the tiger trusts them

Lady A : Not understanding all the people championing the "natural" route. Yes, it is more natural to leave the cubs with the mother. But just because it's natural doesn't always mean it's good. Nature is not a nurturing, gentle thing whatsoever. It's a cruel, cutthroat existence that focuses completely on the survival of the fittest idea. What if these sweet babies were deemed "unfit" by nature and then killed? Death is "natural", too, but I don't see anyone saying the cubs should die because it's natural. The fact is, these humans are stepping in and offering a gentler alternative to the harsh reality of nature. As the more intelligent species, it's our responsibility to nurture and protect what nature would not. Nature is beautiful, wonderful, and deserving of the utmost respect. But the uglier sides of nature must also not be forgotten. The tigress is a great mother, but she wouldn't be able to make her babies better if they got sick. She just wouldn't know how. That's not her fault; it's just what she is. Tigers don't understand germs, viruses, illness, or anything like that. But humans do understand those things. These cubs are guaranteed to live now instead of leaving it up to chance. I'd take 100% survival rate over 50% any day. The difference between humans and nature is love. Nature does not love these cubs. Nature is putting them on an obstacle course and saying, "If you fail, you die." These humans, meanwhile, are saying, "Come be happy, warm, and fed without having to be afraid. Here's a snuggly pillow, too." Not all humans use their intelligence for good, and it's horrible, but these humans here are. We as humans have the ability to choose what we do, bad or good. Nature does not choose. It just is.

Pizza Thompson : The cubs are the size of my adult cat lol

chloe jagger : These tigers are endangered. They’ve got to do anything they can to make sure they reach adulthood.

Haniza Comey : 1:56 sound like he's crying..like human babies...so cute

L.V.C : Love all the "vets" and " tiger experts" in the comments. Rewatch the video. They can't risk having the Cubs die, it was a difficult choice plus tigers are endangered they can't have risks.

Elliot Bear : Everyone here saying taking the cubs away is cruelty are being ridiculous and aren’t thinking past emotional bonds. Hand raising cubs allows them to be monitored through their every day, vital to keep them alive. Mama tiger won’t spend every moment with the cubs, and has to go back to the main enclosure eventually, which puts the cubs at risk from the other tigers. Also, hand rearing cubs puts them at a lower risk of illness that could be transmitted by older tigers, illness that a cub’s immunity can’t fight off. It looks mean, but it’s truly for the better of the cubs to be hand raised.

Shani Black : I disagree with the decision to take the cubs away. I think that step should only be taken when the mother rejects them or if it's obvious that they aren't going to survive or do well

Classy Wrestler : Baby tigers are so cuttttteeeee .......

Pausen Think : It's a shame to take them from their mother.

Dr. Spectre : SAVE THE TIGERS!! They are so beautiful! I support centers like this & wish more people realize how cruel the exotic animal trade is!

Dana garza : this is wrong animal cubs should be with their mothers in the wild... I only feel ok about human intervention when it's been abandoned or injured..

Maddie King : 1:51 Tiger: screams “See what I mean about being fiesty?”

David C : Everyone in the comments is an animal expert apparently.

ZanKronKa : No fair I want one, lol.

Karen Bartlett : If you want the best for these cubs, you should have left them with their mother.

Georgia Smyth : They are so cute oh my god I could cry

Tyrannosaur Overlord : Would you rather have an endangered species (tigers) the in the wild and be hunted by poachers? Or have them in a safe zoo to preserve their species

Dutch and epic : Youtube = cat videos Bbc youtube = tiger videos, cat videos deluxe

Zacimus the master Shooter : Ahh these tiger kittens are so adorable😄😄😄😄😊😊😊😊👍🏻!!! And dam tigers 🐅 grow up really fast as in really fast!!! And it’s so nice how much the mother tiger 🐅 trusts jiles around her cubs😊😊👍🏻!!!

Coysgub : I know nothing about animals... especially tigers. But taking them away from their mother unnecessarily just feels wrong.

Kelvin Nana : how does hand raising them prepare them for the wild ??

Kjeksy : so they take the cubs away from their mother then?... so nice of them...

Ch1l1C0nCarnag3 : All these people complaining about the cubs being hand raised clearly didn't listen to the fact that they will be vulnerable to illness, and are likely to die off before reaching adulthood. So having them be hand raised is a way to safeguard the cubs and make sure that any signs of illness could be picked up immediately. It's not about keeping them as "natural" as possible. They aren't wild tigers. They aren't being raised to be put back in the wild. They are being raised to help raise awareness for tiger conservation. That means being more calm and friendly around humans is much better, as it means they can be used for raising awareness.

eena chan : 1:56 ❤❤❤

yvonneost12 : why hand raise if mum is doing a good job ?

MR & MRS CRAFTS AND CREATIONS : I love them, I love the noises and I love everything

Richard Parker : Can the cubs go to court when they get older and have those names changed? I would. Cute lil fellers. Good work.

snuggles03 : Won't their Mum miss her cubs?

Devin Hunter : Really? Taking them from their mother is the best option? How did the poor mom deal with this? Notice the video just focused on the cute and not the hell the poor mother went through. These cubs werent even six weeks old when they took them from their mom... REALLY sad, actually.

phoenix123 : whhy would u hand raise them thats wrong. what if u got taken away from your mother as a newborn

Prince Legion : Exactly when tiger cubs start growing their taste for meat

RSamazingly Fantasy : U should of kept them with there mom unless the mom was sick

Kevin : Is this narrated by andrew Lincoln?

Gregory Zala : their "future lifes in the zoo" ... yeah what lifes then

Alice Willoughby : These little guys are super adorable! It's so sad that tigers are so endangered!

Hanane Aghbalou : The baby tiger is so adorable 😍

ryan moeller : Such beautiful creatures!! I'm glad the cubs are doing well! We need to do everything we can to protect these magnificent creatures! I want to hand raise some at home too!! I'd do anything to help!! 😁

Animania freak : this is too precious!!

Vanessa G : So horrid to take them from mum. Mum's milk would be best for them. Unless they are sick and not thriving they shouldn't be taken from her. They care more about the breeding program and the zoo than this mother's right to raise her babies.

Maria L. Rapaglia : Needs to take them out in a stroller for a nice walk. 🐯😍

Wolf_Nate_1625 : Wow everyone is an animal except here it's crazy apparently they don't know how to listen either

Regina Brooks : messed up to breed in captivity - messed up to take cubes away from mom.. messed up all around.

vershinuha kwak-sees-tah-la : sad that you have to remove them from their mother

Tamar Romano : Omg!this is soooooo cute

Julie Hesselgrave : Awwwwww too much cuteness

Mark Hilton : they are so cute. like if you agree