First Interstellar Asteroid Wows Scientists

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Succubi Pie : That is the dankest space rock I've ever seen.

Khalil Khalife : Seems like an interesting opening scene for the next alien movie

ImmDayzz : What if we could land a telescope on an interstellar asteroid the telescope wouldn't need fuel to travel

YunRemy : Ever watch the arrival?😂

bugsywatt : $52 million a day Nasa gets,.... and we get an artist's concept of interstellar asteroid 1I/2017 U1 ('Oumuamua) hmmmm. I know it is a lot to ask, but when can we get some REAL photos???

Berick Cook : Hello RAMA

meteor : Can it be an alien space ship ????????

John c : Looks like a big blunt.

Gunnar Moore : Is mayonnaise an instrument?

Victor K : Looks like this asteroid narrowly escaped suction of a black hole )

What U KNO : Wouldn't you love to capture it and analyze it? See if other stellar systems have different compounds.

Amrit Minhas : I like to fish

Erick Garza : Not an alien spacecraft. It is a resource rod that was a test of our civilization. If we were able to retrieve the rod, we would have been awarded with a bounty of rare metals and probably contact from interested extraterrestrials.

Christopher Nickels : No one has said that the picture is an artists rendering.

sid assassin : Aliens

TheWarMarine TV : Welcome to our solar system!

Karen Woodhouse : The whale Cartmen sent to the moon!

Rukaiya Shaikh : Where the flat earthers now?? 😂

Sam Boston : High speeds shaped the object like that, aerodynamic.

losang yolmo : Its the silver surfer

JSL Enterprises : It'll be back and will wait for responses back from Humpback Whales!

73838 6474 : Stop net neutrality

Rilind Avdili : I'm so happy that it didn't hit us!

Tiffani Desormeau : Why don't U explain why ur saying now there is NO PLANET X????? Yet u have been saying there is.... It doesn't matter what you call it,jus tell us the TRUTH,Don't B AFFRAID !!!!!

Ace Hole : Rendezvous with Rama

L u k e B l u n d e l l : How would they know what interstellar trajectory even looks like if this is the first time it has happened? If this asteroid is from another solar system we should be more concerned with what other debris will enter our solar system.

dudel39 : 0:53, this might be the only guy with this beardcut since 1945 lol

Harambe Nights : Do you have proof that this is an interstellar object? No? ok...

Zach Hib : Interesting fact 😅 Some scientists believe that the universe is up to 10^10^100 meters long. If this is true, then it is statistically impossible for there not to be exact copies of ourselves. Reason being... the total possible combinations of atoms and molecules that can be formed is 10^10^70. So yeah.... There may very well be another you out there in the universe 😁😁

ESCAPEAMERIKKKA TOAFRICA : Oumuamua or לַעֲנָה wormwood didnt stay because too much negative energy

splitpitch : I think it is one of God's doobies. Probably rolled off his couch after he rolled it. His giant hand will come our way soon looking for it.

D Thomas Williamson : Never a straight answer BS!!!

george hinckle : if it hit the moon, woulda been a home run. for sure.

MRP 122 : Nice CGI, so it's not real

Little Dabbie : The aliens are sending in their own nukes

Two words : Some planet took a giant dookie

rick9021090210 : to me, it seems like a splinter of an asteroid possibly made for a weapon from an alien race... like our railguns, they could have a sort of mass driver that shoot these rods to cause a lot of damage to their enemy... maybe a real alien ship carrying these was blown off and these rods were scattered and one just found us... cheers!

toilet paper 69 : A L I E N S

CapinCooke : Rendezvous with Rama. We didn't catch it. Dang! Seems to have a similar aspect ratio :-)

Kib Gg : oh son this look like big .... ( austin power joke...anyone here)

Leftseid Chip : This astroid travels 35km/SECOND.imagine being in a spaceship and this astroid travels towards your ship..

Pacoaliv : its a planet cracking bullet!!!!!

Vanbo B : "It's an unusual astroid and different from all of the others" So, y'all have seen ALL of the other astroids?

Tiff TV : Can we tell the objects composition in any way?

Ralph Walters : 1300 feet long, and just 130 feet wide. Dark reddish color. Complex convoluted shape. Could possibly be metallic. No trace of a coma of dust and/or gas. What just passed through our solar system?

Daniel Gray : One thing missing, it was "singing" to us and it circled the earth twice according to other "scopes" and ham radio operators and it was speeding up and then slowing down. Call it what you will but asteroids dont do this.

Tom Wostoncroft : A theory on why it is so oddly shaped: Two large objects(possibly planets or moons) collided. The heat from the collision caused the rock or metal to become molten. The energy from the collision threw this particular mass of molten rock/metal out of the gravitational influence from its star system. However as it was escaping, the gravity stretched the molten mass before or while it was cooling creating the elongated shape.

KANE LIVES!!!! : Its coming to f#@! us obviously, I mean look at it...

vassternich1 : Reapers!

Cristian Andronescu : One of NASA's greatest achievements lately: seeing a rock in the sky. can they get lower than this?