First Interstellar Asteroid Wows Scientists

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Jason Maggard : I love seeing a woman very excited and enthusiastic about a rock hard object ten times longer than wide

Commissar Gamza : Tyranids might be hibernating on it. Destroy it ASAP.

Khalil Khalife : Seems like an interesting opening scene for the next alien movie

Is That A Chicken? : The aliens are sending in their own nukes

Wigs : They should've tried to stop it so they could research it. What if it was a chunk of hull from some doomed, alien freighter?

Mc Henry Mentor : Krypton just blew up So get ready superman is on is way

Erick 'The Experience' Garza : Not an alien spacecraft. It is a resource rod that was a test of our civilization. If we were able to retrieve the rod, we would have been awarded with a bounty of rare metals and probably contact from interested extraterrestrials.

Ralph Walters : 1300 feet long, and just 130 feet wide. Dark reddish color. Complex convoluted shape. Could possibly be metallic. No trace of a coma of dust and/or gas. What just passed through our solar system?

dudel39 : 0:53, this might be the only guy with this beardcut since 1945 lol

CobaltFox Plays... : It's comes to speak to whales

splitpitch : I think it is one of God's doobies. Probably rolled off his couch after he rolled it. His giant hand will come our way soon looking for it.

Dave King : Wow . . it looks like a big joint !

ImmDayzz : What if we could land a telescope on an interstellar asteroid the telescope wouldn't need fuel to travel

Rukaiya Shaikh : Where the flat earthers now?? 😂

Scott McCarthy : I can't wait until the tin-foil fanatics start saying "NASA is lying. It's a spacecraft!"

meteor : Can it be an alien space ship ????????

george hinckle : if it hit the moon, woulda been a home run. for sure.

Tom Wostoncroft : A theory on why it is so oddly shaped: Two large objects(possibly planets or moons) collided. The heat from the collision caused the rock or metal to become molten. The energy from the collision threw this particular mass of molten rock/metal out of the gravitational influence from its star system. However as it was escaping, the gravity stretched the molten mass before or while it was cooling creating the elongated shape.

Victor K : Looks like this asteroid narrowly escaped suction of a black hole )

Guybrush Threepwood : I’m not saying it’s aliens... but it’s aliens.

ImmaChiaotzu1 : I don't want to say aliens...... but aliens.

Bigdawg _gun : Is mayonnaise an instrument?

Pacoaliv : its a planet cracking bullet!!!!!

USOP : 472 people are flat earth believers, "there is no such thing as an asteroid like that, all asteroids are flat-disk-shaped"

Vishal Sheth : Imagine the Voyager spacecraft being detected like this after billions of years by some alien species and causing a global sensation on the alien planet. They would look at the sky and wonder with awe, but perhaps we would be long gone....

The Golden Potato : A L I E N S

your DISCOVERelax channel : perhaps the "crew" is dead and it flies through the universe since millions of years ?

Daniel Gray : One thing missing, it was "singing" to us and it circled the earth twice according to other "scopes" and ham radio operators and it was speeding up and then slowing down. Call it what you will but asteroids dont do this.

OMG 420 : It's kinda sad, we (the world as a hole) easily could have been prepared to take samples like this that fly bye now but we keep fighting with each other. Wish we could send away all the people that dont want to get along. I wish we could take money out of the equation and everyone find a skill. I guess I can dream and try to raise my kids to be responsible and contributor to society. Hope everyone has a great day 😉

See More Toys : 7 dislikes? Wow, some people sure have a dim view of the world.

Lars Loud : **insert X Files theme here**

Edgyyy Brahhh : It’s an intergalactic blunt

YunRemy : Ever watch the arrival?😂

WarMarine : Welcome to our solar system!

Trina Holman : So, 10x longer than wide, spinning along it's long axis, no dust or other stuff coming off it, and making a "slingshot" pass of our sun from above? And not one suggestion that it might not be a rock????

JSL Enterprises : It'll be back and will wait for responses back from Humpback Whales!

Johan Fouche : Quote: Its a piece from another solar system, that was " expelled " Quote: Its very puzzling how it could have obtained this shape. ROFL!!!! I know how!!!! Quote: Its redish in color ( ouch!!! ) All that thing needs is a fly riding it.

4ndr3 : the biggest cigarette in the whole universe

Ahmed Khaled : 2:23 She is so excited

Alien : I hope someone has had the foresight, to take a look in the direction it came from, following its trajectory back to look if they may be any more that have been accompanying this one.

Raptormon OneThreeTwo : It looks like a Mon Calamari Star Cruiser from Star Wars.

Diogenes : Sun to other Star: Dude, can you please pass on that Cigar, please...

Rob Simpson : It's a Huge Joint!

KANE LIVES!!!! : Its coming to f#@! us obviously, I mean look at it...

Thought Provoking - Vinny : The fantastic elongated shape of this so called intersteller object has NOT been seen by any human eyes or human instruments. The depicted space fantasy ART is a wild estimate based on the lightcurve study of a moving flickering dot in space. In simple terms, the variation of reflected light from this moving tiny dot is plotted on a graph over time and the result is a cyclical wave pattern and then scientists make estimates of what shape can cause it. Similar lightcurve based shape estimations of Comet 67p in 2012 proved to be totally wrong when photos of the comet arrived in 2014, despite all the space expertise, fancy maths & "science". Visit the links below. Hopefully, they get approved for public viewing.

tickle me and I'll kill you : It's too bad they couldn't land a probe on it and hitch a ride it would have been fascinating to see what it's made of

Veritas Gravitas : So it comes into our solar system , swings past earth of all planets, close enough for us to see it and then leaves our solar system again. Just a coincidence...I'm sure it happens all the

Leftseid 421 : This astroid travels 35km/SECOND.imagine being in a spaceship and this astroid travels towards your ship..

Amrit Minhas : I like to fish

Succubi Pie : That is the dankest space rock I've ever seen.