Zip Top Containers

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Sarah Ragab : Why doesn't this have more views!?!!? It's hilarious and I actually want to buy it :D :P

Kristen Richardson : Handsome Matt! I want this product because of him. Lol.

Justice For Chewie : This is actually a terrific idea...

Golden Duck : Can zip top save that marriage?

extrablind : Backed it. Good design; good green story.

Stockton Perry : I just watch this because ithas mat meese in it and is soooo funny #studioc4life

Aria Cartoonist : I have a feeling Matt had something to do in writing this ad. It's so funny and I love it!! 😂😂Also Zip Top sounds like a genius idea!

Golden Duck : My food safe plastics don't secrete harmful amounts of chemicals though.

peace : גונבים שמות מערוצים אחרים טופ זיפ תפוס תחליפו שם

Chynna Cruz : Hes so great

awkward monkey 86 : 2:45 "Mmm sandwiches!"

Nathan Shenk : I didn’t know Matt had a family?????

T.J. and Katie Batty : 🤩🤩🤩