The Unknowns: Mystifying UFO Cases

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Álvaro Lopes : Not sure what's rarer, a UFO or a Lemmino video!

Luciano N : ayy lmao

Cranberry the Cat : I'm a simple woman. I see Lemmino uploads a new video, I like it right away.

Jeremiah Franklin : Me before video: hah aliens don’t exist Me after video: shit...


New Moisturizer : I do not regret closing my porn tabs for this.

Matt : Weather balloons are alien bait

Ryan Chung : Why are all famous cases located in the United States? Hmmm...

Jack Guyett : Aliens HAVE to exist SOMEWHERE. The universe is MASSIVE. It would be crazy for humans and the living beings on earth to be the ONLY LIVING CREATURES to exist in this universe. there has to be alien life somewhere. And we'll probably find them first, because them aliens have probably already came here, and thought that earth was just another boring rock. So, we've already been explored, and it's unlikely they'll come back, unless they need a place to stay.

White Rabbit : To the people who always make the "bad resolution camera" argument: Show me please, how your mobile phones can record far away objects, especially in the night sky, let alone in high quality. I have tried to film the UFO I've seen, which also is what made me become interested in this topic, but all I got was a black screen from my Samsung Galaxy 8.

Blizzic : I clicked on this video expecting you to tear down UFO sightings like you did the Bermuda Triangle, but 19 minutes in, you got me believing in aliens

Lalit Kumar : I dont think most people carry around a high resolution camera in their pocket... such that can zoom upon and capture objects flying a few kms above.

Killop Uwata : says "Japanese Adult Film Studio" and yet still sounds smart.. nice

Ramandika Adnanta : Oh I just get your name now Lemmino Let me know I see what you did there

Jordan Bernes : Can you imagine if Zamora had a camera with him? Man, that would be crazy. That is probably the UFO case that interests me the most.

Aran_Ace 23 : Lemino is the embodiment of quality over quantity

Braun Cryman : This 30 minute video just raped multiple documentaries with multiple seasons

The Pie : I'm genuinely curious who dislikes his videos, what parts of the video does he need to improve on?

Harsh Wardhan Bajpai : "Close encounter of the trick-or-treat kind ".. lmao

Monica ky mama : Oh come on.. OBVIOUSLY SOMETHING is going on.... lets be REAL.. someone is hiding something... REAL astronauts have made MANY claims... many pilots have also reported incidents... A LOT of very real & very creditable people have made extraordinary claims.... SOMETHING is happening & someone is hiding the truth. That is a fact not a speculation

UEF MasterRace : I don't think the U.S. government likes to admit when they have no control over a situation.

Ashley El Dorado : I observed a UFO over lake St Clair in 1998, At time I was 17 and really had no interest in the subject, a buddy and me were out on an island north of Mitchel's Bay our intention was to shoot flares into the lake as all our Rural fun involved fire or blowing up tree stumps or something of that nature, it was summer break we were out of High school, after midnight but couldn't really tell what time it was no smart phones or anything back then. We saw an object over the water I would guess from our perception maybe 150 ft high or something it was hard to tell, at first the object was round with a slight girth in the center, at first It looked the way the dark side of the moon looks when the moon looks in a waxing crescent, you can tell there is something there but its like a haze and darkens out everything beyond it. we watched if for a few minutes where it really didn't do anything. It was a moment where we both were just trying to figure out what the object was because it was just sitting there. After a few minutes it lit up extremely bright on one side and began to rotate, it was absolutely dark on one side but it was like the top of a lighthouse except much higher in the sky, It was so shockingly bright that when its focus was in our direction I would turn my head slightly to avoid it. It dimmed up a bit and got encompassed by a glow, it moved left and stopped, right and stopped and then returned to its position where it sat a moment and shot up and what seemed like impossible speed. At this point being younger I was like whatever, I don't know what it was don't care. so we went back to doing what we were doing, however about three or four minutes pass and three more objects, lights came from land across the lake which we were able to Identify as Helicopters that seemed to be interested in the Area, I don't know what it was, I just remembered if it was nothing why would helicopters come? doesn't make sense someone knew it was there.

Arne F : the UFO's are just flexing

Project TsukiNoMe : There is a Theory that almost all of These UFO's are Man-Made In WW 2 the Nazi's had a Project called "Die Glocke", translated it means "the Bell" and it was as the Name implied bell shaped, it could hover over the ground but not fly, before they could improve upon it the war ended. America, of course wanted the Scientist's and with them the Project came upon there Hands, they worked on the Project with no success until Roswell. An extraterrestrial civilisation crashed that day and America seized everything. With that new Technology they were able to improve upon their own "Bell" Project and create their own "Saucer". Since that day almost all the seen sightings are probably just human Scientist's flying it. It's just one of many Theory's and it is fun to think about and I don't know if we'll ever find out the truth. At the end, don't believe everything without evidence.

Ryan's Rants : The “High Resolution” argument is kinda dumb. I wanted to take a nice picture of the blood moon over my city, so I whipped out my iPhone 7, zoomed in all the way, and snapped a picture. And all I got was a tiny red dot.

Dr . Wub : Damit I was one day away from completing no nut November.

Blueberry : Still doesn't explain why our frogs are turning gay.

Cole, that one dude : All citizens are to stay indoors at all time these new weather ballons appear to be lethal

topfuel29 : 70% - People have no idea what they are seeing 25% -Are just mentally ill. 5% - Probably have seen something genuine.

Cheesmo : We need a part 2.

ruoweii : two plausible explanations i want to believe: 1. aliens might actually exist, and they've already visited earth 2. the government's up to something

EinieN J : You sound Swedish, love Your accent! :) Found Your channel being recommended in the comments of Dark5 and Dark Docks, Great channel, awesome topics, subbed! Great video, Thank You! :) <3

grizzlywhisker : the deeper you delve into UFOs and the paranormal, the more you start to believe in it and find similarities between it all. i think there is something out there for sure.

KriticalWizard : Did Lemmino actually think that Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story was a documentary? Its obviously a satire.

I Am Eye : I swear i seen something in the south of France in 2008 when on vacation, and i cant forget about it. Till this day i still dont know what it was. At night around 10pm my mother, her boyfriend, my sister and me saw this group of 7 yellow lights, in a 'open triangle' formation, like: > Up in the sky, no sounds, it looked like it was verry high, but since it was dark outside it was hard to judge. As far as we noticed they suddenly appeared, were moving at a pretty fast speed in a straight line, for about 20 to 60 seconds and also suddenly dissapeared. This happend atleast 2 nights during our vacation. I also remember me trying to record it with the camera on my phone, but the camera was to bad to see any of the lights we saw. Hearing story's about 'balls of light' in the sky always instantly makes me relive this memory. We were all certain this could not be a normal airplane, a jet or a baloon. I have done research with the hopes of understanding what i might have seen, but i still am not sure. Its an akward story to tell to people, but i felt the need to comment it here. Who knows one of yall here have ideas as to what it could have been.

TheMysticalPicklez : every time you upload its like Christmas

Alexander Supertramp : Seeing is believing, and as long as I believe that I didn’t see anything. I was always certain of life in the cosmos but not of how it be able to visit us. Not until I accepted the possibility that they are advanced enough to do so did I have an experience to prove it. The proof is purely personal of course as it should be the evidence is insurmountable once inspected. But I just want to state for the record I have seen a ufo more than once.

Mort Business : If you ever revisit this topic, I recommend researching the specific reports and testimonies by nuclear weapons facilities personnel in the United States. There appears to be some very credible, rational people who insist they experienced some rather incredible phenomena during their tenure as facility personnel. These people are ordinary folks who have not seemed to try and capitalize from their accounts. For years, ostensibly because of national security concerns, they were heavily compartmentalized from one another and encouraged to be silent-- so this "class" of specific reports was rarely included in either the media reported phenomena, or the "flying saucer" aircraft groups. The sensitive nature of the defense facilities and how this phenomena interacted with US security systems seemed to necessitate most of these reports remaining very quiet and secret for decades (e.g., unexplained craft in visible proximity temporarily disabling nuclear weapons facilities?). I will let you discover the specific cases... but some seem infallibly "authentic" (meaning, unexplained craft appearances sighted, reported and corroborated by multiple credible people), and the testimony by people who experienced the sightings is extremely interesting. It seems to be that sort of situation where one says, "Too many rational, credible people are independently recounting the same basic, inexplicable events... and so at least something here is likely to be an actual event." That kind of thing... like some of the old cases you presented... is the most chilling to me, because it cannot be easily dismissed or explained away. And... it seems to be real. What it is... who knows? But it is something. Takk. Ha det bra 👍

Mike Hawk : I think there is a general consensus that there is life out there, other than us. I believe the vast majority have naturally come to this conclusion on their own, especially when you see videos like this. Watching "The Universe is Way Bigger Than You Think" video is enough to suggest to most intelligent people there MUST be other life out there, yet our governments all feel this is "unlikely", which is seriously baffling to most of us. The fact WE are here should tell any reasonably thinking person there could be other life too yet governments incessantly deny it.

To The Truth And Beyond : Oh trust me. They're real alright. Wether they're ours or inter planetary or inter dimensional. They're here and they're real.

Snowleopardy : "I want to believe but I'm just not sure what to believe in"

Randal TheVandal : 50,000 sightings and everyone still talks about Roswell like it’s a newsflash

QuidPanic Gaming : You're videos quality are so damn high man ! This could go on national television that high quailty it looks like a docu :P

Niom : Oh look! Aliens! Hey mom! Get the potato!!!

SavageDoor : there was an ad for the new project blue book history channel drama on this vid lmao

Péter Sági : Incredible production values right here!

peter clifton : last year I saw a UFO, quite close too, It was ,orange , glowing, , a fat saucer shape , moving slowly , it then went into a cloud and the shape and color illuminated the cloud , after leaving the cloud it vanished . it was huge , I saw it at about 5,30 pm at the beach above the sea .

Lil_Aldo : I got the Presidential Test Alert as i was watching this 😤😧

andrew yohan : Did people watch the same thing as me, because these comments make me think otherwise

Well I agree with what you said, but : So refreshing to see such a great documentary about this subject. Everyone deserves to know the truth. The amount of evidence out there is simply overwhelming yet most scientists still think they're too smart to associate themselves with UFOs