The Unknowns: Mystifying UFO Cases

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TheMysticalPicklez : every time you upload its like Christmas

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Locked Duck : What if those are actually time travelling aircrafts from the future? Like the Washington incident, where the UFOs suddenly disappeared and came back again. Could you just imagine that it was a field trip from the future? That would be pretty funny. "Please let this be a normal field trip." "With our flying saucer? No way!" "Awww."

Aran_Ace 23 : Lemino is the embodiment of quality over quantity

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The Emerald Warriors : Anyone been watching since his meme vids? I never thought that a channel I checked up on every month or so for fun and laughs would completely change and end up like this. These videos are unbelievable, you have an amazing channel!

we dem Boiis : 30 min video....*grabs some popcorn*

Kriloqueen : half an hour? seriously? I'm in! also; anyone else firmly believes a great majority of the sightings are militarily operations, secret tests and devices? I mean; the behaviour of the USA goverment just further proves it An other explenation might be natural phenomena, except less probable. Edit: after watching to the very and I can't help but agree with Lemmino. This is far more unsettling & mysterious than the best of horrors and creepypastas.

Jeesaf Oceanleft : God, you have the perfect sense of comedy, all of your jokes are subtle, don't overstay their welcome, are on topic, and (get this) is really funny!

uncanny Maratha : Pls make a documentary on Chernobyl! Great video as always. I'm always hyped about your videos than any other cinema movie.

Weezing101 : Often with the argument of aliens and UFOs it is said that their existence can't be proven so they may not exist, but is also hasn't been unproven so they could exist. However, there is more evidence to suggest their existence then there is to suggest their falsehood since singular hoaxes don't devalue other occurrences. Therefore aliens probably exist.

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Jimmy Trumpold : Right now, it doesn't matter what the truth is, but our government is lying to us, and we need to know why

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DAs Durr : Opinion : I think the aliens checked earth if we survived WW2

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There's a starman waiting in the sky : Holy shit, Lemmino uploaded! Get this shit on the news right now!

Jelle Veenstra : Isnt it a bit weird that all of the sightings took place in North America? The world is bigger than only North America I would believe that its real when there had been sightings in Russia or Europe or Africa for example but this is just all hoaxes

Light Knight : I can't believe that pewdiepie have over 58m sub with shity content and Lemmino have original content with only 2.4 million sub

Kaffe : I like to think that Earth is basically like a "zoo" for a ton of alien species, but they have a strict code to not interfere with humanity. Like they'll just come down and visit for a while and watch what this weird, primitive species is doing, or waiting until we destroy ourselves.

Don Kuppa : I saw an ufo 2 years ago and im certain it was an ufo. I was in a public park with mi gf, we were laying down over the grass looking up, I dont recall the time but it was not very late probably just after the sky comes dark after sunset. Then I saw three dots of light separated by the distance of a moon diameter more or less from each other forming a triangle they cought my atention because they where moving, they were not unusually bright or colored they could aswell pass for regular bright stars if they werent moving....I saw them moving for maybe 5 to 10 seconds. they were moving very slow and steady keeping the triangle shape and distance from each other.... They only moved for a short distance because of its slow speed... but they came close enough to a tree top that I had to sit and change my position to follow them without obstacles. after that the dots lost brightness and vanished into the black sky but not at the same time the first one to do so was the point of the triangle and then the two of the base.... I got amazed by the thing and looked for clouds that could have cover them and kept looking up for a while then after some minutes probablly 15 or 20 after some planes passed by I saw what looked like a satelite a dot moving faster than a plane but not incredibly fast crossing the horizon and it too lost brightess more or less at the same spot the other 3 "ufo" lights desapear... that is when i became certain those where ufos they must have been around the same altitude because they where still reflecting suns light and they didnt hid behind clouds they just cross to the earths shadow (also they were clouds but you can spot them clearly and im shure no cloud hid any o them) ... so planes drones etc is discarded also nothing in space can orbit so close to each other and so slow.... so no satelite or man made object was an ufo :)