The Unknowns: Mystifying UFO Cases

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TheMysticalPicklez : every time you upload its like Christmas

Budgorj : it still amazes me how your videos are better than 99% of high budget documentaries

Kunju Perath : “Blob of pixels filmed by a Japanese adult film studio” lmao that was oddly specific xD

Patrick Butler101 : If u have been watching since his name was top 10 memes..... u are a legend

Giordano Silva : Quality over quantity, keep it up

Aran_Ace 23 : Lemino is the embodiment of quality over quantity

jaimeuntitled : LEMMiNO makes the best videos on YouTube.

Izipunn : this man needs more subscribers, share his video. He deserves it

Mohammed furqan : Lemmino is legend he is giving people quality content in the era where youtube is lacking with original content and videos.

Fredoom Fighter : Lemmino = Let Me Know (☞ ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)☞

MyBoringLife : been waiting for a new video for weeks

uncanny Maratha : Pls make a documentary on Chernobyl! Great video as always. I'm always hyped about your videos than any other cinema movie.

Mighty Jaime : They should hire you to make your own tv show or get youtube red

Ron Jeremy : You ever think of having a TV show or Netflix? Because I would cry in happiness

Jimmy Trumpold : Right now, it doesn't matter what the truth is, but our government is lying to us, and we need to know why

Minifridge : This is probably one of the best channels on YouTube

Pasghetti : My dad was a boy scout in the late 70s and he would always tell me about his scoutmaster who was in the army and stationed at Roswell when the Roswell incident occurred. He says his scoutmaster would always claim he believed in aliens because they brought in something covered in a tarp on the back of a big truck that night and they wouldn't let anyone get near it, there were armed MP's and all kinds of guards surrounding it 24/7

4 Eyescol : You should make a video on Rome and the Roman Empire

W1ngs : Top ten facts: Rainbow six siege

Jelle Veenstra : Isnt it a bit weird that all of the sightings took place in North America? The world is bigger than only North America I would believe that its real when there had been sightings in Russia or Europe or Africa for example but this is just all hoaxes

Blizzic : I clicked on this video expecting you to tear down UFO sightings like you did the Bermuda Triangle, but 19 minutes in, you got me believing in aliens

Phil Conti : You Should do The Disappearance of Roanoke Colony

Andre' : Make a video about Bitcoin or Blockchain.

Matthew Riola : Alien ship crash and seen by hundreds of people... Goverment: that is big ass weather balloon...

Gaminguitarist Boi : the police officer should've shot the UFO with his revolver. Military will find the shells casings but won't find the bullets itself or fragments of bullets proving it hit something made of metal or indestructible materials(the UFO) another what if moments

UEF MasterRace : I don't think the U.S. government likes to admit when they have no control over a situation.

Green Sword : Absolute quality content!

Mute Playz : Lets say that there are intelligent 'Aliens' that could travel as fast as light with interplanetary spaceships, the likely hood of them landing on earth or even finding it is 1/1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000+, so yeah.. highly unlikely.

Victor Popov : Why did you not cover operation highjump ? Was it covered in the blue book and was solved or you just didnt like it as an example ? Im geniuenly curious about that one more then these because it was a miliatary operation so they couldnt lie since they would be lying to themselves and since its in their benefit to clasify these cases to avoid panic why was it declassified and is available to public ?

Angel R : I believe in the alien that walked by burger king

ruoweii : two plausible explanations i want to believe: 1. aliens might actually exist, and they've already visited earth 2. the government's up to something

VESUVIO : Maybe go into Human Evolution next? The diffrent species, race, demographics of earth today and how they came to be? Would be greatly interesting to see your touch on the subject, seeing as it's an increasingly hot topic in Sweden online nowadays. Anyway, congratulations on the Patreon and keep up the good work!

ReLite The Hero : interesting

Hisham AL-zadjali : The Quran

Miden Arithmos : Top 10 facts - depression (I'm kinda shock he hasn't made this since he made one about love)

Dr . Wub : Damit I was one day away from completing no nut November.

Gatling Hawk : I’d love to see a documentary like this about Chernobyl

xkon23 : This is random- but could you make a Top 10 Facts- BMW? It's an interesting brand with crazy history.

Damin who cares? : No aliens were spotted in Europe as they fit with our population lol

Swordfireguy MC : Amazing video and evidence.

trycoldman23 : *Nazis from the dark side of the moon*

Luka Moličnik : Top 10 facts - computers

rozette policarpio : Next Top 10 Facts - 2017

Alex : Do stranger things

Jelle Veenstra : The only Ufos I believe in are meteorites

Snowleopardy : "I want to believe but I'm just not sure what to believe in"

Don Kuppa : I saw an ufo 2 years ago and im certain it was an ufo. I was in a public park with mi gf, we were laying down over the grass looking up, I dont recall the time but it was not very late probably just after the sky comes dark after sunset. Then I saw three dots of light separated by the distance of a moon diameter more or less from each other forming a triangle they cought my atention because they where moving, they were not unusually bright or colored they could aswell pass for regular bright stars if they werent moving....I saw them moving for maybe 5 to 10 seconds. they were moving very slow and steady keeping the triangle shape and distance from each other.... They only moved for a short distance because of its slow speed... but they came close enough to a tree top that I had to sit and change my position to follow them without obstacles. after that the dots lost brightness and vanished into the black sky but not at the same time the first one to do so was the point of the triangle and then the two of the base.... I got amazed by the thing and looked for clouds that could have cover them and kept looking up for a while then after some minutes probablly 15 or 20 after some planes passed by I saw what looked like a satelite a dot moving faster than a plane but not incredibly fast crossing the horizon and it too lost brightess more or less at the same spot the other 3 "ufo" lights desapear... that is when i became certain those where ufos they must have been around the same altitude because they where still reflecting suns light and they didnt hid behind clouds they just cross to the earths shadow (also they were clouds but you can spot them clearly and im shure no cloud hid any o them) ... so planes drones etc is discarded also nothing in space can orbit so close to each other and so slow.... so no satelite or man made object was an ufo :)

The Vucko : Top 10 facts about World of warcfraft

The Riech Gamers : Alright do World of Warcraft please :)

Manuel Rodriguez : He’s awesome at making me get scared lol