The Unknowns: Mystifying UFO Cases

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MyBoringLife : been waiting for a new video for weeks

Luciano N : ayy lmao

Cranberry the Cat : I'm a simple woman. I see Lemmino uploads a new video, I like it right away.

EinieN J : You sound Swedish, love Your accent! :) Found Your channel being recommended in the comments of Dark5 and Dark Docks, Great channel, awesome topics, subbed! Great video, Thank You! :) <3

It Is Possible : I dont think most people carry around a high resolution camera in their pocket... such that can zoom upon and capture objects flying a few kms above.

Apple Advanced : 30 minutes well this essay can wait!

Gatling Hawk : I’d love to see a documentary like this about Chernobyl

Matthew Riola : Alien ship crash and seen by hundreds of people... Goverment: that is big ass weather balloon...

Jeremiah Franklin : Me before video: hah aliens don’t exist Me after video: shit...

Damin who cares? : No aliens were spotted in Europe as they fit with our population lol

Aran_Ace 23 : Lemino is the embodiment of quality over quantity

Christopher Wilkman : The reason that the governments would cover up UFO sightings, is simple. What would mankind collectively do if a UFO was officially sighted? We'd either try to blow it up and end up provoking a superior race of beings, or we'd try to befriend them. However we'd know nothing of their intentions, language or culture. And we may even end up provoking them anyway, despite trying to befriend them. So cool down! The authorities will alert us, when it is time to speak to extra terrestrials.

White Rabbit : To the people who always make the "bad resolution camera" argument: Show me please, how your mobile phones can record far away objects, especially in the night sky, let alone in high quality. I have tried to film the UFO I've seen, which also is what made me become interested in this topic, but all I got was a black screen from my Samsung Galaxy 8.

Monica Wallis : Oh come on.. OBVIOUSLY SOMETHING is going on.... lets be REAL.. someone is hiding something... REAL astronauts have made MANY claims... many pilots have also reported incidents... A LOT of very real & very creditable people have made extraordinary claims.... SOMETHING is happening & someone is hiding the truth. That is a fact not a speculation


TheMysticalPicklez : every time you upload its like Christmas

Ryan Chung : Why are all famous cases located in the United States? Hmmm...

WeTube : One Love

Miden Arithmos : Top 10 facts - depression (I'm kinda shock he hasn't made this since he made one about love)

David Feaman : This is an amazing video! There are shows on TV that don't even come CLOSE to the professional quality and well thought out purpose and execution of this video. You have a new fan in me! Keep up the excellent work!

Minifridge : This is probably one of the best channels on YouTube

jake yokoe : Utterly fascinating. Will you do more on convincing mysteries?

Ramandika Adnanta : Oh I just get your name now Lemmino Let me know I see what you did there

The Pie : I'm genuinely curious who dislikes his videos, what parts of the video does he need to improve on?

Cheesmo : We need a part 2.

UEF MasterRace : I don't think the U.S. government likes to admit when they have no control over a situation.

Matt : Weather balloons are alien bait

Emperor Napoleon : I think I saw two UFOs (not saying aliens) while driving in Texas during the night. From the periphery of my left eye, I saw two lights (one red and one blue) light up, and as I turned my head to see what the lights were, the lights then take off in an upward direction (as in leaving the planet) and disappear. They sort of looked like how the ships in Star Wars or Star Trek look like when they take off when jumping to warp or light speed. I was like "WTF" and the person next to me immediately was pointing to where I saw the lights and said "Did you see that!? What the hell was that!?". I thought it was just some issue with my eye but seeing as the person next to me saw it, then it must be something physical. I doubt it is military.This was in 2010. I am thinking it was a meteor or comet but shouldn't it travel in a downward trajectory instead of an upward trajectory? 👽

Manuel Rodriguez : He’s awesome at making me get scared lol

Braun Cryman : This 30 minute video just raped multiple documentaries with multiple seasons

Jaqen H'Ghar : 263 Aliens Disliked For Getting Exposed

The Viewer : Who else is watching this in 12018

Filbert Tuxen : I have seen that docummentary but it looks fake af.. I really dont want to be spectical from that but still all my logic goes against it

Killop Uwata : says "Japanese Adult Film Studio" and yet still sounds smart.. nice

Hey You : Why do the aliens need so many different types of aircraft.

Blizzic : I clicked on this video expecting you to tear down UFO sightings like you did the Bermuda Triangle, but 19 minutes in, you got me believing in aliens

topfuel29 : 70% - People have no idea what they are seeing 25% -Are just mentally ill. 5% - Probably have seen something genuine.

Ryan's Rants : The “High Resolution” argument is kinda dumb. I wanted to take a nice picture of the blood moon over my city, so I whipped out my iPhone 7, zoomed in all the way, and snapped a picture. And all I got was a tiny red dot.

DumbAnimator : Just LAMINO

Wanderer : Can't believe I haven't found this channel sooner

ruoweii : two plausible explanations i want to believe: 1. aliens might actually exist, and they've already visited earth 2. the government's up to something

TedStarGamingX Teddy : Months of waiting... but hey 30 minutes of content 🤷‍♀️

Chair : He's very convincing. Anyone have anything to say against this? Anyone? Please?

grizzlywhisker : the deeper you delve into UFOs and the paranormal, the more you start to believe in it and find similarities between it all. i think there is something out there for sure.

DeAd_OraNGeZ : Maybe just somethings are just left unsolved for a reason or maybe a purpose?Will we ever know what will happen?

Dr . Wub : Damit I was one day away from completing no nut November.

Finnjakd : FunWithGuru and LEMMiNO are quality content

Burrito : Is this a jojo reference?

Aditya Vivekananda : Amazing Video....You should make a tv show...Just Sayin'

andrew yohan : Did people watch the same thing as me, because these comments make me think otherwise