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Battlefield V Trailer

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Battlefield™ V launches worldwide on November 20th. Pre-order now for Open Beta early access*: Enter mankind’s greatest conflict with Battlefield V as the series goes back to its roots with a never-before-seen portrayal of World War 2. Assemble your Company of customized soldiers, weapons, and vehicles – then take them on an epic journey through the Tides of War. Experience the most intense, immersive Battlefield yet. You will never be the same. Subscribe and be the first to see all official Battlefield V videos: Frostbite pre-alpha game engine footage representative of game experience. *Conditions and restrictions apply. See for details Follow Battlefield 5:


garble garble : This makes wolfenstien look historically accurate

Aidan Mercer : 1. Women did not fight on the front lines 2. No one had robotic arms back then 3. If you want women in your WW2 game, then make them Russian and sniping Germans from rooftops or put them in the French Resistance! Don’t put them in the D-day landings or in the Pacific fighting the Japanese cause that NEVER HAPPENED!!!

Mark : If you ever feel stupid just remember there was an entire team of people that thought that this was going to go over well

Pinochet : Will we get to storm the beaches of Normandy in wheelchairs?

Natsukashii YT : I think the only accurate part is the sky.

triCkSter _SC : "Accept it or Don't buy the game!" BAM choice made!"Make money or Push an agenda" BAM you ****** up!#notmybattlefield

PessimiztcBurger : *Sees more dislikes than likes* _”I’m so proud of this community”_

Ouro Boros : 2018: Battlefield: World War Steampunk 2019: Battlefield: Gender Dysphoria 2020: Battlefurries:(○^ω^○)

BiF : I keep coming back to see the disslike #2019

Starboy : Battlefield 3 started it Battlefield 4 remastered it Battlefield V ruined it.

Donovan Apatang : Grandson: Grandma, how was life like in world war 2? Grandma: Well I fought in the war and I 360 no scoped germans with my prosthetic arm.

Joseph Stalin : Can't wait to see female medics carry tampons just in case any other women have period blood in the next update.

HarmfulUrchin 3 : Thanks for deleting my comment EA very cool!

Frarkplayzhehe YT : Battlefield: Don’t like it don’t buy it Some time later Battlefield: why did no one buy it 🤨😢

Dirk Van Den Berg : WE DID IT BOYS: 1 MILLION sales less than expected!

Mizhidor but i just lost my 69 subs frick you : *Don't buy it* or *Don't buy it*

Cyratrixxx : I will never buy this crap.

Leonardo Rodriguez : In Memory of all who fought in this terrible war. English. French. Czech. Slovak. German. Russian. Ukrainian. Chinese. Japanese. Mongolian. Finnish. Spanish. Italian. Romanian. Hungarian. Austrian. Polish. Norwegian. Danish. Belarus. Livonian. Lithuanian. Estonian. Australian. Korean. New Zealand-er. Indian. Persian. Egyptian. Senegalese Tirailleur. Croatian. Slovenian. Serbian. Bulgarian. Greek. South African. Mexican. Brazilian. American. Canadian. Scottish. Welsh. Irish. Caucasian. Siamese - Thai. Indonesian. Belgian. Dutch. Maori. Native nations in the Pacific and Africa. Everyone. We must not forget, nor to keep memoirs, of this atrocity, as we once forget this ever happened... history will repeat, in much worse ratio. For peace.

Huw Edwards : DICE.. Do yourselves a favour and delete this trailer, we can all just pretend it didn't happen.

MrBajaBlamps : Battlefield Hardline is better

Dogz4life : Cant wait to play as a black female disabled wehrmacht wonder woman with a steam punk uniform!!

Some Random Guy : "COD WW2 was the least historically accurate representation of world war 2 its disgusting" EA: hold my beer

FIRE SPITTER : Can’t wait for a dlc that transforms tanks to wheel chairs

Katia0mas : Thanks for deleting comments & dislikes every days. Sweden yes!!!

Ninjahybbbh : I just keep coming back to see the dislikes

Political Correctness : Is there an attack helicopter gender option too?

Pedofil z Wadowic : Add Poland dice Ohhhh I forgot ww2 started in France

hubertinho7 Xbox : System: Press V to ruin game EA/DICE: V!

გიორგი ა : Haha my dislike keeps getting removed.

Little plant : I'd rather buy the Roblox battlefield...

Octavio Aguilar : If you don’t add wheelchair soldiers to the game, I will feel truly offended.

Dubzaster : Funny. This trailer is just as bad as the game

ZEDW1 : Dear Feminists that want the inclusion of women in the front lines of a WW2 game kindly ether go talk to women in the military that has experienced war for themselves, and ask them about their lived experiences of combat, and if women should be included in the front lines of a WW2 game. Or join the military, become as strong and capable as any male solder, add fighting in a war to your lived experiences, and ask yourself is inclusion if women in a WW2 video game really worth all this PTSD. Oh wait you can't do that because feminist women tell you that you have to be a weak ,incapable ,little, victims, and then tell you that men are the ones "forcing" you to be like that. When you are ready to take off the feminist blinders hide reality from you and the problem glasses that make you hallucinate, the world is waiting to help you see that "Yes you can" be successful and make your own game, instead of ruining a game you are never going to play.

Spectral Gaming : Looking at the comment section in April of 2019. It beautiful.

Hermoáñ The Incredible : i remember seeing this for the first time.. i was shocked and scared, oh how they ruined you :/ how politics and weak people ruin everything

Road Runner3155 : Battlefield 1 70 guns Battlefield V 70 genders

Meme-a-Tour : We went from one of the best battlefield games bf1 to this...😒

Dean Winchester : welcome to sweden folks

R3cruit M4in : No

Mox Scrapton : This is dumb this is not how battles went during ww2

NexGenInsanity : Sorry EA, I'm too uneducated to buy the game apparently. You can keep your historically inaccurate cyborg female lead in yet another battle royale game thanks. #notmybattlefield

Muhammad Abdurrahman : I keep coming here to watch the trailer and just wonder, what were they thinking when they made this?? Lol

YeetusД Feetus : If she was Soviet and fighting in Ukraine or Stalingrad and didn't have a robot hand and she was a sniper, then it would be correct.

666H.Badger666 : hmmm feminist propaganda game cuz every game needs to be consored and needs to have a *stronbg female characteeeeer*

Joeyboi Estanislao Mercado : This game for me is trash,battlefield mainly focoused on the graphics and i just wasted my money

john Smith : But April fools was last month....

shalabh srivastava : Manga: COD World at War Anime: COD World War 2 Netflix adaption : Battlefield V

Jerry Tigrex : How about bf6 released with two maps and update one FFFFRRRREEEEEEEEE map each year?

Жопошник Нипридовал : Какие нафиг протезники-инвалидо-военные? С катушек слетели? Сука:D Протезники бейсболисты