Battlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer

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Battlefield : Watch Battlefield V multiplayer gameplay:

Randy Renne : This doesn't remind me of WWII at all

VariousVideos2012 : So battlefield 5 is a game about time traveling?

Nasdorachi : all the guns in thie game are probably nerf guns too. fackin' hell man...

A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT : Daughter: Dad, why can’t I make a character that looks like me on battlefield V (18+) Dad: Don’t worry, I made I time machine to go back in time and change history, so you can now have your favourite cricket bat with your prospect arm you got last year when you where 9! Daughter: Thanks mum, I mean dad

Donovan Apatang : Grandson: Grandma, how was life like in world war 2? Grandma: Well I fought in the war and I 360 no scoped germans with my prosthetic arm.

BEHANGYY Y : Femifield

Legend Milat : Call of duty : SJW 5 Play it first on Xbox one and get access to cancer ( feminism ).

Satara Official : Women in the frontline of military battle beating men down? Welcome to fantasyland

riteasrain : History is proof women were at home holding the fort so to speak, working in many industries to help "their" men at war. They weren't on the front line. This trailer is presumption and I'm not being sexist. Then again it is just a game.

LuftWaffle3 : Little in this trailer makes any sense

NimbleLime Bramble : “Accept it or don’t buy it” Ok I won’t buy it.

** khaled : Press F to change tampon 😒

Lil Hustensaft : I like PANZERKAMPFWAGEN

EleCtrO Ranvier : "Accept it or don't buy it" - a majority of us weren't going to buy it anyway, you pompous clowns.

I might be yo daddy as many times as I fuck yo mama : I wouldn't even pirate it

SRT DEMON 840 : "Accept it or don't buy it". ok well F y'all we won't buy it #Saved60bucks

Binja Fuller : The developers of this game are showing the utmost disrespect to the WWII veterans who suffered to protect their families and the families of billions of strangers. All they had to do was set the story in a fictional war and this trailer would be amazing. Saying that this is what WWII looked like is the equivalent to creating a remake of Roots, starring Tom Cruise as Kunta Kinté and giving him wings. They are telling the story of heroic people struggling through the greatest hardship of their life, and they choose to spit in the face of those heroes by pretending that someone else is responsible for their selfless heroism. Besides, if they set the story in a fictional world, they can go all out and make the characters even more over the top. I love the idea of playing as a badass female super-cyborg-soldier with a futuristic robotic arm and a cricket bat. Hell, give her a jet pack and a hookshot too, while you’re at it. Just don’t tell me that my grandfather could have potentially been saved from an enemy soldiers grasp by a time traveling cyborg on performance enhancing drugs. I showed this trailer to him and he was very upset by it. He is nearing the end of his life and he(just like everybody else) hopes to be remembered when he is gone. Games like this risk an entire generation developing a warped view of the heroic acts of those who came before them. Either set your game in a real war, or don’t. Opening up the game to sci-fi stuff would enhance the gameplay anyway, so just go all out. But step one is to remove all references to a real-world occurrence. There is still time to fix it...

thejoshno : #notmybattlefeild

britbloc123 : I thought the SJW movement were "Against" violence toward women. I'm confused, can I melee them or can't I?

Lars Sral : Women's War 2 (aka the Great War of Inclusivity) was a worldwide conflict between the Allied Transgender Union and the forces of Adolfo "Trump" Hitlero and the GOP (German Oppression People) spanning from 1941 to 1988. The most iconic battle took place on the shores of Normandy when a massive invasion on D-Day (Diversity Day) saw a combined force of 200 million transgender lesbians commanded by General Lisa Dunham II push back the evil forces of Hitlero and establish the Great European Union of Empowerment.


Seizure Pony : Honestly EA, its been a long run. I've played every popular game you guys released since the first battlefield. I've bought the DLC's and any other content I could bring myself to afford...But now, its time for me to say my good byes. Not sure if its a change in management or some executive calling the shots but enough is enough. I think we can all agree this game will flop compared to others - You're fanbase is going to dwindle if you dont alter the path you're going down. Listen to YOUR community, not the community of media endorsed leftists who even if you appeal to, most likely have no intention on even batting an eye at your game let alone playing it. Sort your act out. Or I guarantee EA wont make it past 2025. Shame but im sure most people who are die hard fans like me would agree. #NotMyBattlefield

Tonton : Are bunkers now called "safe spaces" ?

Raze-R Sharppe : Hey I've a great idea! What? You know what gamer's love? No? Sjw agenda's! Wow! Then we can increase our player base! Yeah I know! ... Nice one you bunch of disconnected fools

Ben Fernandez : well i guess COD doesn’t seem to bad after all

Eric Gobris : This is just disrespectful to all the people that fought in the war. There is literally a black dud with celtic war paint and a katana, and a lady with a prosthetic arm some how able to use an enfield. Thats totally accurate history DICE. How do you go from a decently honest picture of ww1 to this fortnite wantabe steampunk war sim?

ZoTrope : Don't just dislike the video.... don't buy the game...

Cobie Cutler : What kind of excuse is "I have a daughter" if your daughter is old enough to play Battlefield she should be old enough to know that women didn't fight in the frontlines #NotMyBattlefield

RaiderzNation : I wouldn’t even pirate this game. It’s not worth the hard drive space.

Magm Ster : Battlefield 1 laughed at CoD Infinite Warfare... Who's laughing now?

MrWyatt2299 : Thank you ea for helping me save my money to buy rdr2

Mihajlo Ratic : This game is the shame and disrespect for all the soldiers in WWII.

Korvanon : I hope they make the trenches wheelchair accessible

thisistheplan : Ooga booga, men bad!

String_Dogg : #notmybattlefield

josh Eijkenboom : It's just so cringy, and inaccurate to history


LFreak2 : Nobody will probably read this, but we should start to stop buying Battlefield games in order to show them we want games like Bad Company 2 or Battlefield 3. I miss the times on Arica Harbor where i really felt like in war...

ZoTrope : I can't wait to see all the money ea will lose!

AquDrIFT : "Accept that Fortnite happened or don't buy it" I accept that your punkass company is going out of business.

austinantelope : The German opposition was no match for the wheel chair battalion.

Daniel Haugaard : This trailer is 50% COD 50% Farcry 0% Battlefield Come on, DICE. WW2 was the largest and most horrific war of all time. You have captured none of the loss, tragic and despair, the war meant. Dont delete this comment; use it for future reference. And why tf are you deleting comments in the first place!? Face the criticism, you nancies! #notmybattlefield

fuck youtube : quit enforcing feminism and political correctness in games. This is not okay.

Gus.2716 : Just because the 600 lb SJW feminist transgender LGBT people are speaking the loudest doesn’t mean that they accurately project what the people who will actually buy the game want.

ImToGutAtFortnite : #NotMyBattleFILTH

Mexican mango : #notmybattlefield

small avocado : Guys, these comments are really offensive. In ww2 my black transgender disabled lesbian grandmother served in the SS with distinction, and these comments are really triggering me.

ghost0assassin : They ruined Battlefront, now Battlefield is next.

J Smit : Well ok then...I choose to not buy the game. That as well as it's disrespectful.