Battlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer

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Battlefield : Watch the official gamescom trailer:

malcolms memery : You were supposed to destroy COD not join them!

Clay Conde : Was Thanos here? Because half of your player base has disappeared.

Xqzme : "Hello old friend" more like "Bye bye old friend"

DA_FK : Comments are more interesting than this trailer.

Morris Baumgartner : And again my dislike was deleted. Don't worry EA. I will always come back to dislike it again.

MasterAquatics : The only thing that was accurate about this trailer is the medic ignoring the guy asking for help.

Richtofen935 : *W H I T E M A N*

somejimmydude2121 : More toxic feminism infecting everything as the feminazis keep trying to re-write history. I'll be giving this one a miss and a big thumbs down. Vote with your wallets.

luc skywalker : pre-order canceled

Raymond Lee : I didn't see any apache helicopters in this trailer. This offends me.

Nassi : Battlefield (WW)1: "We want to keep the experience authentic in respect to the many fallen soldiers of the great world war" Battlefield 5: "Lol WW2 was lit lmao"

The Angry Writer : OK, so my degree is actually in history with an emphasis on World War 2. They've included women and women had a place during World War 2 no doubt, but their place during the war was working in hospitals, shipyards, and ammunition factories. They weren't on the front lines. I would love to chalk this up to historical stupidity in Silicon Valley, but they've made a statement by putting a woman ON THE COVER. You now have a name that has nothing to do with World War 2 and cover art featuring a woman fighting. We get it, this is 2018 and women are equal. Now there is something that advertising and the design team should understand: people are asking for World War 2 games b/c we're tired of the scifi crap, and those same people want historical accuracy, not political correctness wrapped up in a summer blockbuster movie trailer. World War 2 is the greatest setting in history. You have wonder weapons, ruthless dictators, true heroes, and some of the greatest battles ever fought. Your cover features NONE of this. Instead we get a metrosexual glow effect and a random woman that we're supposed to care about. It's very hard to mess up World War 2, and you've managed to mess it up in pretty much every way possible.

Rapist Spongebob : My grandad died for this?

Reynard Misae : I just keep coming back to see the dislikes at this point

INXANE : guys i have a confession... im a wh*te man :(

Nomicro4u : "...never-before-seen portrayal of World War 2." Well, they're not wrong.

Vladimir Minakov : EA killed every good company they owned. Strange that it took so long for DICE. RIP Battlefield, we had some good times...

SnegggEu : This is so sad. Can we hit 1 million dislikes?

TerdMuffin : Wonder if there will be gender specific loot boxes.

100 Subscribers Without Video’s : Who is here only to look how mutch dislike’s this has?😂

Randy Renne : This doesn't remind me of WWII at all

Jason Tong : here is a good response for ur daughter design director, "darling, this is because during ww2 there weren't much woman fighting in the front lines, our game is designed around historic accuracy, so, play COD XD lololol

Comander555666 : Wow just 2 and half minutes to destroy all the trust you build up

Sam Fisher : ☑ Don't buy BF5 or Anthem or ANY games published by EA ☑ Never pre-order ☑ Don't buy loot boxes or support a game that uses loot boxes ☑ Support GOOD game Studios/Developers/Publishers ☑ Copy/Paste this comment any time EA is mentioned. ☑ Have a great day! :)

EL Red*Diablo : Any White Person that is still going to buy/play this game has no dignity or self respect.

Mr. Vasya Pupkin : DICE,where do you take these drugs??

Abc AwesomeP : October 2018. Came to dislike the video again, because my dislike got deleted.

SomeGuyDotCom : Why is the girl saying 'hello old friend' ???? I don't think anyone would say that during a freaking War

The Battlefront Veteran : Man, this trailer sucks

さい : Battlefield V agina

TheBlackItalianGamer : Grandma jumping out from the window doing 360 no scope with one arm😂

Honza Marek : This is some kind of joke?

Technologi The g duck : Johny Johny Yes papa Making new game ? Yes papa! Making it normal ? No papa! Making it sexist ? Yes papa! Gettin likes ? No papa! Deleting likes ? Yes papa!

Warren Smith : Battlefield 5 Rise of the snowflake soldiers.

future soldier of gaming world : 10 years ago : EA games is life . now : someone plz shut down EA ! really EA , you were once my favorite gaming company . but now i dont want you .

Johnny IoNutz : No seriosly where is the trailer ? I want to see it.

Zohaib Iqbal : Umm.. is there any mission, in which you've to cover wahmen while they're making sandwich?

DataYawi : У меня есть дочь негроидно-азиатской расы, она радикальная феминистка и верит в Ислам, она инвалид, у нее нету рук и ног, она по гендеру Гендерофлюоридная B-Этногрифосексуалка II-ой степени, и самое важное - ОНА ВЕГАН. Я играл с ней в Battlefield V и она заплакала из-за того, что не может поиграть "за своего персонажа" в игре, не может быть СОБОЙ. ВЫ ЛИШАЕТЕ ЛЮДЕЙ ВОЗМОЖНОСТИ БЫТЬ СОБОЙ. НЕПРИЕМЛИМО EA!!!!

Leznox : SJWField V :)


GuineaFridge : I keep coming back to look at the dislikes.

Hina Aqeel : This is a joke right?

IVIidnyte : Here’s the second dislike button, because one just wasn’t enough.

Android 13 : If you're reading this comment, thank you. And before you leave, let me tell you that things will get worse from here. Open your eyes people, social justice and PC is pushing strong and aggressively like a tsunami. We can't fight it, and there's no way that we can stop it. All we can do is acknowledge that this movement exists and it won't stop. It's so pathetic... and heartbreaking that our hobbies are being affected by this Liberal ideology... this is one of the reasons why I hate all politics. Might as well stick to marbles again.

MannyDogs Gaming : RIP Battlefield, Activation may be dicks but at least they keep that political correctness crap out of the COD games.

Yukimura : Battlefantasy V

jomix7 : RIP battlefield, you will be missed

Red Dragón : I will not buy this game

Roxas_XIII_13 : 1 like = 1 less sold Game