Battlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer

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Battlefield : Watch the official gamescom trailer:

MasterAquatics : The only thing that was accurate about this trailer is the medic ignoring the guy asking for help.

Scott Leong : Women were in WW2 front lines? WTF?

PixL : ima girl but women aren’t in the frontlines

Imperial Glory : I simply can't wait to play as an autistic vegan trans female black muslim liberal SS trooper with prosthetic arms and a wheelchair. I really love how realistic and historically accurate it is.

Aurelius Marcus Antoninus : Dont worry EA I didnt buy the game

malcolms memery : You were supposed to destroy COD not join them!

3rd bomb : Can't wait to see Mexican lesbians in wheelchairs fighting in Vietnam in the bf6 trailer

andresjame m : You said: “Dont buy if you dont like it” and we have not bought it 😂

OxVoxBot : Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s been a pleasure watching this game flop with you.

Ray Mondo : Thank God for the brave women who stormed the beaches of Normandy. What a joke.

Nomicro4u : "...never-before-seen portrayal of World War 2." Well, they're not wrong.

Graeme Cook : Half a million dislikes😂😂😂 Get woke go broke fools!

Raze : "If you dont like it, dont buy it" -EA *no one really buys it* EA: Wait you took us seriously?

Masoom Khan : Genderfield5 is looking very historically accurate

Maxi Pi : I will never buy from EA again. Horrendous disgrace of a game and a complete insult to the heroes of WW2. How do i get my money back?

greenlegocats123 : i could not even tell what was happening in the trailer

nasum 23 : Agreed - completely disrespectful to the men who fought and died in WW2.

cwswill : This is possibly the worst adaptation of ww2 I have ever seen. What happened to all the men that gave their lives on the beaches of Normandy? What happened to when the soldiers stormed the streets of Berlin? A female amputee would never be put on the frontlines of this war, let alone see one at all. Didn't know I was watching a gender studies lecture.

Liam Warren : Historic inaccuracy at its worst. Pewdiepie mentioned the female Russian snipers, he took the words right out of my mouth. British women were doing great things in WWII. Fighting was not one of them. Don’t call it a WWII game if you’re gonna cherry-pick the weapons and attire, and throw away the rest.

Rohan Chhima : When your newest game is on clearance for 50% off...

Randy Renne : This doesn't remind me of WWII at all

satanic dog : if woman were on the front lines, i would like to be a toaster

Spencer Hicks : Get woke go broke

Jax Carls : EA - " We need to add more women and diversity to the game, any ideas?" Random developer 1 - "Create immortal women who has a robotic arm with super power" Random developer 2 - "Make the army 50/50 men and women" Random developer 3 - "why not create a story mode about the night witches or maybe one about Lyudmila Pavlichenko?" everyone watches developer 3 and then the EA throws him out of the window


Johnny IoNutz : No seriosly where is the trailer ? I want to see it.

Mufnstuf : This new HALO looks sick! Nothing like a great science fiction game to kick off the holiday season!

A Mathis : Thank you for disrespecting my grandfather and all the other MEN who actually fought in this war. Game is trash.

Scrambled Greg : This game was developed in Sweden, which is pretty much the world's most whipped country when it comes to political correctness. It's no wonder this happened...

sjw npc hq : congrats on 500k dislikes!

Yukimura : Battlefantasy V

Fastfort Fagatov : Battlefield 1- 2.2 million likes on official trailer Battlefield 5- 340 thousand likes on official trailer

Dally : just came back to laugh at this trailer again

a27936 : For the first time, ever...I can say that the new CoD is better than Battlefield.

Soothsayer : I’m sure this game is selling great to all those one armed female gamers....

TheBlackItalianGamer : Grandma jumping out from the window doing 360 no scope with one arm😂

Bashir Hamwi : I am a chair and i am offended that you did not put me on the cover, gender discrimination

Giulio Fumagalli : Battlefield: did an oopsie

shintaiden : Get woke go broke. Oh, and also don't piss on your customers. RDR2 ftw.

Renen Baskerville : 506K Dislikes > 341K Likes *We Made It, Comrades!*

GuineaFridge : I keep coming back to look at the dislikes.

Mr Autunm : I aint wasting money on this

Halo Fuzion : Who is here after watching pewdiepie’s video?

Marioman2017 : cant wait for the furry part

Brayden Johnson : Man why do liberals got to ruin everything....

jono anym : Which soldier fought with a Cricket bat??????????

Marcus Tullius : EA shares fell and continue to fall so far. We won.

10 subs with no videos : Make me a sandwich woman

EB 1337 : deleting dislikes again I see