Battlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer

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Battlefield : Watch the official gamescom trailer:

Motomeru Music : This isn't WW2 not to bash on women but wtf EA?

Abdul Rahman Akinade : oh no what disaster have you made now ea

Mizhidor : *Don't buy it* or *Don't buy it*

complete boss : If you want woman playing a lead role, why not just make a futuristic game or a modern game?

Gavin The Bandit Main : Hey you want to be diverse hmmm? Look at you like to dislike ratio

Adri : "never-before-seen portrayal."

Solid Zack : _"These are people that are uneducated. Either accept it or dont buy the game!"_ I want you all to think about this quote before spending money on this game

Myles Porter : Glad this game is failing get woke go broke

NexGenInsanity : Sorry EA, I'm too uneducated to buy the game apparently. You can keep your historically inaccurate cyborg female lead in yet another battle royale game thanks. #notmybattlefield

Gloomy Gondola : i vividly remember my granmama telling me stories from the war, how she during the battle of rotterdam had this sick robot arm and blue facepaint, how she did backflips out of two-story building windows and beat up those pesky naazies with a club. she served in a squad with brave zulu warriors.

Ethan Zane : Wow EA, thats a smooth move deleting one of my comments like that.

Alex S : There were samurai and bionic bitches in Ww2? Man, wish I hadn't slept through history class back in the day.

Winter Faery : Where's the black women with mini-guns? Black women literally won World War 2! Electronic Arts is racist! Boycott EA!

moustachebro4life : No EA, women did NOT serve on the frontlines in WW2. and I'll take your guys advice and NOT buy the game.

GreenDinosaur : I'm buying red dead 2 over this.

Kolot : Sarcastic British woman with a robot arm fighting Nazis in World War 2 *authentic World War 2 experience*

David Dou : Who here's going to preorder Doom Eternal?

I BUY POWER : can't wait too buy EA's $79.99 WHEELCHAIR DLC..

Gozmit : "Accept it or don't buy it." Well you got what you wanted. Just look at those pre order numbers. Nice move guys.

Matt Aaron : You were suppose to destroy COD Not join them!

MrBaconGuy : The likes and dislikes are having a more realistic fight than this trailer.

OMG they killed Kenny! : Historically accurate? *proceeds to show a one armed sarcastic woman with silly clothes and face paint hitting someone in an OTT battlefield with a cricket bat* Edit: Oh and kratos and a paratrooper with a samurai sword

Bo Do : Lmao. My comment and downvote are gone. No problem, i'll just come back every now and again to laugh and do it again.

Croatz : Been a battlefield fan and have purchased every title since the early 2000's. I will not be purchasing this game and niether will my large friendbase that play this game with me. It is a disgrace that EA has decided to please the loudest 5% of their fan base to push a stupid agenda down our throats. All we want is a realistic shooter that is honest to the history. I have no problem with women in a WW2 game but not with prosthetic arms and purple hair like some SJW fantasy in 2018. Stop trying to change or alter our human history and stop trying to preach to me about social justice. No politics in my video games!

t3hgraemek : Get woke go broke

socialdanger - : *My comment was deleted so I came back to fix it* EA : "accept that some British women with prosthetic arms 360 no scoped nazis in ww2 or don't buy it"

Marcel 17 : Who came back after hearing pre-order sales are weak 😂 Serves you right EA

Jared Williamson : If you want to focus on women during WWII then make a game about one of those groups of French resistance fighters instead of portraying them as prominent frontline fighters because they just weren't there. 3 women for every million men in WWII, and yet those men and boys who were drafted don't even get the respect to be on the cover of a "WWII" game? Quite pandering to sjws who won't even play your game and focus on making the game good. No pandering, no katana And metal prosthetics, you have the chance to show millions of people what this horror fest of a war was like. Pay some respect to it and do it right.

Pieter Smith : I'm a bit too uneducated. So I'll have to skip this one. Sorry EA.

Jim Johnson : All because a dude at EA couldn't explain to his daughter that it's just simple historical fact, that men did the vast majority of fighting in WWII. Just as men have in every war throughout history.. I'm speaking from experience, served in Afghanistan as a Marine Corps infantryman back during Obama's troop surge..leave war to the men please. Sorry but nature has just made us vastly better at violence.

Octavio Aguilar : If you don’t add wheelchair soldiers to the game, I will feel truly offended.

Max C : I showed this to my Grandad. A man who fought in France. He said... “is that a female?” “Yes grandad” “Is that face paint?” “Yes grandad” “Does she have a prosthetic hand?” “Yes grandad” He then took his glasses off as his eyes filled with tears and said... “I lost so many friends in Europe during that war. They weren’t ‘friends’ at all. They were my brothers. And I miss them everyday” He wiped his tears away and finished by saying... “I’m sorry, I didn’t see any woman with claws wearing face paint. But I saw a lot of dead men. Is this what people think happened? Because it isn’t.” I simply told him... “You’re uneducated.“

Fuzion Wolf7 : COD BO4 gets criticism: makes changes based off of community feedback BFV gets criticism: dOnT bUy iT tHeN BF Fans: Don't buy it BFV: wHy aRe pRe oRdEr sAlEs dOwN??

The Mysterious Stranger : Alright i'll be back gotta preorder insurgency:sandstorm

Techno Boi : Who came here just to check on the like and dislike ratio

World Serpent : This makes wolfenstien look historically accurate

Green Bug : This comment section is pure gold

Clonetrooper 2.0 : I was thinking of buying this but i would rather play Red Dead Redemption 2 then deal with EA"s shady practices

Tech : #notmybattlefield Vote with your wallet.

Hovig : So who else not buying the game ?

SRT DEMON 840 : "Accept it or don't buy it". ok well F y'all we won't buy it #Saved60bucks


GodhandPhemto : "These are people that are uneducated. Either accept it or dont buy the game!"

Jorge Ramos Mendez : I just love how they disabled dislikes ;)

Andrew Tarr : Marketing disaster

Harryhas26 : Maybe if Dice and EA spent less time deleting comments and more time researching history, we might have a half decent WW2 game on our hands.

wartactics : this is the first Battlefield game I am not excited about

metzgardavid : Lesbian Cyborg Minority War 2

Cyphrum ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ : "Accept that there's women in the game or don't buy it!!!" K.