#67 Eddie Van Halen Beat it solo cover by Kelly Dean Allen

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imfromtambunan : Jordan Peterson knows how to rock the guitar

Daniel Schorr : Incredible job. I wish you would record the guitar more professionally, though. Your playing really deserves to be heard in all its glory.

Rian Davidson : Alright! Go dad go! Shred forever!

Trump's America : The history on this one alone is a great read. Another killer job, man! Highlight of my morning!

Technofish : Nice 👍🏼

Sheldon Miller : Killin it bro, keep it up, you play so well! Really good sound too- goes to show you don't need a fuckin 70's gibson or strat to have a great sound.

465marko : And McFly, don't go anywhere...You're next!!

adelknox : rocking the jackson dinky reverse. that guitar feels so good on your fingers.

Christian Graham : Absolute legend man!!!! You killed it!! Wish I could play like that I need to practice more

lowendfreq : Nice work man. 👍

Michael Iuzzolino : One of the best guitar solo covers I've ever heard. You have the shred skills but also the feels. Amazingly well done!

Jacob Moline : Hot dang that was so clean! Subbed for this series, and you have delivered!!!

elgoog kcuf : i love getting these on my reddit app. ive watched them all. very inspiring what youre doing here. cant wait to play when I get home from work.

D Mac : Well done!

SM Backing Tracks : Greetings Again my friend 😀Awesome channel 👍

Bruce Bowman : I want to follow you around on tour

Matt Evans : Tight!

LGguedo : Sick stash

J PL : You are the only one that I have been seen knocking the guitar.

Eric H : Awesome job Kelly!

Dylan Maurits : You're an amazing player I just wished the audio on these videos was a little better.