What Just Happened: Windows to the Deep 2018

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RobbinRams : Never going for a swim again 😂


ItsPEMBitch : I just lost it when the snail fell in😂😂

Blair Johnson : The snail was cling for dear life and it finally cleared and he knew he was too disoriented, he had to let go. He was probably thinking of his snail kids as he fell. I hope they're taken care of.

Daniel Bolan : Sound editing is on point! Too good!

istbhOOI : Luv the reactions to this. Especially the 'da da dummm'!

NIK-MAXTER STORM : What was all that ink? Was the blue creature a squid perhaps? Also, i love how much fun you guys have while doing this jajaja.

Camila Gama : I was like: ok fine. One fish ate the other. Then I looked at WHAT fish he ate and IT ATE A FREAKING BARRACUDA??!?!?? I'm scared for life now.

CrazyYanmega : That was a barracuda?!

Fuggie Mcnuggies : Top ten tragic anime deaths

A Nun Oh Mouse : We get so excited about aliens but we forget that the ocean is full of them.

Stormy Weather : Mom: Thats what you get for being nosey!

Nintendodsi1000 : GARY, NO!

banana aya playa : lol, are all scientists like this?!

mr me : wow awesome footage thanks

havingicecream : What a beautiful barracuda!

rls303 : Outstanding. Thanks

Tourettes 17 : The fish exploded

Lady Red : The dialogue just made this the best thing ever.

Dennis Mungai : I did not see that coming.

oceannavagator : The law of tooth and claw.

smill pupstick : What were those tube things.

Jethro Reading : What an amazing video!

Kenneth Dunmars : that was awesome!

Jerry Metz : That was amusing

Alyssa Howard : *snail falls in* *_OH NO_*

Vytautas4Xfiles : hahahha lol Nice one :)

??? : rip snail :(

Mean Bear : Sponge Bob is going to be so upset when Gary does not come home...

adj789 : these people get paid to do this?

bobbleboydk : Nooooo the snail :-(

Jonas Hondan : Love the commentary.

Lee "Mai" Ari : What's that blue fish??

jerry buit : So jealous ...you folks are having so much fun..!!

SBVCP : the color of that fish omg so pretty

WireMosasaur : Snail: "I'll save yoouuuu"

S Li : I'm NOT putting my hands close to any holes again.🖐🖐🐡

Harmless Spider : Well that was a mouthful.

Haruka Takahashi : You ponies are funny x3 hehe poor sail xD

TEE-nuh : This was a good video

Fire PlayZ : From the dose king

Panfish : Awesome!

Suyeb Shaikh : I was shocked it happened so fast😁😅

Revolting Swan : Came from Daily dose of internet 🙌

tommartyn : That was pretty great :) it was like a Westworld twist. Sooo sure you know what's happening... then BAM!

marsden : Boss battel

Dane Ta’A Tu’A’TonkA : That’s exactly how I feed only difference I’m in my living room with just my head sticking out of the couch cushions

Nick Frechette : That snail was propably so close to where he wanted to be 😥

KEN WINS : Who's ink was that? This is crazy.

BohBear : so basically the ocean is scary and you should fear it and respect it.