Watch: White Woman Attempts To Block Black Man From Entering His Apartment Building | NBC News

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10 Favorite Things : That guy handled it like a champ. Hats off to him for keeping his cool.

fullfire0 : She BLOCK She SQUAWK But most of all She STALK

Abdullah Delab : "You're making me uncomfortable" *enters the elevator alone with him*

Unsweet Sweets : *”I’m not being rude; I’m not being disrespectful”* girl... 💀

AT reddeadthanos : I can't tell if it's racism or stupidity

Zico Tops : That man has so much patience, I'm glad he didn't punch the stupidity out of her..

thesnowbaccagamer : I feel bad for the dog. *Give the dog a new owner*

Crystal Magic9801 : *She probably thought she was a hero*

Kay Lourdes : Its because he's black and it's a rich apartment.

Sophia Juntunen : After the first 30 seconds of meeting her I would punch her. That made me so mad.

Ruth Noemi : So she doesn’t feel safe but...... follows him...... 😑😑😑

Benji Eudeline : She should be arrested for wasting oxygen

Casey 3-P-O : lady needs to mind her own business. if more people just kept to themselves and just stopped getting into each other’s business, life would be so much more peaceful for everyone. jesus christ.

justin lee : “I feel uncomfortable” *CONTINUES TO FOLLOW HIM* 💀

jess alana : I’ve seen this countless times, and it infuriates me more each time. 🤬 he lives there! Like who do you think you are?!

Seth B : Safe to say if the gentleman didn’t record, she would press charges for assault... or something worse.

commentwatcher the spacewing : Girl: as the record I just want to say hi Him: as the record I just want to say bye

Christian Lee : Her dog probably has more brain cells than her lol

EkoMonster : When you are trying to make friends but you just don't know how to.

Dee Sin : So very glad SHE GOT FIRED. She is crazy.

Kariyu : This the type of woman to push a pull door

jess alana : Like who do you think you are following him back to his apartment?! It’s none of your business!!

ZiiTek : People PLEASE... always keep your phone's charged and ready to shoot video of course... especially if you're a POC... I mean she was so scared of letting this guy into the building she even went into the elevator alone with him (in her defense, she did have her guard dog with). Her attitude quickly changed as soon as she realize that she's a racist.

RodyGK1 : Lol it’s so obvious she wanted that bbc 😂

Adam Mendel : He clearly tried to walk in while she already had the door open so she wanted to make sure he lived there. So from her perspective, she wasn't sure if he should be there. Obviously we realize later in the video that the fine gentleman, which he clearly was, infact did belong there. Now if he was a white male would she have done the same? That's the question at hand.

Britt Brat : *It was SO satisfying when he opened his door with his key.*

Game Playz : She looks like Amy Schumer

Yrnvolt : Someone stop karen

Genesis S : Move to the side Corner store Carol, back off Barbecue Becky, Permit Patty who? Here comes..... Apartment Amanda

This Ho : To me, it just seemed like she was...intrested? In him, like...ALOTTT and tried to..."flirt?"... with him in a weird way??? No? Ok🤣

Marjoree Mendoza : “I’m not being rude. I’m not being disrespectful.” This girl full of lies.

Ihab Sammar : Americans😧

Ninja in Training : When an extrovert try’s to speak with a introvert

Mike Hockhurtz : What title should be: Woman stops man from entering building

Dark Static : Dude...I think she just wanted to get laid. Did you see how she looked at him? xD

2764 Subscribers With Few Videos? : Honestly i wanted him to push her over

Tom The Cat : She just wants that bbc

SmokeyandAce : "As a record i just wanted to say hi, and what is your name" Excuse me but what the super meaty chicken breast is wrong with her.

♛Heliox♛ : xD the end killed me :Ma'am u look pretty stupid on video.

Regena Wolter : If she thought he was a threat why would she get into the elevator with him? I would have just called security or police. That lady was way out of line.

Wolff : "I'm not being rude, I'm not being disrespectful". Pardon?

Abigail Bickerdike : I would just And just go through under her arm...

Juan Brito : She lowkey wanted BBC 😂😂💀💀 smh stupid lady ! 😂

EX Hitman : She needed some help, so you should’ve gave her some BBC.

MasaJ : A strange way to get to know your neighbour.

Pixel Cowboy : When the description begins with “White Woman...” you know it’s something racist

Cheer Zisters 29 : I kinda feel like she’s a stalker...

Asif Ali : she want big black anaconda 😍

sir Bean : Part 2 is on pornhub "When she slowly walks inside..."

justin lee : I’m surprised how calm he is. If I was in his position I would have been in jail by now