Watch: White Woman Attempts To Block Black Man From Entering His Apartment Building | NBC News

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Zico Tops : That man has so much patience, I'm glad he didn't punch the stupidity out of her..

HumanFoSho : boy she has the aura of amy schumer

spitz yt : This dog just needed to go to the bathroom

안지angie : I have lost all my remaining brain cells. 🗿

Madi 123 : Props to him for not like screaming at her bc I would have. He must have alot of patience.

Seth B : Safe to say if the gentleman didn’t record, she would press charges for assault... or something worse.

Just a random girl In a random world xx : OMG then she follows him and EXPLAINS to him that he pushed through OMG SO WHAT IF HE DID YOU WEREN’T GONNA LET HIM PAST

Violet Alfred Keenan : this is ridiculous why do people do these things like this woman i am in shock

Nat Dendir : well that was an awkward elevator ride.

The Marquis de Sade : that dog was probably like WTF

Kariyu : This the type of woman to push a pull door

Luke Galdau : 2:12 YOU HEAR THAT GUYS? She's not rude or disrespectful! What a relief

Radar Zeppy : Why does the race of them matter though. I don't get that.

The unknown 476 : W H I T E H O E S

PrimePal : aha, i know possibly what went wrong in here, the woman was walking out her dog out according of 2:13 and he tried to walk in while the door was open (if that house uses automatic locks to lock the front door/it was night and the usually open doors now require key to prevent homeless people from coming and sleeping inside). Then i understand 100% of why she was blocking him , but if the doors weren't locked and they are free to open by anybody without key then there was no reason to her to block him.

Britt Brat : *It was SO satisfying when he opened his door with his key.*

Anna Lisa : Right there, is a perfect example of “white privilege and entitlement “. She is probably on the NPD spectrum.

yotornadoyo : I've been in similar situations as both the "intruder" and the concerned neighbour, just because I don't know my neighbours very well. Doesn't necessarily have anything to do with racism in this case.

Average Mortal : I'm sorry but did they really bring race into this I mean what she did was terrible, but the title made seem like she was being racist granted she's a terrible person but this made her seem like a RACIST BIGOT but no she's just a jerk.

HEXA : Why does everyone have to make this about race?

Pixel Cowboy : When the description begins with “White Woman...” you know it’s something racist

• Tyr • : Security Sarah

SlimeBallGuy : This has nothing to do with race. The door was locked. He piggy backed into the complex off her security fob. She has a right to know who is entering the building using her credentials. She's a stupid blonde that couldn't articulate that. That's where the problem is.

Jesse Gerrits : Omg its so weird when somebody you don't know without a card everybody who lives there has, walks straight into your building yoy are a bit suspicious... not everything is racism people!!!!

titus pullo : All these people calling racism are being more racist than this lady bunch of hypocrites

2764 Subscribers With Few Videos? : Honestly i wanted him to push her over

Average Man : I'd just call management

Josef Wombat : What exactly did she do wrong? Tired of race baitors and false victims. He had a key; he should have used it. If she was truly fired, the employer should be sued.

Karla Pabello : she can be considered racist but i feel like shes the type of person to not let anyone in without a keypad. she dose have a right to be scared for having a person shes never seen before trying to get into the building she lives in.

DJMAN : Okay, so what does race have to do with this?

Austin Woods : I never did care for that Amy Schumer.

Fireboltofdeath : This lady was not in the wrong. There's literally a written warning saying not to let people in whenever the door is propped in (she had it propped in to let her dog pee) The written warning was sent to everyone. The man could of easily prevented this, but he LOOKED for a reason not to. Houses get robbed all the time, and it's good to be skeptical. The man just wanted to pull a card.

A Sandwich : She has the right to do that , he wouldnt give his block number even after she gave hers , he didnt show her his keys , I live in an apartment and I've had alot of people entering after me that were not residents and tried to rob my sister. The fact that they made it about race and that she lost her job is infuriating.

11marylena : I'm pretty sure if black and white racists dont stop, the powers that be, that govern this planet, will take matters in their own hand, and rightfully so. This whole incident had nothing to do with race. If he was a true gentleman, he would have not assumed, in a key entry setting (for added security I might add), that she was going to let him in. Are u people that stupid! The only mistake she made was not closing the door as he approached (or maybe he was there when she opened the door in which case she didn't have time to close it), probing him, and leaving the door propped open to let her dog leave calling cards out as she waited inside the building( I'm just speculating because I wasnt there). She should have reported it. The racial profiling was done by NBC! Just read the headline!

Mason Grace : This woman is apalling this man handled the situation very well

Asiankid 101 : Tbh he is genuinely awesome for staying that calm I would absolutely lose it

TheSkittleFur : She's not in the bad it's the rule in the building. You're not supposed to open the door for others and if you do it'll be your own fault if the person does bad, you could get sued also fined for it

Seiori : All of you people calling racism, are being racist yourselves. Victimising him because he is black, when the situation had nothing to do about skin colour other then someone following the rules of the apartment complex. He he was not willing to re-buzz, as she clearly just did not see him buzz the first time, this is just down to unfortunate timing. She could have explained herself a little bit better, but still she was in the right. All the dude had to do is let her close the door and go on her way, by just simply moving back a bit, then he could just enter himself with his FOB. Not hard people. Its sad the amount of people I see victimising the dude for a normal situation that im sure happens on the daily, only difference is that this one was recorded, and happened to have two people who are not the same race. Bunch of morons.

Cucu Brown : She's protecting her building, and she had every right to do that if he tried barging his way in without swiping his fob. All he had to do was swipe his fob and she'd have been cool. St. Louis is a dangerous city! Leave her alone.

Lance Goodthrust : How is this racist? She didn't call him the n-word or anything.

Wolff : "I'm not being rude, I'm not being disrespectful". Pardon?

Brian : That is one annoying woman making presumptions without thinking first... It's equally annoying like NBC making this about race by pointing out their colors, is it that difficult to not say colors... We have eyes and we can see color but don't care... We care about an innocent man being harassed by an annoying woman.

Hitstick : Would be totally different if he were white or she were black no one would have cared

Waldo Carmen : Sure, this woman isn't very attractive, but that's no reason to get fired.

BlackHatH3lper _xx : So yeah i understand that she wasn't being nice about it and is completely on her, but I do not think racism is relevant anymore. I think it exists, but is not relevant as it used to be. People may judge people of color in a different way because of the past, there are proven statistics on crime rates and prison sentences. So in a way, it's not our fault for judging. But she was being ridiculous.

Ruth Noemi : So she doesn’t feel safe but...... follows him...... 😑😑😑

Artsy Kapri : Can't tell if she's racist or just plain ѕ т υ p ι d

Jack Taylor : Why is it that everyone is jumping on her? Fine she’s not the sharpest tool in the box, this whole ordeal could have been avoided if she had simply shut the door and told him to let himself in.... That’s it, job would have been done. Instead, they got into a stalemate with him wanting to go in and her being uncomfortable letting a stranger into the building, and rightly so. Even at the risk of her own safety she follows him to verify where he lives. She was polite and did try to put his mind at rest by saying “I’m not trying to be disrespectful....”. She didn’t phone the police and as far as I can hear, she didn’t even threaten to call them. Of course everyone is so quick to cast her as a racist or bigot but nobody wonders why a reasonable man wouldn’t just show his key fob or tell her the entrance code . He could have told her to shut the door so he could let himself in. All sorts of ways around this, but instead, the guy thought he’d highlight the dreadful racism of this evil white middle aged woman. I tell you what, I’d happily have her as a neighbour, especially when my Mrs and kids are on their own.

David : second of all, the court of public effing opinion, she was fired from her job?! give me a break America. have you ever heard of a "secure building"?

little girl asmr : I want to knock her out so bad