Watch: White Woman Attempts To Block Black Man From Entering His Apartment Building | NBC News

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Zico Tops : That man has so much patience, I'm glad he didn't punch the stupidity out of her..

Žäarâ_ Żîä : I don’t know how he was so calm. If I was him I would have come at her and practically yell at her. Thank god he recorded this or else she would’ve pressed charges for something he didn’t do.

James Clifford : That's an awkward way to flirt, but okay...

Julia Weiss : She said I am not being rude or disrespectful she is being both of those

Zorodox : she just wanted a boyfriend LOL

Seth B : Safe to say if the gentleman didn’t record, she would press charges for assault... or something worse.

Unusual James : She really got me dead with her ''wow'' at the end 🤣🤣

Leurisi : The guy was being so civil and yet the woman still proceeds to harass the stranger? Wtf

May Robinson : "I'm not being rude I'm not being disrespectful, you walked into a building when I'm just trying to take my dog out and pushed your way in!" You *are* being disrespectful and rude by demanding to know what apartment someone lives in, and blocking them from going into their apartment for no apparent reason, and following and stalking them. She didn't even own the building or anything. I'm assuming the reason she did this was racially motivated to be honest, why else would she do this?

Lajeana Jean-Claude : If it were a white man, she wouldnt have done this. Because he is black, she thinks hes sketchy. Also, asking for his address is harrasment, and she shoukdnt have followed him, she should have just called the cops bevause if he actually was trying to get in, she would have put herself in danger

Kariyu : This the type of woman to push a pull door

chris ireland : as a white guy, I'm sorry 🤦‍♂️

Jacob Wesemann : Anybody else lose brain cells

Mr Trash : This might as well be a scary movie she straight up followed him to his room repeatedly asking “As you neighbor I would like to meet you.”

Rikin : she wanted that BBC

Britt Brat : *It was SO satisfying when he opened his door with his key.*

Ethan St. John : Step 1: ram through her and get through the door There it’s solved

Dylan Greathouse : That elevator ride was so akward thoooo!!😂

Fredd Fish : Racism at its finest.

Ryyan Khan : *phew* im glad he recorded that, otherwise who knows what she could have said about him

Ruth Noemi : So she doesn’t feel safe but...... follows him...... 😑😑😑


edgelord supreme meme : major respect for the man, i would've just socked her in the face

Zane Hutchins : I would have filmed myself pushing her out of the way.

MySweetCreationz : This man has so much patience I would've pushed her the second she accused me of not living there

Pixel Cowboy : When the description begins with “White Woman...” you know it’s something racist

Heaven Nation : Congratulations to that man because he could actually have the patience with her but me i would have bopped her on the head (because I’m a girl) like if you agree

Justin Newell : "I'm not being rude. I'm not being disrespectful." LOLOLOL. You're being both AND racist.

AstroByte : this is one of the multiple reasons why I will never date a white girl

min yoongi : why does she kinda look like britney spears lol

AQWorldsKamran12 : big respect to that man, he was so collected and calm throughout the entire situation

Sir Yeti : Bruh she's like Montagne from R6S

default with 13 subs : This guy tryna be respectful but this woman tho

starflyi48 ok : Please don't take this offensive but I highly doubt she would've done that to a white guy.

secret hamilton : Every building I have ever lived in has a "don't let strangers in" policy. She didn't do anything wrong. He should have identified himself.

Wolff : "I'm not being rude, I'm not being disrespectful". Pardon?

JstSumMobileScum Qian : *For the record i just want to know your name*

Lindy Reeves : Why doesnt he just show her the key fob? Any normal person would appreciate that a fellow tenant is looking out for the safety and security of their building. I don't let people I don't recognize come in behind me when entering my building. Black or White. This is a safety issue, not a race issue.

Deafult Dan : Ok can we take the time and think if it was the other way what the man would got charged for but its ok for the girl to do it to the man yet we as males have some sort of male privilege

dirty socks : You can either move or I move you........simple

Asiankid 101 : Tbh he is genuinely awesome for staying that calm I would absolutely lose it

ThatGamerLayla : White woman these days😒 SHE FRICKIN SAID THAT SHE WAS GONNA WALK HER DOG BUT SHE DIDN'T LEAVE THE FRICKIN BULIDING AND JUST BLOCKED HIM😂😂 (no offense white woman who are nice to black people)

Theresa Palmeri : This made me so unsatisfied

Immortals420 : I hope she got kicked out of the apartments

aven : For all those claiming, "he should have just shown her that he lived there!!". He did. At 1:30, he clearly holds up his keys, with his FOB attached to them in front of her face. His keys were in his hand that whole time, she could've easily looked and seen the FOB there. This woman wasn't acting out of a safety or concern for her home, if she was then she should've called apartment security/police to deal with the situation. To me, her actions derive from arrogance and a need to "demonstrate" some sort of position of power. She badgered him, demanding to know where he lived and proof that he lived there, yelling "are you kidding me??" when he moved past her. Those reactions don't come out of genuine concern of your home's safety, they are clearly coming from a place where you believe you have the right to confront someone and yell at them. ADDITIONALLY, if you do a little digging, she actually CALLED the police on him after she had literally SEEN HIM unlock his door and walk into his apartment room. How do you explain that? Was she really trying to be "courteous" and protect her home then?

2764 Subscribers With Few Videos? : Honestly i wanted him to push her over

xavier velasquez : That's why guns were invented.

Marco les : this looks really fake!!

David Murray : NBC is racist.

idonotknowanynames : He was baiting her by being difficult. Had he pressed his fob it would be a non issue. Pretty standard: no fob, no entry. For good reason. But dude wanted to make a shame video.